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  1. B

    Passenger Side Mirror does not go up or down using the switch

    06 LX470 Ok so I've dug out all kinds of threads about power mirror issues, but cannot see any real resolution for my case below. Any ideas help would be great, please. Problem: Passenger Side Mirror does not adjust Up or Down Left to Right motion works It does go down and then back up during...
  2. jet200

    Side Mirror Set Screw Size?

    Anyone know the size of the side mirror set screw? Mine has fallen out and I need a replacement. Thanks!
  3. seth

    Early FJ40 Sideview mirrors

    One more mirror-related inquiry... I know that you can buy the OEM round mirrors from places like Specter, but they have some funky pressed shapes on the back, and they don't look like the one on my early '65 FJ40. I'm looking for the simple metal round mirror like this one, and wondering if...
  4. S

    Side Mirror Casing Spinning Free

    My entire driver side mirror is suddenly spinning. Not sure if there is a spring in there that keeps it in place but wondering if anyone has had The same issue and had to fix it.
  5. pandasfj

    For Sale fj62 driver side mirror Sold

    Have aftermarket chrome manual mirror in almost new condition. Mounted on cruiser but then went with an electric mirror instead. Mirror does not include gasket, $30 paypal friends n family plus shipping.
  6. snowcruiser

    Wanted 80 driver's side mirror green

    As it says, looking for driver's side mirror for 80. Need either complete assembly or the main bracket and post that mount to the door and the motor and glass. Preferably in green!
  7. Miha4x4

    Wanted Left Side Mirror and Right Side Window Motor for BJ74

    i am looking for Left Side Mirror and Right Side Window Motor for BJ74, must be in good working order. Please PM me what is available
  8. N

    How to remove the mirror or mechanism in the side mirror

    Here is how to remove the mirror or the mechanism. Press the glass all the way in at the top. This will open the bottom end. Gently pry the glass with a WIDE piece of wood or strong plastic rod between the two tabs shown). The glass should pop right off. Then unhook from the top (Hold the glass)
  9. shanester

    Rear vent / Side Mirror Trim Piece

    It's impossible to remove it isn't it? I tried pulling that sucker out for half an hour last night. I don't see any retaining clips or screws for it - is it part of the dash?
  10. Judh8smud

    FJ40 - What Kind of Side Mirrors Are These? Aftermarket?

    Hey y'all, quick Q for ya! Do any of you happen to know what kind of mirrors these are and where I can purchase a replacement? I have the driver's side mirror but not the passenger side. I haven't done too much digging yet but when I was doing some shopping online I didn't come across any...
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