1. Chibu

    2004 Lexus LX470 Nothing happens when AHC switch is operated?

    Got a 2004 Lexus LX470. Few weeks ago I got the AHC to function for the first time in like 10 years by replacing the 20amp AHC-IG fuse that was missing. The car went from empty shocks and bumpy ride straight to N position and is holding at N position, it drives fine, doesn't feel like a pogo...
  2. cademonster

    Need help diagnosing noise

    Help! I have an unknown mystery noise coming from my 2001 LX470. It comes and goes on it's own but I'd like to know what the noise is! it only happens when my vehicle is in drive or reverse (disappears in neutral or park) and it is only happening when I am stopped or going at very slow speeds...
  3. T

    1hz timing

    Ok so a bit of a confusing one but I’d better put it out there coz I feel like a numpty atm I have a 1990 hzj75 ute I blew the motor I bought a 1hz from a 1994 80 series I switched over the injector pumps because the one I bought was f***ed thinking they would be the same or at least the same...
  4. H

    19 Years old, never worked on a car before and got a HJ61... Looking for general guidance/resources

    Hello dear Landcruiser enthusiasts! I'm 19 years old and just got to learning how to drive. My father has bestowed upon me this beautiful beast of a machine that he also uses for hes day to day activities on our property and getting around the area. A HJ61LG-MXW! Now as the title suggests I'd...
  5. 9

    “Access door” behind oil pan to get into the trans is gone

    Ok guys, I feel really stupid asking this, and I’m scared to find out the answer. I’m 99% sure that this isn’t supposed to be like this and I’ve broken something, so I’m going to ask because I don’t even know where to start on the fix. (I’m also 15 and attempting to learn about cars through...
  6. ScottyRt66

    Replacing alternator, but where to find bolts?

    Voltage regulator bit the dust on the 80, so we pulled the alternator. it was only held in place by the pivot bolt and years of grease and dirt. ive got part numbers but no specs, and since this is a DD, kinda need to not wait on the local Toyota dealer for 5 days to get them. Any one know what...
  7. ScottyRt66

    Help! broke two torque plate bolt/pin

    Working on my ‘00 LX470, changing rear brake pads and rotors. everything is going back together fine, torque specs says 76ft/lbs for the rear disc torque plate , and I’ve now sheared off the 2nd bolt in the guide pin. have I got the wrong specs??
  8. L

    Drag link identification help needed

    I have a late 75 Fj40 with a 2f . A some point it has been fitted with Power Steering, the Koyo box has a Pitman arm connect to this drag link. I wanted to either refurb or replace it but it doesn't look like any I can see on the parts stores. Any ideas what it's from. The rod connected to it...
  9. ParaJake

    How screwed am I? Dropped a hard plastic piece into coolant line.

    Hey all. Can somebody tell me if I'm screwed, or will I be ok? I was replacing the heater hose T's in my 2006 100 series and when I was taking the old ones out (replacing them with metal ones) one of the flared ends broke off in the rubber tubing. When I noticed this I, like an idiot, tried...
  10. MiguelDelgado20

    Oxygen Sensor Wiring lx470 1999

    I just bought my lx 470 with many defects and I have decided to repair them, I noticed that it has the oxygen sensors disconnected, I tried to connect them but I do not see the other end of the wiring, someone can send me a photo or a wiring diagram of it wiring and how important are oxygen sensors?

    1FZFE/ FZJ80R Rev bouncing

    Hey all, I’ve got a problem with my cruiser, the revs bounce up and down till she stalls out, I just fitted a new MAF sensor and she runs a bit better but still rev searches, do you reckon maybe the IAC?
  12. Brayden3223

    Looking to Buy a 80 series

    Hey guys, I’m kinda new to the 4x4 world, I’m currently looking into buying a 80 series land cruiser soon, is there any specific things I should keep an eye out for (issues and recalls) and what not, also just common issues and what to avoid, I’m also looking for advice on what engine to go for...
  13. MiguelDelgado20

    help to know what is this ground wire of my lx470 1999

    Acabo de comprar mi lx470 1999 y noté que este cable de tierra no está conectado y no puedo encontrar el otro extremo del cableado. También tiene esta tubería desconectada y no veo dónde ponerla.
  14. B

    LX470 Overheat Damage?

    I am looking at a 2000 LX470 with ~106k miles. In looking at the service history there is an event at 57k miles that states: -CUSTOMER STATES VEH OVERHEATS AND IT TAKES ONLY ABOUR 5 MINS TO GO OVER MAX HEAT ON GAUGE. T-STAT STUCK CLOSED INSTALLED NEW T-STAT COOLANT TEMP IS NORMAL. FOUND P0115...
  15. TagALong

    HELP! Wiring aftermarket stereo and mini amp to 1996 Lexus LX450

    I need help with wiring my new stereo and amp together. For my stereo I've purchased a double din JVC KW-X840BTS, for my amp I have the Kenwood KAC-M1814 400W, and I have a wiring harness adapter, the METRA 70-1882. According to the Kenwood wiring diagram, the yellow power wire for the amp can...
  16. TagALong

    Question about matching speakers and amps. Can I run 50 watts through a speaker rated for 45RMS?

    Hello all, I'm preparing to start overhauling the sound system in my 96' LX 450 but I've run into a snag. The speakers I have are a pair of JBL GX528's and a pair of JBL GX628's. The smaller ones, the GX528's have an RMS rating of 45 watts and a peak of 135 watts. The larger ones, the GX625's...
  17. Beehanger

    Advice on whether I should buy a Land Cruiser

    Hi Everyone, Total noob here looking for advice on whether I should buy a land cruiser. It’s Obviously my decision, but I just wanted to hear what input people have especially regarding my background and limited experience with cars. and if there’s any general information place on the internet...
  18. awesomeissquid

    Tapered Seat Spark Plug Horror

    Today started like any other nice weekend with plans to leisurely work on the truck. On the agenda was replacing the spark plugs since their age was unknown. Starting with the passenger side it was going smoothly except for some slightly stuck plugs that took some coaxing. The horror show...
  19. B

    Another A Pillar leak - HELP!

    Hi all. Recently bought a 1987 hj61 high roof 60 series Landcruiser with a bit of an A pillar leak on the passengers side... I've had a good read through some other threads but can't seem to find the remedy. I am getting the leak coming down the outside of the a pillar coming from what...
  20. awesomeissquid

    Thoughts on this Vehicle?

    Hi All, I have been eyeing a 100 series and talking with an owner about one. It has 270k miles and was in an accident back in 2018 (have the records and photos before/after). The owner was daily driving it until getting a smaller car this past month and is looking to sell because they don't...
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