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  1. Hilife

    LX470 Aftermarket Wheel Options

    A few weeks ago I broke down and bought an 01 LX470. I have 92 HZJ73 which I absolutely love, but isn’t overly practical for my three kids. And the fact that it is JDM, and lifted really precludes the wife from driving it. (Plus with the cost of diesel, I think it is one of the few vehicles more...
  2. Outhuntin

    SOLD 1 set - 100 series wheels and tires - $500

    Hello, I have 2 sets (4 each) of wheels and tires for sale. 16" lx470 rims with Toyo Open Country M/T 265/75R16 18" LC rims with Cooper 285/60R18. Both sets of tires have lots of tread left, and no uneven wear. 5x150 lug pattern. $500 per set. Located in Monterey CA. Will drive out to...
  3. J

    For Sale DENVER,CO - GX470 - 2008 - OEM - (5#) Wheels & Tires - 265/16 - R17 - M+S

    GX470 - 2008 - OEM - (5#) Wheels & Tires - Wheels & Tires in great condition. (4#) Goodyear Assurance - Fuel Max with Lexus center caps. (1#) Bridgestone - Dueler (spare tire) no Lexus center cap. Prefer local drop off / pick up (Denver Area). $600
  4. D

    For Sale - 31x10.5x15 Wheels and Tires

    Just replaced the wheels and tires on my 74 FJ40. Wheels are in powder coated in matte gold / brown and tires are BFG All-Terrain KOs. Plenty of tread although, pretty sure they were manufactured in 2000. The wheels can accommodate disc brake conversion. I’m located north of Boston. Would...
  5. Killacaviar

    SOLD Golden, CO 5ea Evo Corse DakarZero wheels and copper tires. (Tundra, LC200, LC100 and Sequoia)

    I have a full set and full matching spare available (5 total). 17 in Evo Corse DakarZero in anthracite. 5x150 stud pattern, +40 offset. They will fit lc200, Tundra, Sequoia and 100 series LandCruiser. $2200 for all five wheels and tires. New are 500 dollars a piece just for the wheels, there...
  6. LXGus

    For Sale Portland: (5) '15 LX 570 OEM Wheels + TPS sensors / lugs

    Factory wheels. In decent shape. There's a little curb rash on a couple of them, but overall excellent condition. Taken off at 60k miles. I'd prefer local pick up in Portland Oregon, but may consider shipping (buyer pays shipping). All 5 wheels, factory lug nuts, and OEM TPS sensors that all...
  7. W

    For Sale Denver, CO CHROME OEM Wheels and Tires 200 LX470

    Looking to part ways with my 3rd set of wheels. I haven’t ran them in a long time. The rims show some age noticeable in the photos. At this point they are just taking up space. Located in the Denver Metro. Please lemme know if you have any questions. $200 P275/70R16
  8. GXPro

    For Sale Cleveland, OH - (Set of 5) 33 inch Mud Terrains on 17 inch Ultra aluminum wheels

    Selling as a set of 5 wheels and tires. These were on my Lexus GX, selling because I am moving up to 35’s. The tires are Ironman All Country Mud Terrains size LT285/75 R17(33’s) 4 have about 4,500 miles on them and the 5th (spare) is brand new purchased in June of this year. Four of the...
  9. SerbCruiser

    SOLD FS: Stock wheels off '01 LX470 w/ tires $300

    $300 for wheels/tires off my '01 LX470. They are in mint condition.. no joke. Have no clue how previous owner kept them so clean. Tires could use replacing.. tread depth on the pictures. Local to Seattle area
  10. YotaPaullie

    Tire/Wheel Storage

    I searched the forums and did not find anything so forgive me if this is a dead horse beating. Anyhoo, I am running out space in the garage and wanted to know how you guys store extra wheels/tires if you do snow tire swaps. So, any pics? Recommendations? Thanks in advance.
  11. landy22

    For Sale 2019 Land Cruiser Tire/Wheel Set

    Selling the stock tire/wheel set from my 2019 TLC. They have just under 5k miles on them. I’ve kept them bagged and in my climate controlled garage for the last 12 months after I purchased a new tire/wheel combo from discount tire. I live in Denver. Make me an offer!
  12. doober

    17" Wheel Recommendations and spacers for 2002 LX470 / 100 series

    Hi all, new to the forum. Recently purchased an '02 LX470 and looking to put new wheels on it. I've been doing a ton of research in regards to sizing, etc but it seems as though finding 17" wheels for a 100 seires can be a bit of a challenge (which is the size I'd prefer to get). So far, I've...
  13. AnyMal

    unOfficial Stance Thread

    Hey Mud members, Ive been meaning to do this for a while and always put it off. I think it would super useful and interesting to see photos of our various wheel/tire fitments. Please post your stance photos and give everyone your specs. Ill go first. '17 LX on +25 17x8.5s. Running Toyo AT3...
  14. T


    I want to upgrade wheels and tires on my newly acquired stock vehicle (TLC 2014 200 series). Current set up is stock wheels and tires (285/60R18 120H) If I upgrade from 18" to 20" will there be rubbing issues? Should I go all in and upgrade suspension, wheels and tires and the bumpers. I had...
  15. stickthepin

    SOLD NEW Set of (4) Bronze Heritage Edition Land Cruiser TRD BBS Wheels & Tires FOR SALE in Minneapolis

    Full set of 4 wheels and tires taken off brand new 2021 LC200 Heritage Edition. Brand new - driven 15 miles from dealership to shop for local build. Local pickup only. (Unless you pay and arrange shipping). $2800 FIRM
  16. B

    Trade Dallas/Fort Worth - 2018 Lexus GX 460 Black Rim - Swap

    Hey everyone, I'm doing a favor and helping my mom out, she bought a 2018 GX460 from Sewell a month ago and hates having the black rims because they "Show too much dirt". Anyone out there interested in some sort of a trade? The wheels are in great conditions just looking to swap some rims or...
  17. SWRanch

    SOLD Set of 5 FJ 40 OEM 15" Steelies and BFG 33x10.5 Tires/Near Austin, TX

    Asking $1200. Tires are almost new, I just bumped up in size. These do not include hubcaps. Pickup in Llano, TX, no shipping. Call/text/pm me. 512-656-2930
  18. S

    For Sale San Diego: 2010 4Runner Limited rims

  19. Paulrotterdam

    Powdercoat RAL colour white wheels

    Guys, does anybody know the RAL colour code for the original white Toyota wheels? I want to get them powder coated, but there are about a zillion different whites. Gloss, high gloss, clear coat? Any experiences? Tips are welcome!
  20. S

    For Sale 2010 4Runner Limited Wheels

    Hi y'all, I have a set (4) of 2010 4Runner Limited wheels/rims for sale. They were stock on the vehicle, and I'm the second owner. Image attached to show the style/design of the wheel (I pulled the image off Google). Happy to shoot over additional pics if of interest. Selling as I put on BFG's...
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