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  1. D19

    For Sale  Lexus LX570 20" Wheels (4) with Michelin Defender LTX M/S Tires. LA Area

    For Sale: QTY 4 LX570 OEM Wheels with Michelin Defender LTX Tires with OEM TPMS and center caps This is a clean set of 4 wheels and tires that were originally on our 2017 LX570. Wheels includes functional OEM TPMS sensors. Wheels and caps are bolt on ready to go, and are sold as a set. Wheels...
  2. G

    For Sale  CA, Bay Area: Wheels and tires 6x5.5

    My friend gave his 21 Tacoma back when the lease ended and decided to go for an Outback Wilderness. So his former wheels tires are up for sale. Set of 4 6x5.5 pattern Falken Wildpeak AT3W with >90% life left, has only seen dirt on a single trip up north $700 for pick up in Palo Alto, CA
  3. S

    Wanted  Atlanta, GA Tundra BBS Wheels and Tires 2021

    Hello-I’m looking for BBS wheels/tires for my 2021 Tundra (five lug, pre 2022). Will consider all locations. Thank you for looking.
  4. Fireselector

    Tires for 75 series, 265 or 285???

    Does anyone have pictures of their rig running 265/75/R16 or 285/75R16 tires, with or without fender flares? I just got my 16x8 offset-5 wheels with 7x Toyota OEM flares. While I know that 265 would offer better all-around performance, and given that the Troopy is already slow, opting for 285...
  5. M

    SOLD  Roseville Ca, 200 series x5 Falken wildpeak 275/70/18 wheels and tires $1550

    wheels and tires x5 Falken wildpeak 275/70/18. like new
  6. E

    lx570 wheels and tires

    Well folks it only took me 5 weeks but finally closed the deal on a 2013 LX570. Its only done 86k kms and is a bit of a creampuff. I plan on not doing much to it but, it needs tires. Badly. So figured now is as good a time as any to throw on a new set of rims as well. I really dont want to...
  7. SOAZtim


    Hey guys, Anyone headed from Tucson to Phx and have room for 5 wheels and tires this week? Tires/wheels are sold and we're tied to helping out family caretake so we can't leave the house for very long over the next few weeks. 33" tires so they aren't huge.
  8. T

    For Sale  Denver, 2023 4Runner wheels and tires

    Trd off-road premium wheels and tires. Brand new swapped by dealer at time of purchase. Bridgestone Dueler H/T tires 265/70/17 $800 for set of 4. Kiffinremmy@icloud.com
  9. B

    Front-end vibration when accelerating — new kit, wheels and tires — What’s causing?

    2003 LC, 193000 miles — Recently installed an Old Man Emu 2” lift kit, new method wheels and Mickey Thompson Baja Boss A/T’s 285/70/17. When stepping on the accelerating, basically to get into passing gear, the front end vibrates and the truck feels like it doesn’t want to kick in the necessary...
  10. Sandcrsr

    SOLD  Charlotte, NC: 200 Series 2016 Wheels and Tires and TPMS $750

    Set of 4 2016 OEM Toyota Land Cruiser 200 Series 18” Wheels and Nitto Terra Grappler G2 A/T all terrain tires size 285/60R18 with TPMS sensors. No curb rash, dirty but will clean up. Tires were purchased in Spring of 2022 and have about 20K miles on them. Includes lug nuts. Happy to ship at...
  11. Caveman Cruiser

    For Sale  Los Angeles - 2013 Land Cruiser OEM wheels and tires in excellent condition.

    I have a set of 5 OEM wheels and tires with sensors. Tires are Yokohama Geolander ATS and they have plenty of tread left. Wheels are in excellent condition. $800 for the whole lot. Located in 91304
  12. K

    Wheels and tires

    Thanks in advance for responding. I am wanting to upgrade to some aftermarket rims and larger tires on my 02’ LC. Can anyone suggest the best offset and tire size for a LC with a 2” lift?
  13. C

    For Sale  New Orleans: 200 Series Stock Wheels and Tires

    Full set of 5 wheels and tires off 2018 Toyota Land Cruiser. Dunlap Grandtrek AT23 285/60 R18 tires with some tread left. Rims are in great shape but center caps are a little worn. TPMS still installed. Log into Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/262762896469489

    Rims Question

    First time posting and in need of assistance. I recently purchased a 97 LC and added a 2" suspension lift from Iron Man 4x4 (which is awesome). I am having trouble finding rims that fit the hub and now debating if I should put on spacers but wanted feedback from people that have more...
  15. Etaco

    SOLD  Raleigh, NC: 5X FJ40 steel wheels w/ fresh Toyo Open Country tires

    For sale is a like new set of five FJ40 steel wheels w/ hub caps and Toyo Open Country 33/10.5/15 tires with approximately 1.5k miles on them. Vent spews still in tire tread. Zero miles on the spare. Purchased for $3,280 in March, asking $2,100 OBO.
  16. 100seriesdream

    Wanted  ISO: 4x4 Engineering BRADLEY V or BRADLEY FORGED Takumi Wheels (Black or Gunmetal) - 100 Series

    Will pay shipping. Located in Vancouver, CA.
  17. CrackIsWack

    Don't buy Kansei truck wheels for your 80!

    Just a PSA, was needing some new wheels for the land cruiser, as the PO had a set of sketchy 2" spacers (with a snapped stud!) was looking at SCS wheels for a set of their 5 spokes. After hearing about lead times and seeing that Kansei had a sale on, I picked up a set of some pretty slick...
  18. CrackIsWack

    What wheels for 37" tires. Driveline vibration.

    Howdy! working out stuff on my new 95', motor runs beautifully at 155k miles, fluid filmed it, changed all fluids, greased the driveline, pumped the knuckles full o grease, working out little stuff here and there, changing all the heater hoses (waiting for a weekend for the PHH). Appreciate any...
  19. harpersferry100

    Replace 18" wheels with 16" from earlier years

    Has anyone downgraded their OEM late model 100 series 18s to earlier model year 16's? Any issues with brake fitment? How'd the ride change?
  20. ICY80

    Anybody run RockTrix wheels on your 80?

    Been looking for a set of wheels for my 80 as well as a set of 33-35s. Don’t know if those “rocktrix” wheels are any good but they seem to be getting decently popular. I’m shooting for some KMC’s but those rock trix look like a decent budget option. Haven’t seen anybody or another forum mention...
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