1. B

    Another A Pillar leak - HELP!

    Hi all. Recently bought a 1987 hj61 high roof 60 series Landcruiser with a bit of an A pillar leak on the passengers side... I've had a good read through some other threads but can't seem to find the remedy. I am getting the leak coming down the outside of the a pillar coming from what...
  2. A

    Thoughts on this Vehicle?

    Hi All, I have been eyeing a 100 series and talking with an owner about one. It has 270k miles and was in an accident back in 2018 (have the records and photos before/after). The owner was daily driving it until getting a smaller car this past month and is looking to sell because they don't...
  3. MFMCygnus

    Mystery oil leak coming from rear

    Hi guys, I’ve got a 2006 LX470 and walking to my car this morning I saw a small puddle of oil behind the right rear wheel. Upon closer inspection the leak seems to originate from 2 pipes directly behind the wheel. Am I right in thinking these are the infamous ac lines leaking? Haven’t seen the...
  4. Thatonedude

    2006 LX470 Purchase Advice

    Hi, all! This is my first post, so if I am posting in the wrong spot, I apologize. Well, I'm gonna try and keep it short and to the point. I'm in the market for a 06-07 Lexus LX470 with less than 150k miles. I am completely green (new) when it comes to these vehicles. I've browsed many threads...
  5. 9

    94’ Poor Cold Start

    I have a 94’ fzj80 and have been plagued with this issue for a while. When i start the truck i have an initial good start around 1800~ rpm, immediately after that (within about a minute) my rpm falls to around 400 and lopes between 200-400 rpm. This started soon after I got a new afm. Ohm...
  6. A

    Can I replace my navigation on LC200 2009 VX.R

    Hello, as I posted before I have a land cruiser 2009 Vxr and I was wondering if I can replace the navigation & music system to a more recent one like from a 2015 one because my entertainment system currently only have radio and disk. Is it possible? Also if I can program a new LC200 Key fob for...
  7. myduffy

    Looking for the right rims

    Hey everyone, i'm looking for some recommendations on a rim that would fit over disc brakes. These would also have to fit over locking hubs. This is for a 1973 FJ55. Thanks in advance!
  8. H

    For Sale  SF Bay Area: 1997 Lexus LX 450

    UPDATE: This car has been sold. Not sure what protocol is for deleting or updating ads; if something needs doing please let me know. 63.5K Miles!!! Used for car-camping trips, hikes, dog parks, and visiting family between East Bay and LA. No off-road. Factory front/rear lockers. Fully...
  9. screenflicker

    ARB Bull Bar: Having Trouble Wiring Lights

    It seems like only a few short months ago I was having issues wiring up the ARB rear bumper and here I am having problems with the indicators on the ARB bull bar. Could be a pattern 🤣 Here's where I'm at so far: bumper is installed, fog light kit is installed, and the indicator lights are...
  10. cartelgucci

    Should I buy an ‘01 FJ100

    I have the opportunity to buy a 2001 FJ100 but it has 250k miles. I have always wanted to get a land cruiser and I thought this would be a perfect starter. It’s $3750 Any advice would be great
  11. 9

    94’ brake help

    i have a 94’ fzj80 and am having brake issues. i recently changed rear pads, and rear driver caliper/rotor. i’ve noticed that when coming to a stop once i hit about 15mph i get what feels like a grinding/pulse in the brake pedal. also when coming to a complete stop the brake pedal isnt constant...
  12. myduffy

    I have some questions about my 1970 FJ55

    Hey everybody! I have a few questions about my 1970 FJ55. I got this truck about a week ago, so I am definitely new to the whole thing. This truck has been sitting since 1996 so as you can imagine it is a serious project. I am still unsure on how invested I really want to be in the project...
  13. yotadude520

    Need advice on installing air conditioning on my home

    So I’m in the process of getting quotes to add A/C to my house and I need some advice. The house is currently equipped with a gas furnace and a swamp cooler on the roof. I’d like to keep the swamp cooler since it works well most of the year. The setup I’d like to have is add a evap coil above...
  14. P

    Door lock cylinders

    Curious as to what any of you guys have used to replace the front door locks, the market for them seems vague. Was wondering if any bnb other Toyota models from 96 would work for my LC. Thanks!
  15. 9

    PLEASE HELP ME !!! Jeep Cherokee

    I own a 96 Jeep Cherokee Classic 4.0l Highout put .. Heres what it is doing it will start and run great .. But once it warms up to opt if u hit the gas it cuts out and dies and doesn't want to restart .. Its dumping fuel in #1 cly to the where it is filing out plugs .. When its cold u can smash...
  16. Sowbug2000

    Headlight Upgrade Help! 2003 Land Cruiser

    Yes, I have searched and searched and searched the forum...and I haven't found an option that seems to work for me (that I can understand anyway). I don't do many MODs as I'm not mechanically inclined or afraid to screw up my truck! BASICALLY, I'm looking for a headlight...
  17. screenflicker

    ARB rear bumper install questions

    This weekend I'm going through the process of installing an ARB rear bumper. I've read through a couple of the install threads here so far and they've been helpful in a few aspects. A couple things I've noticed right off the bat: there are major fitment issues getting the new bumper to fit all...
  18. screenflicker

    What's the trick to reinstalling stabilizer bar links?

    Over the last couple days, I've been installing a new Icon suspension on my stock 2013 LC200. The lift is about 2.5" and (other issues aside) the last thing I need to do but can't figure out for the life of me, is reconnecting the left-hand side stabilizer bar link. I've tried jacking up the...
  19. BreckenridgeCruiser

    Classifieds not showing summary anymore?

    When I go classifieds I no longer see the summary of all posts in classifieds under the sub forum list... Is this an issue with the forum or did I click something I didn't realize?
  20. MrCWineMan

    Wheel and tire analysis paralysis.

    Okay, this is a tough one for me. I have been working on finding the perfect solution for wheels and tires on my black 2016. Here are the details that I am working with: I am on SAR here in Colorado - we have lots of off road missions, I don't need to use my car, but there are missions where...
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