1. P

    For Sale 1990 JDM HZJ73

    1990 JDM HZJ73 for sale: $17,000 Truck located in Washington, DC. Title and Registration in District of Columbia. 1HZ 4.2 L Diesel Engine. 292,311 KM (181,633 miles). Automatic Transmission. Manual Hubs. A/C and heat work great. 24 volt system. Suspension seats. Removable FRP top. I...
  2. BiffS

    For Sale Vancouver, BC, Canada: 2x 1HZ engines, 2x 2LT-E engines, A343F trans

    Building a stockpile of engines and parts, need to clear some room and capital to finish our HD79 truck. All engines guaranteed running and condition as stated, all were from running vehicles and intended for our own projects, but it's time to focus up a little and downsize. Priced USD. All...
  3. bottombracket

    Poverty packin’: 1992 HZJ80 in Texas

    How the heck did I end up in the 80 section of MUD? For the past five years I’ve been a pretty stalwart 60 series fan. I have 3 60 series trucks and I thought that they fit me just right. I have an FJ40 that I love, and I’ve dabbled with the idea of getting into a 70 series now and again, but...
  4. AlbertoSD

    For Sale 1HZ Parts

    I have a few parts left over from one of my projects and I am listing them all here for sale. 1.- 1HZ Timing Belt Tensioner (New): Asking $140 plus shipping - SOLD 2.- 1HZ Cross Over Pipe (Used): Asking $50 plus shipping - SOLD 3.- 1HZ Exhaust Manifold (Used): Asking $100 plus shipping...
  5. AirheadNut

    For Sale 1991 HZJ81 5-Speed, Triple Locked in MT

    I bought this as a project, but am realizing that I don't have time to deal with it. Quick specs: - 1991 HZJ81, JDM spec (RHD) - 226,156 km - 1HZ 4.2L diesel - H150f 5-speed manual, full time 4WD transfer case - Triple lockers, FF rear with drum brakes - Factory electric winch with remote -...
  6. AC BJ73

    BJ73 3b to 1HZ conversion

    Im getting conflicting info from different sources if this conversion would help me get up hills without slowing down. Currently with a 3B and thinking to make the upgrade. Some say definitely, some say not so much. Wondering if the extra cost will be worth it. Thoughts? The 3B has a blown out...
  7. sunrk

    Dial indicator suggestion for genuine Toyota 1hz 1hdt IP timing tool ?

    Managed to pick up a new genuine Toyota tool for setting injector pump timing on 1hz and 1hdt motors. Is there a specific type of dial indicator required to go with it or just any one that has the right thread and scaling? Thanks, craig.
  8. nomoremud79

    1hz compatible steering boxes?

    Hey everyone, ive got a 2004 79 series 1HZJ79R with a steering box thats buggered, just wondering if theres a cheaper option other than a $750 rebuild of the box? Cheers!
  9. sunrk

    Varying idle speed with 1hz motor - what can cause it?

    Is anyone aware of what can cause the idle speed of a 1hz to vary away from the 'screw setting' on the injector pump? I've got mine wound up a little (I set it to 700) because of the rough idling issue, but sometimes it'll idle up to 800 rpm. I haven't get done anything with injectors (got a...
  10. sunrk

    Fitting new genuine set of 1hz injectors soon - what else to replace ?

    I've tracked down a set of new genuine 23600-69055 injectors to suit the 1hz motor in my 80 and will be fitting them once I get the time. Got them much cheaper that what Amayama or Partsouq are quoting so jumped on them to take some positive action about the poor idling performance with the...
  11. sunrk

    Rough / odd idle behaviour with old 1HZ motor

    1hz motor in my 80 has a really rough/odd idle behaviour where it feels like one injector randomly doesn't fire at random intervals. The injector pump and injectors were replaced about 6 yrs ago. Never been touched since. I could replace injectors with a full set of brand new ones myself but I'm...
  12. R

    1HDT Head Screw in Injectors

    Hi i purchased this head assuming its a 1hdt what head is it a few people i been to have no idea it has no pre combustion chambers but it has screw in Injectors?
  13. CIR

    For Sale 1992 Toyota Land Cruiser HZJ73

    Hello, I am new here so if this is poorly placed let me know, please. I am an vehicle and logistics consultant in the Canary Islands Spain. CIR works with local sellers on the Canary Islands to offer unique LHD classic 4x4s to the global market. We link private sellers with private buyers...
  14. 1992 TLC HZJ73 in Tenerife

    1992 TLC HZJ73 in Tenerife

  15. 1992 TLC HZJ73 in Tenerife

    1992 TLC HZJ73 in Tenerife

  16. 1992 TLC HZJ73 in Tenerife

    1992 TLC HZJ73 in Tenerife

  17. 1992 TLC HZJ73 in Tenerife

    1992 TLC HZJ73 in Tenerife

  18. 1992 TLC HZJ73 in Tenerife

    1992 TLC HZJ73 in Tenerife

  19. 1992 TLC HZJ73 in Tenerife

    1992 TLC HZJ73 in Tenerife

  20. 1992 TLC HZJ73 in Tenerife

    1992 TLC HZJ73 in Tenerife

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