1. J

    Best Land Cruiser Mechanics in North Florida

    Hey guys, Any recommendations for good land cruiser mechanics/shops in North Florida? I've got a 1998 100 series that needs some work with a brand new in the box supercharger ready for install, as well as gears, suspension, bar work, etc. I don't think I can do the diffs myself or the...
  2. G

    Shop advice to wire up bumper and accessories near Newark DE

    Hi I need a shop to to wire up my rear metal tech bumper, relocate camera and instal fuse/relay bank for upcoming front bumper; winch and lockers. Im in Newark DE and willing to drive for a good shop areas (PA, NJ,MD) Thanks in advance Jorge
  3. mrahc

    Land Cruiser Mechanic/Shop

    Hey everyone, new 100 owner here. Looking to start base-lining maintenance on my truck and looking for advice on a Cruiser friendly shop/mechanic in the South Coast MA area (willing to travel a bit more if it's worth it). I plan on doing as much as I can myself (within reason), but I'm no...
  4. C

    Help! Recommended mechanic/shop in Maryland?

    Can anyone recommend a good (preferably Toyota-specific) mechanic or auto shop in the Baltimore, MD area to look over my 80 series? It's a 20 year old truck, so I am trying to avoid paying dealership prices, hoping to find someone with reasonable labor rates for good work. My LX450 overheated...
  5. sigorama

    For Sale  Toyota Mechanic Shirts / Uniforms (like the ones the service techs wear)

    I have some Toyota service tech uniforms for sale. Two size large, short sleeve One size XL, short sleeve Twelve long sleeve (all XL) $45 each shipped. Or do a package deal. You can see more pics here
  6. S

    Suspension install recommendation (NorCal)

    Hi folks: I recently got the Ironman Pro Foam suspension kit and need a recommendation on a shop in Northern California that would install it. My local mechanic only does stock and didn't want to take this on especially with the diff drop kit. OR I am ready to install it myself with help (and...
  7. lumbee1

    Exhaust shop

    After only 3 years (March 2014), my high and tight tucked exhaust is looking pretty ragged. There are several issues. The surface rust is so bad that I could probably poke a hole in the pipe. The cat is so close to the shield that it bangs when out on the trail. The passenger side floor gets...
  8. S

    LX470 shop manual help

    I have recently purchased a 2000 LX and have always loved working on my cars. This will be a 3rd vehicle and help exercise my tinkering habit as well as family fun (snow, beach, and camping mainly) I cant seem to find the link to the PDF (2004 i think) that is usually passed around. If anyone...
  9. Rusty 72

    Pattern for side glass

    Does anybody have a pattern for the side glass for a 75 top. I have contacted every glass shop close to me and nobody has the pattern.
  10. EasternYeti

    Input Shaft Bearing - Shop recommendations

    I have a H55 with 30k miles that decided to eat an Input Shaft Bearing this week...incredibly irritating Given that situation, does anyone recommend a place to change the bearing in the Boston area? I'm in Franklin (close to Gillette stadium) but I commute for work Looking for a place that...
  11. HAAANK


    Late last summer I succumbed peer pressure and attempted the AC drier relocation and cracked a line.So, the other day I took my cruiser to a shop here in Tracy CA that offers free AC inspection. Among a few other items in the system loose and out of place:mad:, I notice a cap with an "L" on it...
  12. P

    Diesel Shop for IP Rebuild Recommendation, HDJ81

    Hello There! Long time lurker, first time posting. I've had a 1990 HDJ81 in California for almost a year now, and it's been a great rig. I recently had the ACSD pin shear (stupid me for not deleting it earlier) which sent a bunch of metal shavings into the IP and me chasing a couple small...
  13. P

    Shop recommendations in San Antonio, TX

    Hey all, I'm stranded 200 miles from home so a tow back is out of the question. I'm looking for a place that can drop the transmission to replace a torque converter on my 01 LX470. At first the symptoms were an occasional slipping tranny and eventually a P0770 code, so I thought the problem...
  14. LittleRedWgon

    Machine Shop and Welder in Phoenix for Manifold

    Does anyone know a good shop that can weld up my cracked Manifold? Also, I need it milled down as well. If you have any suggestions of a place in the Valley..Please let me know...and what should this cost me? I am new to the area and first timer on the manifold. Thanks!
  15. rustybucket

    List the best priced body shop or shops in your state

    Want to see which shop offers the best rates. I live south of Seattle...not a region of the country for low cost of living or low priced body shops. Go...
  16. overpaid slacker

    she's off to the paint shop

    after many years of hashing out the mechanicals with a 4bt power plant, I finally loaded up the 40 and sent her to the paint shop.
  17. Dissent

    Found Local Machine Shop for 2nd Groove Birf Mod

    I just wanted to pass on a solid local business that took care of my 2nd c-clip groove machining on my birfs for the part time mod moving to Aisin locking hubs. He doesn't do much local or walk in work, most of his work comes from accounts in Ohio but he was referred to me by @Spamcheese...

    Recommend a Body Shop in Your Area

    As the title suggests, people... Does anyone have any suggestions for Fresno, California area?
  19. Nader

    Anyone use a high school auto shop for body work?

    I'm thinking there's very little an amateur can screw up on fixing the rust on my rig. The panels are flat, and replacement sheet metal for the tricky parts are widely available. There's no interior trim or upholstery to dick with, and I'm not a stickler for deadlines, originality or...
  20. AUGuy

    Any Triad-area body shop recommendations?

    I want to get someone to grind down the luggage rack nutzerts, close the holes, and re-spray the top. Anyone have a body shop they'd recommend?
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