`66 FJ40 dual circuit master cylinder needed

Mar 28, 2009
Hello all. I have and wish to keep a somewhat/fairly stock `66 40, no power steering, no power brakes. drums all around. In the middle of a restore, I can appreciate the benefit of a dual circuit brake system, and need to do this while it's pulled apart. I know there's endless threads on this topic, but most are dated, like a decade ago. Everything I find online that seems to work is out of stock. My question here, is there a bolt on made to fit dual circuit m.c. for a `66 available these days and who has one? Hoping maybe someone has one on the shelf or know of one. Thanks for your help guys/gals, look forward to checking this one off the list.
Dec 13, 2012
So part of your problem is there are no 3 bolt master cylinders that are dual circuit. That means an adapter is needed. Man a fre is apparently out of stock on their Wilwood master and adapter. JT does seem to have an adapter for a 4 bolt master. Then all you need is a 4 bolt dual circuit master.

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