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  2. Wadesters

    1979 2F Fj40 replacing clutch any reccomended vendor for a new kit?

    Lots of kits out there just wondering others experiences / advice with the different kits. Thank you.
  3. ryanundertrees

    Reccomend a 40 rebuild Vendor near Montana

    If you were to spend $15k on a 40 rebuild (Trail Comfortable and Reliable) where would you go? Only Mountain West Vendors please. Closest to Bozeman will get preference for obvious reason. Thanks! Ryan
  4. J

    FJ62 Front Panel

    Hey everybody, Looking for that Mud expertise. I'm trying to find a driver's side front panel (Toyota Part# 53931-90A06) All of the usual places have them (,, but I found a cheaper one on Summit racing: Do...
  5. nmcbride89

    Anyone heard of this vendor?

    I found a vendor called (formerly that has pretty reasonable prices on a lot of the parts I need for baselining. All of the parts are said to be genuine Toyota. Has anyone heard of this vendor or used them before? Are they legitimate?
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