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Aug 27, 2006
I was having a hard time getting my truck to pass emissions. And I noticed an unused pulley in the engine bay. The pulley turned out to be connected to the Air Pump which in some way is related to emission controls.

I ordered the belt from CDan, got it in today and got it installed. I made a quick dash to the local emissions shack. On my way I noticed a chirping sound. I figure the pump had been unused for years and was just making noise.

At the emissions shack I noticed not only was it making noise it was spitting metal. I was already there so I decided to go through with the test. I was amazed that it passed. And was on my way home. The belt started screaming, and the chirping noise seemed louder. A block from my house I was getting some major smoke from the hood. Half a block I heard the belt break. Coasted it right to the drive way. I let it cool down and then checked the damage.

The Air Pump Belt had split and knocked the fan belt off. And the Air pump has seized.

What could have caused this? Has anyone else had problems with their Air Pump?
Jan 2, 2003
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Bearings probably just seized - maybe it's the cruiser gods trying to tell you to yank that crap off there? :)

Bearings? I thought those nasty things had bushings. ;)
Smog pump seizure is a VERY common happening.
It was a stop gap addition for smog control IMHO and....STINKS.
SOR makes a nice replacement pulley to eliminate the
cursed pump. Having a belt on this pulley really helps
to keep the water pump spinning correctly as the smog pump
belt is the main water pump drive belt.
Leaking power steering fluid from above is often a culprit in
helping the smog pump to seize.
Jun 15, 2006
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My experience with the pumps were two seized because oil was being pulled into them from the engine due to a problem in the engine (cracked/failed rings). The bearings/bushings are not supposed to be lubed, and as a result, seized.

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