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Jul 9, 2007
Bozeman, MT
Hey everybody! We figured that it is time to start an introductions sticky so I'll kick it off!

I'm Stephen. I live in Bozeman and have been in Montana for 4 years. I moved here from Tennessee where I was a member of STLCA (Southeastern Toyota Land Cruiser Association). I have been obsessed with Cruisers since I first saw one when I was 15. I have had several come and go over the years but I currently have my '84 FJ60 that is my daily driver, a '77 Fj40 that is under the knife for a frame off restoration and a '97 FZJ80 that I'm not sure what I am going to do with. Anyway, I love getting out on the trails and meeting up with other Cruiser heads.


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I'm Bryan, currently in Great Falls. I'm from Upstate NY (mountains and farm land) the GOV moved me here from California where I was previously living. I'm an overlander and I'm addicted to my FJ Cruiser and Downhill/freeride mountain biking. I also like long walks on the beach
Hey everyone, My name is Darren. I've been into Toyotas since I was probably 3 or 4. My dad bought a 1982 Toyota SR5 Long Bed 4WD that we drove from Louisiana to Alaska when I was a kid. Drove it back to Montana a year later. I drove that thing until my first child and sold it with 352k on the clock. On cruisers, I started with a 64 FJ40 and have had a 72 FJ55, 76 FJ40 I should have kept, "Olive," 82 FJ40, 86 FJ60, 88FJ62, 03 100 series, and currently a 97 TRD S/C Collectors Edition FZJ80. I'm enjoying hanging out in the club, meeting people, and trail riding. I also enjoy activities with my wife and kids. I'm often found wrenching but trying to get more time on the trail.
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TC here. I've been playing with cruisers for a few years now and I'm hooked. I started with a clean 87 60 series, and eventually moved up to a 93 fzj80. I'm now driving a triple locked 94 named Rescue Puppy. I'm into clean living and making good decisions. :smokin:
Scot signing in. I grew up in Great Falls, and with the exception of 5 years floating around with the Navy I've been a Montana resident my whole life:clap: I've always liked the idea of an FJ40, but finances were never right for one. Luckily I snagged an 80 off of a neighbor (known as the gilded tortuga) and have been thoroughly impressed with it in every regard. Not a huge fan of rock crawling but I really enjoy challenging trails in an expo format (hopefully that makes sense).
I'm Kyle Stinson and I am one of the black sheep here. I do not acting have a LC, currently running a 98 4runner and previous drive a 89 Toy Pickup. Going through college, life, and still trying to find money and time to wheel and turn the ride into the camping and off-road vehicle I want it to be. I have only been able to make it to the very first meeting due to my schedule and time so you probably don't really know or remember me. Looking forward to have more time to come on trail rides and meet up with all of you. I grew up in Bozeman and really hope I never have to leave!
Hey cruiser head my name is Jim I have lived in Montana all my life I started my love of cruisers back in high school my best friend had a 68 fj40 had a blast in that reg and always wanted one. So when I fond one in the mid 90s I jumped on it it's a 12 of 1978 , I also have a 95 fj-80 and a 2006 tundra.and have also owned a79 fj-55 which I have parted out . Love my cruisers.
Name is Ron, raised in iowa moved to the gallatin in early 80's. first toyota was a 68 2wd hilux, got rid of that and got a new 79 pu when they brought them into the states. traded that off on a new 82 fj40. had that till i needed a pickup for my business. got my first 55 in the late 80's(1976) then picked up another in early 90's. The boy ended up with that 1 so it's in wyo. now. Also have an 84 extra cab with a 3.4 in it and a totally stock 87 reg. cab. just finishing up a 69 fj40 and the wife told me no more projects so unless someone knows of a 45 that needs some tlc i think my fleet is about maxed out. almost forgot about the 91 camry. Mr. Toyo built the good stuff!
Welp....... My name is RJ. Born and raised in Southern MI wife is from N MN. We had always felt the urge to move "out west" so we packed up and headed out. Landed in the flathead and said this is home in 2008, though I work in the energy biz so I am not home nearly as much as I would like to be. Growing up less than a 2 hour drive from Detroit you DON'T drive a foreign ANYTHING, So my 97 FZJ is my 1st foray into the Yota world. We do a lot back country exploring and will dive down any F/S road that has a open gate, the old tahoe is just too big and I never felt really good when we would find deep or hard pack snow in the early summer up in the high country and always worried about sliding off the road in a rig more suited to road and light farm duty.

So the search for a little better rig began, A heep was the 1st thing on my mind, but if I am going to do a heep its going to be a TJ or YJ, and 2 doors only..... Wife is a no go on that she hates them with a burring passion, so the search continued, and the only really candidate was the FZJ (I had always had a soft spot for anyway and if I was going to own a foreign car that would be it). I found one out in PA while on a job this last summer and its all been good since. Even to the point we are considering another one for her next DD though a 5th gen 4runner is the more likely candidate as she wants something a bit newer.

So if anyone is up in the flathead and I am home always looking for a good excuse to grab the camera gear and head to the back country.... Currently wintering in AZ though for some family issues though.
Name is Kevin. I was born and raised in Billings and currently going to college in billings. I currently have two FJ60's. My nice one is tan was the first car I ever bought and it is my pride and joy. It has a four inch lift, small block chevy 350, and tons of other minor upgrades. I am currently working on it trying to get ride of its cancer and it is definitely the hardest project yet. Luckily I have some fantastic help. My other FJ60 is white and mainly just a parts vehicle, it runs and drives great just not as nice as my other one. I love my FJ60's and hope to some day get a FJ40 or 45. (Also the white one has a front bumper it just wasn't on it yet.)
Figured I would say hello over here.

Name's Jim....I recently moved up to Billings from Casper, WY. I've got an 87 FJ60 that's slowly being worked on to swap a 5.3/NV4500 in it. I'd post a picture of it but it looks like a square piece of baby crap (PO decided to rhino line it with a paint brush). Also, If anyone needs a hand with anything around Billings feel free to hit me up.
Justin here. I grew up in rural Arizona, but left right after high school for the military. Spent a majority of my time in one desert or another and when I was getting out, I decided that Southern Arizona has become a place where I didn't want to raise my two boys. My wife and I visited Bozeman to look at MSU and fell in love. So here we are 2 years later.

My 2001 Landcruiser is my first cruiser but 5th Toyota, and it isn't my last. I am just now starting to convert the cruiser from our family rig to my hunting/trail rig, but I look forward to hitting the trails with everyone.
Hey Cruiser Heads I'm Curtis. I just bought my first Land Cruiser. Its a 97. I bought it from Bagochips76. I live in Helena. Born and raised here. Can't wait to start wheeling!


Not real well, but once upon a time I gave bagochips76 a ride to buy it. He did a lot of work on it and it is in better shape today than ever. I remember how nice it drove.

Do you know Paul in Helena? He's a great cruiser resource locally there if you need one.
Not real well, but once upon a time I gave bagochips76 a ride to buy it. He did a lot of work on it and it is in better shape today than ever. I remember how nice it drove.

Do you know Paul in Helena? He's a great cruiser resource locally there if you need one.
I don't know Paul

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