2L/2LT Rebuild/Refresh Inquiry - Who is replacing the Timing Cover?

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Jan 9, 2003
I'm trying to gauge the market want/need for a 2L/2LT replacement timing cover (OE Toyota#11311-54022). They retail new from Toyota for $647.25, aftermarkets from the OE can be found for more like $100-140. How many have purchased either OE or aftermarket OE in the past and/or are considering one in the future for their 2L or 2LT?


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Is this a wear item somehow? Why would people be replacing rather than reusing?
That is a great question and I don't honestly know the answer as we don't see enough long-term 2L/2LT use here in the US. That said a broken belt could damage the housing but more likely they get damage when doing an R&R on the belt or front motor work, stipped threads, damaged seal/gasket surfaces, worn oil pump specs, etc.
So what happened to your timing cover? I have a friend with a pile full of 2L diesels. I can make an inquiry.
Kurt, I just saw this post and curious if you had any insight from outside the forum. I need to replace this item due to the fact that the coolant outlet to the radiator is seriously corroded (pin holes) on my LJ70. I believe previous owner was using straight water and no toyo red coolant. At any rate, it seems you can source the Aisin part on ebay in California for $55 bucks or $70 with oil pump gear. Sounds like a much better route than $600 from Toyota. If any one has done this job, I would like to hear about how long it took them to do it.
I ended up buying a handful of them from AISIN to have, we've sold one ao far I think? Not planning on it being a huge seller but figured there was enough demand to have them.
I'm about to go get into this job right now. I'll let you know how it goes. Curious if you still are you still running a 2L-T in your rig? Just curious if you have ever heard anyone swapping out out a 2LT for a 1KV or 2KV-FTV? And would it bolt up to an R151 trans/bell housing.?
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