1. HZJI05

    Cam pulley removing with a rattle gun 1hz

    Hello, Just bought my 105 series 1hz turbo-ed and going to change water pump. as you know to change cam seal in backing plate cam pulley has to be come off. I was thinking to remove engine cover, intake is a pain and instead doing it I have seen people using rattle gun by blocking cam pulley...
  2. ardnez

    1HZ AC Squealing issue

    So heres the issue and just wanted to know if anyone has had something similar happen to them so I know where to start. When the AC is on and I’m at a complete stop then proceed to accelerate theres a squeal that last about 2-3 seconds and goes away for as long as the car is moving, not sure if...
  3. I

    For Sale  1994 HZJ75 Troopy LHD Original Split Rims 19.5 K

    Good morning, Landcruisermart brings you HZJ75. 4.2 naturally aspirated diesel engine. Vehicle is located in Central America. includes shipping with US custom clearance at port of miami. Transportation from port of miami onwards is buyers obligation. price 19,500 Kilometers/miles: 379,000 km...
  4. JDM Journeys

    High altitude compensator 1HZ retrofit?

    Boosting the 1hz has its champions and detractors, but there is no denying that in stock form it suffers as the air density decreases. Without diving into turbo debates, I'm wondering about high altitude compensation. In some markets it came from the factory with an HAC on the injection pump...
  5. KwaTeebs

    FJ62 (1987) rebuild, and 1HZ diesel swap

    I accidentally bought myself a LandCruiser. Well we bought it for my work as a tow vehicle... I paid half and my business partner paid half. The business never had the cash to buy it off me, so I took it over and now I have a vehicle to fix up. Its a 1987 FJ62, with a 3F petrol engine. She has...
  6. mudandrock

    SOLD  HZJ75 Double Cab Fire Truck NW Montana

    12.000 kilometers Montana title 1HZ diesel H55F manual transmission $35,000 obo YouTube link shows it all
  7. P

    Looking for a diesel tech (HZJ77) in the Rock Hill / Fort Mill/ Charlotte area.

    Hey y'all, Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions for a diesel mechanic in the Rock Hill / Fort Mill / Charlotte area. I'm new to the area (Indian Land), and don't know many reputable mechanics shops, nor do I know anyone in the area to ask about them either. Looking at the ONSC forums...
  8. T

    Glow plug specs for 1993 Japanese import FJ80 with 1HZ diesel

    Hi, brand new to the forum! I own a 1993 Japanese import FJ80 with 1HZ Diesel for a few months. Since it is cold in Colorado, my car has difficulty starting when temperatures are below freezing (i.e. often). I changed the fuel filter and I also changed the glow plugs. The glow plugs I got...
  9. Willis

    SOLD  Bend, OR: 1992 HZJ75 Turbo-1HZ Pop-Top Landcruiser w/buildout

    I am listing this for an acquaintance/customer who is paying me a couple hundred bucks and probably a steak dinner so please don't come at me with too many silly questions 😅 He is asking $48,000 OBO This is a complete troopy with almost every add on you'd ever want to do, half the price of...
  10. samreilly

    1hz a440f conversion

    Hey guys I’m the process of engine swapping my fj73 to a 1hz-t and I know I have to shorten and length the shafts in the gear box but not sure the exact amount I’ve read on another page that it was 100mm both ways any help would be appreciated and any other bits and pieces of info needed would...
  11. samreilly

    1hz in fj73

    Alright so I’ve decided I’m putting in the 1hz turbo and getting rid of my 3f petrol but I want to keep the a440f transmission I’ve read a few people have done it but none have elaborated on how, so as much information as possible would be appreciated cheers
  12. D

    1hz rear main seal housing looks incorrect/offset.

    Hi all, I'm doing a rear main seal on my 1hz, but seal housing looks incorrect, (see pics, can see gap at top) motor is second hand and has leaked from word go. Was wondering if 1hdt and 1hz have differences in crank or bearings causing 1hz crank to sit lower. If so i will order correct housing...
  13. Walter Tulin

    land cruiser HZJ75, 1HZ vehicle sitting idle for 1 year

    Hi My 1hz engine has been sitting idle for a year. I tried starting it a few times but it could not start. It only cranked kind of slowly. i am assuming my fuel filter is blocked or there is a fuel blockage somewhere. What do you guys suggest. Do I need to change the fuel filter, diesel in the...
  14. BiffS

    For Sale  1990 80 series with new style 79 series body and cab

    The last post has degraded into chit chat. If you are interested, or would like more information, the best bet is to PM me or send an email. ** This vehicle is currently only a roller. Enough interest has been shown, that we will work on finishing it up in November, unless someone wants it as...
  15. RhinoRig

    2H glow system in a 1HZ?

    Hey all, Still sourcing parts for my 1HZ swap (thread here). Instead of replacing all the relays and resistor, which are either $$$ or unavailable, will the components from the old engine power the glow plugs? I believe its a super glow. Another difference is the 2H has two resistors and...
  16. RhinoRig

    Build: 2H swap to 1HZ w/turbo in HJ75 Troopy

    Howdy Y'all! I am finally swapping out the original stock 2H from my 1985 HJ75 RHD Australian troopy (#1393 so at the beginning). I bought a very low miles 2016 1HZ with turbo from @joekatana and I'm ready to tackle a challenging project! My goal with this thread is to provide a resource to...
  17. T

    1hz lose of power

    since I've owned my hzj80 1hz it's been sluggish but I've noticed now that I live in the hills it really really struggles up hills shes a part time 4wd and I have it in 2wd all the time. 14% steep hill she drops from 80km in 5th gear to 60km in 3rd to eventually I have to drop it down to 2nd and...
  18. Kamran Khan

    105 Series 1HZ RPM at 120KPH

    105 series 1HZ RPM at a little bit over 120 KPH. Isn't the RPM a little bit on the high side for this speed?
  19. C

    Builds  Sandy Taupe HZJ75 Troopy Build

    Long time reader, first time caller here. I've owned an FJ62 for past 5 years or so, all kitted out and really an awesome truck. Over the last year I've been on the hunt for a troopy project as I believe it really is the best long distance camping/"overland" vehicle. Turns out in March when the...
  20. N


    Hi guys, First time posting but I’ve got a few questions about the hzj73. I’m looking at a 1991 model with the a440f tranny in it, only done 200xxx. firstly, does the 1hz perform better in the lighter 73, in comparison to an 80 or 105? Also, how does the a440f perform in such configuration...
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