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  1. S

    For Sale  LS wiring harness

    I have a brand new wiring harness that I no longer am going to use. I purchased it for an engine swap project and the guy backed out. It is a stand alone harness for a Gen IV/ 6L80E or 6L90E trans. This will fit any of the 2007 to current truck engines with or without active fuel managment and...
  2. gomotomoto

    Electrical help with a 7 Pin wiring harness (200 series LC)

    Recently, I purchased a 2008 LandCruiser for the purpose of towing our family airstream. It did not come with a wiring harness, so I purchased the hopkins plug in harness for the factory tow package. It has a 7 way and a 4 flat as well. Install was simple enough, few bolts and two plugs that go...
  3. GA Architect

    Wanted  1977 FJ40 - Rear Wiring Harness

    Looking for an OEM rear harness to fit a '77 FJ40.
  4. wngrog

    SOLD  1976 FJ40 wiring harness

    this is the complete front and rear wiring harness. Lots of the end connectors need to be replaced. It's in good condition overall. After having to replace sections of mine recently I understand the need for a complete harness so I took the time to remove it. $120 plus ship
  5. Bripars40

    For Sale  [AR] Ford 5.0 HO EFI, NP435, wiring harness

    I have a 5.0 V8 EFI from a 1993 Thunderbird with complete running wiring harness and computer. It also comes with a NP435. Includes alternator, fan, complete air intake. Everything you need to plug and play into your truck. Mileage is unknown on the engine and transmission. It starts up and...
  6. BoiseFJ

    Wiring harness issue, Drivers Side,

    I found a issue with my 100 last night. There is a hole worn in the drivers side wiring harness back where the previous owner had installed an inverter.(in the Subwoofer Space) I am really surprised I haven't seen any issues up to now. Only discovered it because I was adding some stuff and...
  7. Onur

    1995-1997 1FZ-FE FZJ80 OBD2 Main Engine Wiring Harness Connector Information
    Electronics/Gadgets: 80 series engine electrical harness information

    The following posts are to document the 1FZ-FE US market 80 series 1995-1997 OBD2 main engine wiring harness connectors. While this is not exhaustive in the sense that it covers every single connector, it does cover about 95% of them. The remaining 5% or so are not sourceable outside of the...
  8. Jarhead0802

    These Vendors are GREAT!

    I'm in the beginnings of either "unassing" the FJ40's previous owners' substantial hack jobs or simply replacing aging parts. Using this Forum exclusively to source advice and identify customer focused vendors, I want to give a shout out to four vendors who have consistently surpassed my...
  9. CaptKevman

    trailer wiring harness conundrum

    Howdy all, Doing some troubleshooting of why my trailer light harness isn't working, I came across the weirdest thing. I found whoever put in the wires cut about 1/4 inch of wire from the original trailer wire harness, P/N 00526-00930, for what appears to be the left hand turn signal wire. I'm...
  10. RE2RO

    rear wiring harness connector trouble

    Anyone have any experience fixing a melted / corroded wiring harness connector? I was chasing down some trouble with my rear taillights on my FJ60 and fixed some problems then found more. The blue connector from the main harness to the rear harness has a corroded / melted pin and I need to...
  11. MDarius

    Wiring harness repair/restoration technique questions

    When it comes to repairing a wiring harness, would you prefer to: 1. Splice in a short length of new wire by soldering. If the problem is at the connector, crimp new pins and new connector. Use heat shrink tubing to seal it up. 2. Replace the entire length of damaged wire, crimp on new pins, and...
  12. woytovich

    Wanted  2UZ Engine side wiring harness plugs (full harness?)

    Looking for a full set of 2UZ engine wiring harness plugs... or maybe a full harness. mark
  13. woytovich

    Source for 2UZ Engine-side wiring harness plugs?

    I'm looking for all of the plugs that connect to a 2UZ engine. Is there a source for these? mark
  14. WaTrout88

    Ignition Cylinder Wiring Harness

    I pulled off my steering column cover to replace my ignition cylinder and noticed one of the soldered wire had broken loose. Can I solder it back on without buring the plug or am I looking at a replacement?
  15. wngrog

    Wanted  Early FJ-40 Wiring Harness

    My 1968 needs a wiring harness. I am only interested in an OEM one. Does not have to be perfect.
  16. 69LC

    rear wiring harness differences/compatability

    We have a 95 that has serious rear harness corrosion and shorting. I found the problem area the other night. i have some parts of a 92 harness and am wondering if the two are the same or even compatible for swapping. Pics are here: more weird electrical gremlins-95 fzj80 I need to DD the...
  17. piecemeal

    Wanted  Kwik / Painless / Coolerman front or rear wiring harness - 74 FJ40

    Looking for a complete wiring harness. Painless, Kwik, or Coolerman (front, rear, or both) for a 74 FJ40 with a 1.5F
  18. LCS

    Wanted  63-67 FJ40 complete wiring harness

    Looking for a complete wiring harness (cowl, taillight, wiper...) for a 63-67 FJ40 w/heater. Something I can work with to rebuild or clean up. TIA!
  19. B

    For Sale  Yellow Box v5 with plug-n-play wiring harness

    I ordered the Yellow Box v5 - with Custom Plug-n-play wiring harness - but have since decided I don't want it afterall. I should return it directly for a full refund, however it'll take another week or two for the refund to process so I'd prefer to just sell it to a fellow mudder asap. Local...
  20. Paraglider

    Pictures of wiring on HJ47

    I've got an October 1982 HJ47 RHD where the PO added a whole bunch of wiring, most of which doesn't seem to be connected to things. I had issues with the tail lights because he had separated the green wire coming out of the dash by two other wires and I'm starting the process of eliminating all...
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