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Apr 20, 2019
I'm a regular 100-series owner in the US who paid for a 10-day Techstream license via the website. I'm on day five without registered software. Can I turn to you all since it's Christmas and a weekend and my license is ticking away while tech support is on holiday?

The email instructions I received from Toyota are pasted below. Here's what I've done so far:

1. Download for the latest official binary here then follow the obvious instructions to buy a 10-day Techstream license:

Toyota Service Information (currently under Repair/Payable Access/Diagnostic Tools/GTS Techstream menus).

2. I get a license code which I understand from all the hackers online that it needs to be exchanged for a registration key which is uniquely generated using the license, my software version, and a unique guid for my software instance.

3. Current sticking point is when I click "Software Registration" in Techstream it opens the following link in the web browser. The link appears dead. Is it blocked to my US IP address? Can anyone in the EU confirm it's working?[your unique software ID here]&versionNumber=15.20.015

4. Thanks in advance for your help! I'll update this post with the process I use to install Techstream "the right way"--if I ever get it working.

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ilham Azouzat commented:
Did you follow below steps?
Go to> Repair -> Diagnostic Tools
Download the GTS Diagnostic Software
Purchase a license for the GTS software (if you haven’t done this already)
Important: This license needs to be purchased by the userid that will activate the license, and the license needs to be activated on the computer that will be used as a diagnostic system.
Open the Techstream software and fill in the necessary information. It is very important that you set your region to Europe, and your user type to Independent Repairer.
To activate the license, click on ‘Software Registration’. On the screen that opens, click ‘Software Registration’ again. You will be taken to the TechDoc website.
On the TechDoc website, log in with the user id that purchased the license. The website will now generate an activation key. (Here you can also purchase a license now if you haven’t done so already). Copy and paste the activation key in the Techstream software next to ‘New Key’ and click on OK.
If you are still experiencing issues activating the software, please send some screenshots of the step where the issue arises.
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