406 Cruiser Heads - Introductions

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kalispell I assume???? I dont think I recognize your rig, but I haven't been home in awhile, and haven't been home much at all since Oct of 20.
North of Whitefish is homebase.
understood I used to live off f2market just south of star meadow back in the day, kalispell is still home base for me as well but never get to be there LOL
North of Whitefish is homebase.
Awesome! Whitefish is my hometown; in Kalispell for the summer right now. Would be fun to meet up for a drive sometime.
Hi All, Justin here, below are are some pics of the 4Runner and 200!! Looking forward to the next meetup and a trail ride!


mmmm dang looking good. Nice camp spot with the 4runner. I want a 200 pretty bad but my 100 just keeps on going. With all the trail scars and rust starting on my rig I think it's just past the point of considering selling. I've also dumped so much maintenance money into it at this point I'll just keep it going as long as it can.
Looks great! Welcome.
Hey Folks, I’ve been lurking around for a bit and should finally get around to introducing myself.

I’m Rowe, I recently moved to Bozeman from Alabama with my 62 that I’ve been doing long overdue maintenance on. Hoping to get out to some club events soon!View attachment 3098223
Were you in Whitefish yesterday? I saw a very similar 62 driving around when I was in town.
Welcome @Herp ee hope to meet you face to face sometime soon! Great looking rigs!
Welcome from Billings. Hope to see you at a monthly meeting or trail ride soon.
Alex, we meet 2nd Tuesday of each month (usually but there are a few exceptions a year). Our next meeting is Dec 13th at OnX for a demo led by one of our club members Marie who works there as a software engineer. Should be rad. It’s a haul from Corvallis but you’re welcome!

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