1. F

    Wanted HZJ75 TOYOTA DIESEL Front Grille

    I was wondering if Toyota even makes these grilles with an OEM diesel badge??? If so, does anyone have one for sale? or knowing the parts number would also help!!!
  2. Vitek

    Repro 1H D-T/D-FT/Z/Z-T engine decals interest

    Hi As I faced recently how hard is either to get or have them decently priced, I contacted a friend who runs an industrial print company. They can print the different engine decals on high quality heat resistant matterials and price can be quite okay if a I make a larged order. I provide them...
  3. sunrk

    oil pressure on 1hz - what causes is to drop and what can be done to 'fix' it?

    I'm aware that a very old 1hz like the one in my 80 has a lot of wear and potentially blow-by. I'm noticing when driving that the oil pressure is not coming much above 1/3 anymore and when idling (hot motor) the pressure goes to about 1/6 on the gauge. I always change the filter with a genuine...
  4. BiffS

    Parting Out Vancouver, BC, Canada, NEW Takeoff HZJ 79 2021 Complete truck(s) for parts only.

    PM is the best way to get a quick response due to the amount of mail that comes in. We will be receiving a brand new 2021 HZJ79 that will be dismantled for parts, so it will be available to ship within about 3 weeks or so. We also have a plethora of new take off, used ex-mine and other 79...
  5. 4

    78 mm crush gasket with coating..what's it for?

    Hi folks, In my Toyota gasket kit 04111-17020 I have a ~78 mm aluminum crush gasket that has a mint green coating on either side. Its been a year since my 1HDT teardown and I don't recall encountering this part. Anybody know what it is for? Cheers
  6. DriveUncommon

    For Sale 5-speed Manual, Triple Locked, 1995 Toyota Land Cruiser HZJ81: 83,000 miles

    This 1995 Toyota Land Cruiser HZJ81 is a right-hand drive example imported from Japan in April 2022. The truck is finished in white over patterned gray cloth and is powered by a naturally aspirated 4.2-liter 1HZ Diesel inline-six mated to a five-speed manual transmission and a two-speed transfer...
  7. R

    105 Cruiser - 1HZ Turbo Questions

    Those of you who have turbo'ed a 105 1HZ: What are your approximate RPMs at 120km/h? What is your top speed and the approximate RPMs at that speed? What is your fuel efficiency like? 12L/100km? Better? Worse? Any help would be appreciated. I'm considering putting a turbo on my 105 1HZ and I'd...
  8. davegonz

    For Sale Austin, TX: 1992 HZJ80 "Betty White" Land Cruiser

    Year: 1992 Model: HZJ80 Eurospec Imported from Belgium. Used as a NATO truck Miles: 259k kilometers (161k miles) Features: Poverty pack model: manual windows manual door locks barn doors vinyl carpet, jute padding, and noise dampener on the floor. no sunroof Simplified gauge cluster Cloth...
  9. mudgudgeon


    FYI 1PZ, 1HZ, 1HD-T ENGINE REPAIR MANUAL now available in the resources section. https://forum.ih8mud.com/resources/1pz-1hz-1hd-t-engine-repair-manual.144/
  10. ErfanFj45

    1hz Overheating

    Hi everyone It has been 2 years of running a 12v 1hz on my FJ45. Everything is OK until the summer comes and overheating problem begins. I have checked all components of the cooling system. The injection pump seems to work normally because no smoke comes out of the exhaust.(Just a little black...
  11. mudandrock

    For Sale 1HZ injection pump w/ tachometer pickup. Fully rebuilt

    Fully rebuilt 1HZ injection pump. Has high altitude compensator and tachometer pick up. $1400 + the ride + $800 core charge. Fits all 1HZ powered equipment from 1990 to present. Gauge clusters, sharpies and other crap in the background not included with sale.
  12. Bardiya

    For Sale Dubai: 105/7X - 1HZ M/T ECU

    Manual transmission ECU picked from a 2003 HZJ105 Fits HZJ105 and HZJ7X model years 1998 till present Part # 89551-60130 400$ shipped worldwide with 2 week tracked shipping.
  13. ardnez

    1HZ Fuel Pump once again

    So i tried performing this portion of the fuel injection pump removal but as i turned the nut left to remove it, the pin on camshaft no2 + crank shaft moved but the camshaft pulley no1 still set to BDC, did i mess up? )~:
  14. C

    SOLD Central Florida: 1990/Toyota/HZJ73 / $32k

    For Sale is a very clean, well maintained and in perfect running condition 1990 Toyota Land Cruiser HZJ73 RHD. It was imported from Japan in 2015 and I have been the owner since. 1990 Toyota HZJ73 Right Hand Drive 4X4 Diesel Model # S-HZJ73HV-MES VIN # HZJ73-001693 70,272 miles / 113,091 KM...
  15. sark

    Sark's HZJ73 Adventures

    Downtime in the winter, so I'm finally getting around to sorting through my pictures and progress on maintaining my 1992 HZJ73 I imported from Japan last summer (2021). In summary: Year: 1992 Model: HZJ73V-PEU Grade: "ZX" Origin: Japan ("Hey, you're driving on the wrong side!") Engine: 1HZ...
  16. ErfanFj45

    Fj45 Oil Bath Air Cleaner

    Hello Everyone Actually I have replaced my 2F engine with a 1HZ and put 2F's oil bath air cleaner for it. But the problem is the oil in oil bath goes to the intake manifold and then goes to the cylinder. The result is that oil burns and white smoke comes out from my exhaust. Does it have any...
  17. A

    75 Series Build - First Car

    Hey Everybody, picked up a 1999 HZJ75RP about 6 months ago and I've finally got enough spare cash to do some performance upgrades to her. It started off as a water tanker patrolling a pipeline in the snowy mountains (VIC), so it's got a big modified tray and beefy 1-ton leafs underneath. It's...
  18. D

    HZJ80 performance at altitude - Good PAH expedition rig?

    Hi all, New to the forum, so short introduction: I have been doing car based exploration and camping since I have a drivers license, with multiple trips in Europe and Central Asia. I purchased my first dedicated 'Overlanding' rig 3 years ago: a Cherokee XJ, which I built out over the past few...
  19. Loaferoatan

    Bad Alternator?

    So a new dash light came on today and I needed a jump to start my cruiser. No weird nosies coming from the engine, so I don't think any bearings or belt went bad. I'm charging the battery overnight and seeing if that's the issues, but I suspect the alternator is shot. Partsouq has them for the...
  20. spanishforjorge

    SOLD Price Utah : Oil Cooler Cover (Brand New) and Oil Cooler (Used)

    I have a brand new oil cooler cover for the 1HDFTE and 1HZ, the oil filter receiver, and a used oil cooler. $115 plus shipping Or make me an offer
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