1. Christian

    High as a kite, hard as a rock! (Yes AHC again...)

    Hi guys! I have a 2001 VX100 1HD-FT diesel with 300,000 miles on it. I've owned it for two years and love the comforts over the HJ61 it replaced. But the AHC is acting up! I don't want to go conventional, I want to keep the AHC. AFAIK everything except height sensors are original, and I know...
  2. CorporalClegg

    Light Module lx470 MVCI driver

    Question here for anyone who may have experience in this field. Im struggling to get tis to access the light control module and some others on my lx, Ive come to the conclusion that my mvci drivers are at fault. Ill go to the light module and one driver crashes TIS and the others (i have 7 all...
  3. B

    Does M-VCI firmware matter?

    I have spent two days trying to get Techstream 12 (and as a troubleshooting measure 7,8,9, and 10) to work. When I purchased the vehicle there was a M-vci cable included but no disc. I bought another one off amazon so that I could get the disc. I have tried both. I am running Windows 7 64...
  4. Desert Guy

    Techstream (Confused)

    Sorry to start a new thread, but I'm confused as heck. I'd like to know a few things. 1) Can you read trouble codes, AHC pressures, and other information with just a cable, such as X-Hourse, and a Windows 7 laptop? 2) How do you activate Techstream? I see lots of places to download the...
  5. cwmoser

    Techstream - Transmission fluid temperature ...

    I can't find anywhere in my Techstream that will show the temperature of the Transmission fluid. Is this just not accessible by Techstream????
  6. F

    Help Can't get Techstream to function

    Another member bought his cable here and got it to work: New Mini VCI J2534 OBD2 Diagnostic Tool Code Reader for Lexus Toyota Techstream | eBay I've got a 2003 LX470 so after reading that seller's info(mine is older than the other members) bought the other cable with K-line support(whatever...
  7. LBridges

    Techstream cable software driver info

    Bottom line - up front: if you think you might buy a 2017 LC (or other new Toyota?) and plan to but haven't yet bought a copy of Techstream, you should make sure you get a cable with firmware/software drivers that is version 2.0.X. I recently purchased a new LC and I wanted to turn off the...
  8. socalmtbiker

    question- Techstream version 10.30.029- no longer working

    i have version 10.30.029. It was functioning fine and I've been able to bypass any update request until now. I attempted to uninstall and reinstall but still had no option but to update. But as you most know, this is an offline, bootleg version that cannot be updated. Do most versions require a...
  9. S

    Anyone with techstream in the philadelphia area?

    I just got an LX470 and am looking to dial in my NPs. I am still on the fence of if i want to keep the AHC long term so i dont want to make the investments into old computer, software and new rear springs right away. I would rather check once, change fluid, order trim packers/torque Tbars...
  10. B

    Techstream Mini VCI - Selected system is not responding or not available

    Hi there. I am trying to read my AHC pressure on my 1998 LX470 but I am getting the following message for any system (including the AHC) that I select. Selected system is not responding or not available. Please check the repair manual for applicable systems. It also changes the box from yellow...
  11. Quade

    Techstream 64 bit?

    Hey all My aliexpress link to Techstream which which works with Windows 10 64 bit and amazon Landcruiser 2006 with ahc has expired Does anyone have a link to one which works as above? Thanks
  12. teejnut

    Got Techstream cable/software working on Windows8 64-bit laptop

    Got my Techstream (10.30.029) cable and software working on Windows8 64-bit laptop. Here's what I did. I ordered this cable/software from Amazon. Was $15 with slow boat shipping, took 2.5 weeks to get. Load this page since I used this for most of my steps, Techstream TIS VCI Installation Guide...
  13. aaronrules

    FINALLY got Techstream to work!

    I've searched, but apparently one code can mean a bunch of things. When checking my AHC, I got these two codes: C1712 C1776 I know my tire PSI sensors are messed up, which one of the codes. No biggie there. But I am finding a handful of reasons for code C1776. Does anybody have experience...
  14. Lexus Land Cruiser

    For Sale NEW! Official MongoosePro MFC (Toyota 2) OBDII USB Cable for Techstream

    Used all of twice to program C-Best features in two rigs last year. Haven't used since. Switched vehicle makes and no longer see a need for this Toyota cable. Retails for $495. Very light weight and ships easily anywhere. Shoot me a reasonable offer. Manufacturers product link: Drew Technologies
  15. dnh1

    How do I turn off ECO indicator 2016+

    Does anyone know? It's not showing on techstream but maybe I need to update. I can't figure out how to do it without techstream either.
  16. Bardiya

    In need of techstream expertise (M-OBD)

    I'm very interested in using techstream to interact with my M-OBD equipped 100 series. I've looked around and to my understanding you need 1) Techstream software 2) A 32Bit windows xp laptop 3) an adapter cable Most of my searches came up with old threads and some complicated diagnostics talk...
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