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Aug 26, 2010
Hi Guys, I have a 1992 80 series with an automatic transmission. OE these vehicles were fitted with 265/75R16's, would fitting 285/75R16's have any negative effects on the gear ratio's, gear changes, low down torque etc?

Any help would be appreciated?
You will see that a lot of guys run this size on stock suspensions with no problems at all. I run this on my fzj and cant tell the difference from stock. Some guys even step up to 35's with stock suspension or a 1.5 lift. I think you will be happy with the 285's. I am
With a stock suspension I think 285's are best...not too big but not too small. Maybe it was a little slower off the line, but then again the words 'off the line' and 'stock cruiser' should never be mentioned in the same sentence.
i would say, you and your 3fe will notice the change. everybody that answered thus far has about 60hp and 60 more torques than you.
that said it will drive fine, just do so a little slower than before.
What MPG's
You drive an 80 your mpg's already suck
You will lose maybe 1-2 mpg if that, maybe not
kidglove13 said:
What MPG's
You drive an 80 your mpg's already suck
You will lose maybe 1-2 mpg if that, maybe not

This. I don't calculate my cruisers mpg cause I don't wanna know :)
I run 285 km2s on my '92 80 Series with 2.5" OME lift.. Great around town...great on the trail...slow on the interstate. However, they handle really well and the size looks good.
Do you already have the 16's?

I ran 32x11.5x15 BFG's on my 92 (on the stock 15's) and was very happy with them. She wasn't a racecar, but I didn't really notice any significant changes in performance between my stock rubber and the 32's. They looked great, too, IMO.

The best part was those 32's were significantly cheaper than most of the 285's.

Of course, if you've already got 16's this probably doesn't help :cheers:

Thank you very much for the advice, to sum up what I understand from the replies received so far, if most all of your driving is done on road, you are probably better off sticking to 265's / OE if you do take it off the road more often 285's will be a better option and will have no serious side effects on your vehicle except maybe making it slower and heavier on fuel.
But it will look a hell of alot better.... and thats important.

I think that size is perfect for a stock geared truck. I run 285/75/16 BFG AT's and a few weeks back I averaged 18mpg ( no joke!) on a trip with a decent amount of gear in the back.

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