2pc, tri''Y'' headers/2f

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They are both of marginal quality and you will have exhaust leaks. That said I have run both and they are equal in fit (or misfit). I had slightly better luck with the Two piece SOR.

do you have any suggestions? given that they all suck?
I have the MAF Ceramic coated headers and like them alot. Fitment was fine, I had a tiny leak on #3 exhaust which was solved by a second gasket. I especially appreciate the ceramic coating as they don't rust and maintain their appearance going on 5 years now.
This was my fourth one and the ONLY reason it is for sale is to help finance my 5.3 conversion. I will certainly buy another one when I find a worthy 2f again. I live at 10,000feet in Colorado, and the difference (of the engine being able to breathe easier) is definately noticable here. Taking time to make sure everything (like plenum holes ex.) lines up and proper torquing (and re-torquing) and you don't have issues with leaking. I would recommend using a fluid heat riser kit, it is almost mandatory in cold climate use. Carb and intake icing is common without it. See my parts ad here:


Years ago I had a leaky 6into1 header that was thinner at the head flange than the intake flange. I used with best results green kevlar intake/exhaust gaskets from SOR. I cut one up and doubled up just on the header, single layer on the intake at the head. Seemed easier to me than plaining the intake. Still works great after 8 years (my buddies rig now) -Matt
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what about it?

Would this have been an option? From what I can tell they work well with a 2f. And you would never have to worry about warpage.

Is that a 2f or 3f head? My (possibly mis-)understanding was that the differing heights of the two heads kept the manifolds from being interchangeable.

And WOW that's ghey!
The differing engine heights means that FJ62 downpipes will not fit. But if one is considering a header, then stock exhaust fitment is no longer a consideration. Let the customizing begin.

Oh, and the answer "Is that a 2F or 3F head" is:

It is a 3F head on a 2F. 3F head became world standard sometime in 84 or early 85. So the OP's 87 FJ60 is also equipped w/ the universal 2F/3F head.
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That, my friends, is what Mardi Gras looks like under the hood!

Jim, thanks for the 2f/3f info; I had no idea! Those manifolds look like a great option; are they the same as those on the 3FE?
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