30th Annual Rubithon 2018

Dec 2, 2004
Garden Valley, CA
Happy to announce on line registration is now open. This is a complete upgrade from prior year's registration so if you find any issues, please email me at chairman@rubithon.com or call me at 530-401-0800.

You can now pay directly on the site with a credit card or still can use PayPal or send in a check. Also, it works with Windows or Macs and can also be completed from you mobile devices.

I'll be posting on the other forums later today.

Here is the link:

Many people have asked me about the dates, so I will post this up here now. I will not have the registrations out until early January, but hope this will help people be able to plan their vacation.

The dates are set for June 19-24th. Now lets just pray we get the rain/snow we need, but not so much and late in the year we have to go through a date change fiasco again!
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Sep 11, 2006
Central Coast California(Orcutt)
Looking forward to Wheeling the Rubicon trail with my Cruiser Club @centralcoastlandcruisers next year for the 30th annual Rubithon event 2018! Annual leave is scheduled for next year June 17-30th! 6 months is not soon enough! #toyota #landcruiser #80series #80seriescruisers #tlca #toyotalandcruiserassociation #rubithon #Rubithon2018 #centralcoastlandcuisers @toyotatrails @_hitents

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