1. R

    Tools - Socket holder/organizer

    Hi Folks - Curious to know what socket holding/org system you are using (assuming you like it). I’m using these and they suck. Would appreciate advice from Those Wiser than I..
  2. PAToyota

    Rivet Nut Tools

    After "making do" with some cheaper alternatives, I picked up this pair - Astro Pneumatic's 1443B (the small one) and 1452 (the large one). The mandrels swap between the two, but you only want to use the smaller mandrels with the 1443B (M4 and 1/4" and under). You can probably get away with...
  3. C123MS

    Wanted  Tools - Blue TEQ Clip 5 or 6 wrench

    Looking for either version of the blue TEQ wrench clip. Willing to pay via PayPal, but let me know if you are looking for anything. Maybe we can make a trade. Thanks,
  4. J

    For Sale  FJ80 flares, rear bumper corners and flaps - LI, NY

    I removed plastic from my 96 FZJ80 and have it to sell. Flares (some tab damage so name your price), rear bumper corners also some small dings (name a price), rear mud flaps ($50). Looking for a home before they hit the recycle bin. See picture and send me a PM if interested.
  5. Fuentesfranko

    What year is this?!?!?! Tool Box

    Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone would know what year cruiser this tool box belongs to? I have a 1973 Fj40 and I wanted to know if this Tool Box would go with it. Also would anyone know what this box could go for $? (with the tools in the photo) The box is in good condition, it seems to...
  6. DanMedeiros

    Best socket set besides snap-on

    Hi everyone, I am moving this month and finally have a two car Garage! I just received purchased a huge tool cabinet that is pretty much empty. I need to fill it up. What is the best quality brand for sockets and wrenches. I have tons of cheep random tools in my 80 for emergency wrenching but...
  7. I

    For Sale  FJ60 FJ62 Jack 09111-60050 tool kit excellent

    Found this collection along with a lot of FJ60 FJ62 stuff. All looks to be clean, lightly used, if at all. The bag is very nice , looks to be a complete kit except an adjustable wrench is missing. I want to sell jack and tool kit combined. The Jack has 5 F stamped on it which I’ve learned means...
  8. Pursang

    SEARS Biting The Dust

    I thought I would start this thread as a place to gather general info on the topic of Sears Tools after they close up shop, any plans on hitting the sales if there are any ? have any news about warranty issues ? I've heard Black and Decker are taking over the Craftsman brand, if that's true I'd...
  9. Deathvalleypaul

    SOLD  FJ80 Factory Tool Set with Extra Factory Optional Tools

    SoCal This is an unusual tool set because it has everything. This is beyond what is normally found in a Cruiser Toolbag: It has Jack handle, drive handle, extension rods, spark plug tool, Pliars, 8-10mm wrench, 12-14 mm wrench, etc etc, all in factory bag that is marked L13. This is a used...
  10. gummycarbs

    Cool Tool for IAC Removal

    I came across the Vessel (Bessel) Impacta 980 series of screwdrivers on Amazon. They work like regular screwdrivers normally, but act as impact drivers when hit with a hammer. Here's a terrible photo of the 150mm P2 making contact with the lower IAC screw, without removing anything. The...
  11. Bryanseye

    Loaner tools

    I picked up a 3/8" drive 54mm and anyone in the club is welcome to borrow it if needed. Thought a thread for any other specialty tools that folks may be willing to lend may be helpful.
  12. 4WD Swagman

    Carrying trail tools on a soft top FJ40

    Willys jeeps had provision to carry tools on the side like this - Land Rovers carried tools on the hood or fenders like this: or on the tailgate like this: How would you carry trail tools (full size axe, 4x4 shovel, pick) on a soft top FJ40? I'm thinking on the chassis horns behind...
  13. DirtScaresMe

    long-ish trip - thoughts on my spare parts / tools / gear

    I've got a 1994 FZJ-80. My buddy and I are doing the Mojave Road. It's ~140 miles off road from the Colorado River to Barstow, CA. I've heard 3 days is a good amount of time. Driving ~400 miles to get to the start and ~300 miles back. Tools: Good selection of sockets / wrenches, even my...
  14. F

    Wanted  Tools

    Tool Kit, Jack, Jack extensions and holders for a 1980 FJ40. Thank You.
  15. S

    Wanted  A440F 09350-36010 SST special tools

    Does anyone still have this? Would appreciate any leads. Thanks!
  16. turns earned

    Strut spacer install: tools needed, q’s

    Planning to install OEM strut spacers this weekend and had a couple questions on the front strut removal and reinstall. Searched and read a bunch of super helpful threads and apologize in advance if any of these are duplicative but had a few outstanding questions: Sockets/wrenches: I have...
  17. Romer

    What Tools and Parts to Carry on the Trail

    I just finished my front brakes and I realized that the trusty set of tools I carry in my 40 and I have carried in my 80 and 100 won't help me if I break an axle on the trail. I had assumed my 54MM trusty hub socket would work here as well. I didnt need to take the cap off the hub to change...
  18. W

    valve compressor tool attachment

    Hello, Was doing the valves on my 1fzfe and the compressor tool couldn't reach down to compress it... So I made an attachment to make things easy (Would probably work with similarly sized recessed valves in other engines) Will post pics of it in use tomorrow. If you have an onshape account...
  19. B

    Where can I find crank for spare tire?

    Hi Guys I just bought my 100 not long ago and it didn't come with the roadside tire change tools. I'm wondering if you guys either have the part number or an aftermarket replacement for the crank tool that raises and lowers the spare tire winch. I've tried searching parts catalogs and so far...
  20. R

    Lending Library?

    Do you guys think we could start a lending library for tools? Specifically SSTs? I assume the demand is there/here. What say you all?
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