1. IrishCRZR

    Wanted  FJ60 or FJ62 windshield washer reservoir; bottle jack & spare tire tool

    Hi, I cracked my brittle washer reservoir removing it while getting to the antenna. Anyone have a spare in good enough shape to ship to 60613? Motor not required, just the white plastic tub with clean cap and funnel/filter. Also, truck did not come with any tools. Looking for a bottle jack and...
  2. GLTHFJ60

    TTT -- The Tool Thread

    I love tools. I love collecting tools, using good tools, cleaning tools, looking at tools, anything with tools. I think we should have a thread to pay tribute to the awesomeness of tools by posting tool recommendations, tool reviews, funny tool stories, how you used a tool for something other...
  3. sean2202

    spare tire tools missing

    Hello all I need some assistance with my new to me 2000 LC. When I searched for the spare tire tools and jack they did not come with the vehicle. Anybody know if a sequioa or tundra or other yota tools jack will work that I can search for in junk yards. LC are far and few here.
  4. 8

    Whats in your tool box?

    Hey Guy's, i have a fj60, and i keep a fairly well stocked tool kit in it for the possibility of a mechanical break down. So I'm wondering what you all carry for such an unheard of event. I have a general tool kit, sockets, wrenches, screw drivers, pliers, etc. 4 way lug wrench fix a flat...
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