Adventure Trailer: Overlanding model

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Nov 3, 2003
CA and AZ
I am testing a new Adventure Trailer called the Chaser. It is a long travel solution which allows for efficient pace across corrugated and rutted roads.

That has been a complaint of mine about the available trailers. The suspension travel has been 1/3 or less of the tow vehicles.

So I am going to pull one of these new Chasers over the El Camino del Diablo trail this weekend with the test ARB 4Runner.

The trailer has several key features, including a fridge, water and fuel storage, etc. It is also fitted with an Overland Tent, which will be a great opportunity to test that unit as well

Here is a show picture. I will post several from the trail next week

Looks the same as the LV-416 which was one of several models sold by 4x4 Trailers from Nevada, their webiste is not there anymore, they had some nice trailers on there :(
this yellow thing a shock at a weird angle?
Sure looks like a shock to me. Nothing "wierd" about the angle. Under something as light as that trailer, a laid back angle like that will help by reducing the damping force applied to the axle as it moves up and down. Heck, I've tilted tham that much under 4runners.

Looks good, but for over $4K, I'd expect better rear lights (those look like Vatozone blue light specials), and the fenders don't look like they could handle much abuse.

Still curious to see what your results are, Scott!
I am in Yuma right now, and have pulled the trailer for a few hundred miles on the highway. Very compliant suspension, though possibly a little too much sway under aggressive lane changes. I am going to play with the airbag pressure a bit (they are not cross-linked).

Those are OME shocks. The springs are Firestone airbags and are individually adjustable. The trailing arms are 23" long.

Tows great behind the 4Runner. I am very impressed by this truck, with the exception of the fuel mileage (about 14 with the trailer in tow). V8 is strong and OME suspension does a great job with the load.

An Autohome tent is fitted to the trailer, which will be a great chance for me to test that too :)

So far, so good, but no trail time yet. 156 miles of El Camino Del Diablo awaits! :bounce:

Oh, and cost of base trailer is less that 3k... I will try to find out the option costs to give a realistic "sold" price.

Thats my TJ in theackground, and thos trailer is realy cool and only $8500.0 setup call and well talk building one as good or

4x4 trailers closed his doors, I have access to all the makings from his shop. He is a very good friend of
rusty_tlc said:
Hi-jack hell, open Piracy.

I agree!

How about a vendor star and your own thread there Rubiconcruiser?


Could you shoot some pics of the axle? How long are the trailing arms and what is the ride height of the tounge?
Can you guys actually understand that babble? I couldn't make heads or tails out of his 2 posts.

If he types that well imagine how well he builds trailers.

I think the jist of it goes like this...

"Hey, I'm good buddies with the guy that used to own 4x4 Trailers. We were actually roomates in collage. Man those were some crazy times. I remember this one time I walked in on him and Bob... Oh never mind, back to my hijack. Unfortunately he had to close up shop. The good thing is, I got all the tooling and stuff from his shop and could potentially build some trailers at a much better price than he used to sell them for. And speaking of over priced, I saw this guy's trailers that Scotty's testing right now out at Sema and WOW! Even though the build quality is far superior and the suspension much better for offroading and the fully kitted out trailer price is comparable to my very close friend's old outfit, this thing is a total piece of $#!7. You should totally call me on my email adrees so we can talk about how you should give me your money instead of buying the product that this thread was actually started for."

Or something like that.
It's not like scott is trying to sell these things, he's just testing it, if somebody has something similar for a lot less $$ some one might be interested to know that. That said, RubiconCruiser, you should start a new thread and tell us what you have, try to be a little more clear too.

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