1HZ diesel pump leaking from lhs timer cover

Apr 3, 2017
Hi there,

the pump on my 1HZ engine (1993) is leaking. It appears that the diesel is dripping fro the left hand side time cover, thus accessible without taking the pump out. I have had a look into manual and suspect that the two o-rings behind the timer cover are worn out. I have the o-ring replacement set ready to go but would also be ok to have the pump rebuild if unavoidable (I try to postpone that a long as possible).

I service my vehicle usually myself, but this would be the first time touching the injector pump. However, I want to give it a try. Now the question is how difficult is it to access the o-rings. From the drawing in the manual it should be quite okish, but I would have to take out the timer adjustment screws behind which a spring and the timer subpiston sits (Maybe I am overdoing already). Since the timer adjustment screw has its name for some reason, I guess after taking it out I would have to screw it back in to the same position (rounds) as before. Is there any way to "remember" the screw position or would I have to buy some timing tools to get it right??

Thanks a lot
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