1. wklywilderness

    Overall body dimensions LJ 70 ,73

    Hey all, could someone tell me the overall exterior length (nose to tail) of an LJ 70 and an LJ 73? I'm trying to figure out if I can fit a potential new purchase in a shipping container with another vehicle... or 2. 4x4 tetris, if you will. If you have an aftermarket bumper on yours when you...
  2. roscoFJ73

    Hino diesel specs with dyno graphs

    I was looking at Hino home site ,it has a list of their various diesel engines from 4 litre to 12 litre. I thought the J05 5.1 litre 4 cyl might work in a landcruiser. All of their engines are available in a non emission certified versions. Diesel Engines | Products | HINO GLOBAL Their Dakar...
  3. mtweller

    Specks in the filter - 2nd oil change :o

    I'm a bit concerned, but we'll see what it looks like next time as well.
  4. modeststeve

    Toyota B Main Bearing Torque Specs

    Anyone out there have Main bearing torque specs for the early Toyota B engine? If I had hair I'd be pulling it out....
  5. rustyra24

    FJ40 service specs book

    Has anybody ever seen this manual before? I just picked it up.
  6. houstonfj40

    Torque specs on front and rear caliper bolts?

    Installing Terrain Tamer rotors and pads this weekend. Can anyone share the torque specs for the caliper mounting bolts front and rear? Thank you! Marc
  7. The Jade Bean

    Specs for '92 70 series?

    Figured it out! Hey all, Looking at buying this LC here in Honduras. Going to check it out in a few days. I can't find specs on it though. Anyone know where to find them online (mpgs, carry weight & towing capacity, etc.)?
  8. Tpurdin

    Wheel spec info

    Ok all been searching not finding what I want to see....... I am in the process of building up my 80, just finished up the ome suspension on my 80 now off to other things. I've hit a snag....... wheels and tires. I want to run 33 inch tires for sure. Issue is wheels I've seen most running the...
  9. Thomas Lease

    Suspension Torque Specs on 100 Series LC

    Hello all, newbie here. I recently purchased a 99 LC and will be installing the 2.5" OME lift this weekend and was hoping someone may have the torque specs handy for the front/rear shock bolts, torsions bars and any other nuts/bolts I maybe needing to torque in this process. I searched the 100...
  10. LetUsHoldFast

    RTH - 3fe Torque Specs, T-stat to block

    The water pump on my '92 (175k miles) finally gave out, so I'm replacing the thermostat while I'm in there. Thanks to @beno for the parts, super-fast shipping, and helpful advice on the project. The FSM says that the 4 bolts that hold the thermostat housing together need to be 13 ft-lbs, but...
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