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  1. jesus888

    Wanted (Atlanta, GA) FJ60 Steering Shaft

    Looking for an FJ60 Steering shaft as seen on Post #18 from this thread: Builds: Project “Where to even begin...” If you're local that's a plus... if you're not, I'll need a shipped price to 30338

    SOLD [ME] 1977 FJ40 Complete Steering Assembly

    I have a complete steering assembly from a DEC. 1977 FJ40. This was found in a shed out of the elements, so I know it’s been well preserved and appears to be in excellent condition. Includes what is shown, even has the key in the ignition! Steering wheel is in great shape, has some minor...
  3. socaloffroad

    For Sale 1969 FJ55 Steering Wheel + Column

    again guys I am relying on the community here for fair market value I dont want or expect sky high ebay prices, I just want to get what is fair for it, let me know what its worth and make an offer, this would be super hard to ship prefer local pickup 858-361-3990 Parts by socaloffroad posted...

    Even more 60 Series love...Wits' End Clamshell Upgrade

    This project started in the 80 Series side because a buddy broke his clamshell after one too many knees slamming into it. I'm starting with the 60s because I'm selfish and I want one for my 60 first before I adjust and make one for the 80s as well :flipoff2: This is going to be a steel...
  5. TravMan806

    '70 FJ40 Spectre Wire Harness issues / questions

    I am trying to resurrect a neglected FJ40. I have purchased a Spectre Offroad wire harness w/ fuse block... This wire harness came with an instruction booklet that details how to re-wire with Ford/ GM/ Mopar parts.. But, it does not detail how to re-wire with the original steering column...
  6. C

    2007 LX470 Tilt steering issue not telescoping issue.

    Hello All, New to the site but not Toyotas. I have been a Toyota fan ever since my first pickup an 87 4x4 standard cab. So now I have a '14 Tundra Limited in Sunset Bronze and a '07 LX470 in Pearl that I purchased after someone sideswiped my Limited 4Runner. So anyway you get it that I like...
  7. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale FJ80 Steering Column Cover (Clamshell) 1997

    SoCal Good shape, no broken connectors, fits together like factory made it. $95.26 including shipping to your door within US. This model is for cruise control Paypal OK
  8. fooldall1

    Write up for Replacing the Steering Column uJoints?

    Hey All: Searched the forum and didn't come up with much regarding this topic. I have some bad clunk and a lot of play/binding in my steering column. I've been chasing this steering issue for a while, but I think I finally have it nailed down to the Steering column uJoint (Upper) and...
  9. shmukster

    For Sale FJ60 steering column clamshell and visors in PA

    Selling a nice pair of visors removed from an 86 FJ60 with gray interior. Includes the pieces that the visors clip into and the six mounting screws price $44 for the pair. Also have a nice gray clamshell price $35. Buyer pays shipping. Best to email me
  10. Gordobe

    Wanted 77 compatible steering column

    Just need the tube, lower flange attachment and shaft.
  11. LCHardriver_02

    Steering Column Leak

    So I dropped the LX off at the dealer yesterday for a routine service check and oil change. The truck has 83K miles after 7 years. They found that I have a power steering leak and a leaking rack and pinion. :censor: This last one blew my mind, as this truck has been regularly serviced, minor...
  12. cruisertom

    For Sale 1983 FJ60 steering column and steering wheel

    1983 FJ60 steering column with steering wheel. Includes shaft from column to steering box. Grey in color, good but not show quality condition. Here is actual pic. $100 plus shipping.
  13. Arailt

    Steering Column Adjustment?

    Does anyone know if the steering column can be adjusted horizontally (left and right in relation to the dashboard)? I was sitting in traffic this morning and I noticed my steering column is shifted slightly towards the passenger side, leaving a larger gap between the column and dashboard on the...
  14. dnp

    Wanted FJ60 steering column clamshell

    I need an intact 60 steering column clamshell in brown. Even if you just have a good top part, that's what I need. It's my understanding the earlier clamshells are different from the later ones. Mine is a 4/85 production date. Let me know what you have. Thanks.
  15. T

    72 steering column removal and door plastic

    I'm looking to take my steering column out. Any advice on how to get it out of the gear box? Also, does anyone know where I can find those circular grey plastic covers that go over the hole near the vent window pivot?
  16. mdman

    Wanted 69-9/72 FJ40 Steering Shaft (P/N 45201-60022)

    All, I'm looking for a 69-9/72 FJ40 Steering Shaft (P/N 45201-60022). Thanks
  17. S

    Steering wheel shaking at highway speeds after new tires

    Hi folks: I just changed up to BFG KO2 285/75 R16 from the stock tire size and got them installed at America's Tire. On the way home I noticed a lot of steering shake at highway speeds! The shaking was a lot - had to drive in the slow lane. This doesn't happen when idle or at speeds below...
  18. Mark7640

    Steering column concern

    Getting ready to pull my worn steering box from my 76 for a rebuild. The end of the column near the rag joint looks a bit suspect to me. Somebody please tell me I have nothing to worry about! It looks cracked.
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