1. C

    1991 HDJ80R Pulse Speed/Cruise sender

    Hey guys, So I am right at the finishing line at restoring cruise control in my 91’ Sahara. New OEM Speedo cable, throttle cable, actuator cable, actuator and computer - has been an absolute ball ache but I’m feeling confident I’m almost home. Anyway, the final piece of the jigsaw is the...
  2. B

    Wanted 70 seris 24v gauge instrument cluster

    Hi! Im looking for an 70 series 24v instrument cluster to my project. I have an BJ75 and im going to swap an 12ht in it. The instrument cluster i have in my car is the simply one like in the firs pic. The instrument cluster i want is the one in the second pic. I live in Finland so shipping would...
  3. sunrk

    BTTF style LED GPS speedo in 80 series aka LX450

    Anyone have a GPS BTTF 'replica' speedo installed in their 80? I'm waiting for one to arrive and I'll be interested to see how it matches to the factory cable-driven speedo head. For a while there was a mob in the UK called Advent Controls making them but the info about them has vanished. I...
  4. M

    '91 Prado speedo cable (instrument cluster) removal

    Hey gang. In recent weeks my speedo cable has been making some pretty irritating squeaking noises. I know it should be fairly straight forward to get in there and either fix or replace the culprit but I haven't been into the dash at all yet. Anybody have some brilliant insight into my...
  5. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale FJ80 Speed Sensor (mounts on T Case) 1993 -1997 + speedometer

    SoCal $100 including shipping for sensor. Also cluster guages except speedometer Please message if interested or questions. Without this sensor, your speedometer will not work.
  6. Tassie KZJ78

    KZJ78 Speedo cable

    Hi All, Does anyone know if any other Toyota speedo cables are interchangeable with the prado ones? ie 60 / 75 / 80 series, hilux? Mine's completely broken, and chances of finding one here in Australia are slim... Toyota part no. is: 83710-60271 Cheers.
  7. Helocrazed

    FJ60 Speedo work on HJ60?

    Where can I find documentatiin that an FJ60 Speedometer would work with an HJ60, 24V, 2H motor? Can it even be done? Thank you for any info!
  8. ntsaint

    XFer case to Speedo housing seal (leaks)

    Got a question...have had zero luck with this on two previous attempts. I have a leak between the transfer case and speedo housing. I have gotten a new speedo housing that's machined out and double oil sealed. But I can't make this connection seal up. Get a drip from the seam. Both...
  9. SmokingRocks

    Need a picture of the back of the speedo board

    Does anyone have a photo of the resistor on the speedometer board? Its a big blue one with three bands. This is for a OBD 1 rig
  10. P

    advice for speedo not working thx

    Had my 9/1975 stock drivetrain fj40 tranny and TC rebuilt. Upon receipt of vehicle the speedo worked erratically for a short period before giving up the ghost. I had tech put in brand new speedo gear (same # of teeth that was removed...18). New speedo worked for maybe 30 miles normally. Then...
  11. Outono

    Womp / chug sound matching jumping speedo - help!

    Alright guys, need some help here. Im getting a loud womp womp / chug chug sound as my tires rotate - the speedo jumps and matches the sound. Here's a video: Untitled When the video goes dark, I put the phone next to the transmission, which is where im hearing the noise emanate from. Its more...
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