Hilux 1987 Toyota pickup 4wd shifter wont work truck wont move

Sep 7, 2021
Fort Campbell KY
I just picked up my Toyota 1987 extended cab SR5 22r last month and drove it from Arizona to Kentucky. I took it out hill climbing and mudding for about 5hours.

Was in 4wd and 3rd gear going fast over some mud and the engines rpm was going up without me pushing on the gas and in neutral so I turned it off turned it back on drove 100ft in 1st gear, rpm still went up in neutral, turned it off and on truck won't move.

4wd shifter will move down a bit but not into any gear (I believe 4wd is stuck in nuetral but not sure) shifter will go into gear engine will rev no sound from clutch

My friend pulled me in his tacoma and I tried to shift the 4wd and shift into 1st gear even tried it while rolling backwards. If anybody knows what could be wrong that would be great I am 20 with only a very basic knowledge of automechanics and a want to learn and keep this truck alive thank you :)👍

(Pic is from when I took the 4wd shifter off there is some mud inside the transfer case)

Ps there is transmission leak and engine oil leak and burn


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