1. J

    MUDShip  Denver, CO to Miami,FL [Transport or Recommendations]

    Hello, Need to transport a 1971 FJ40 from Denver, Co to Miami, FL. Pick up on Friday, September 6 or 7. If anyone can help by transporting or give me any recommendation on a good transport service. Thank you!!
  2. 1987Truck22RE

    Shipping from Oregon

    I have a 1987 xtra cab in Oregon that needs to be moved to Missouri. Not having any luck with uship or the online brokers. Any suggestions?
  3. B

    MUDShip  Shipping from Colombia to the US?

    Does anybody have any recommendations on shipping a 1976 Nissan Patrol from Colombia to Dallas TX. having a tough time finding someone who will ship from Colombia. Any recommendations? Thank you!
  4. djzimms

    Wanted  Help with Delivery of Sold Item

    I had heard that there was somewhere to post to see if Mud members were traveling from one destination to another and would be willing to accept a payment to help deliver items. I have someone who wants to purchase a LX450 hood from me, but...the local Pakmail is stating over $500 from Tucson...
  5. B

    MUDShip  FJ80 (non-starting) Hamilton, Va. to Rutland, Ma

    Hi, Looking to ship a parts car from Hamilton, Va. to Rutland, Ma. The car is a non-starting FJ 80. I can be flexible on dates, but looking for April/early May delivery. Willing to work with another person in the Ma. area interested in parts to split costs. Thanks,


    Hi, Looking for a MUD member that is local to the Kennewick area of Eastern Washington. I have an FJ40 in storage there and I could really use some help. I basically need someone to meet the car hauler to facilitate loading it onto a truck. The bottomline is that I need someone trustworthy...
  7. Frkens

    Any cruiserheads from Europe?

    Hi guys, I am about to make the decision of shipping and importing my cruiser back to Denmark after my epic roadtrip. I have one worry though. How hard will it be for me to get parts. This model has not - on Danish plates - driven on Danish roads before (according to Toyota Denmark and the...
  8. T

    MUDShip  Need a 2001 4Runner hauled from Austin, TX to Indianapolis, IN

    I need a 2001 4Runner shipped from Austin, TX to Indianapolis, IN. Not in a huge rush but would obviously prefer it sooner than later. Email for quickest response.
  9. medtro

    Transport company

    Need to ship my wrecked LX450 out of state. Please let me know if you know any reliable company for this.

    For Sale  2000 LX470 nakamichi stereo 300 obo + shipping

    Like new condition, rather surprising actually, no scratches, fading or other issues. Tested the unit when I bought the truck 2 weeks ago and installed a new head unit along with the rest of the system last week, no longer have a need for this. Price negotiable and I'm more likely to take...
  11. woytovich

    For Sale  FJ40 4.75" Greasable Tri Shackles - Free Ship (SOLD)

    SOLD SOLD SOLD FJ40 Greasable Tri Shackles Heavy Duty These are slightly extended length at 4.75" The fronts had been installed and I ran the truck maybe 100 miles, the rears were never installed (One pin is still sealed in the bag) $165 shipped in the USA
  12. S

    Vendor  Recommend Auto shipping company inside the US

    Need to ship 89' LC FJ62 from Atlanta, to Maine. Any reliable companies someone can suggest? Thanks in advance.
  13. acc1

    MUDShip  KY to CA 1988 Land Cruiser

    I took a job near Yosemite National Park and am looking at shipping my 1988 FJ62 from KY to CA. I am driving another car but would like to have this there as well. Any advice or affordable carriers appreciated. Have had several trucks shipped previously but haven't used Mudship, thought I would...
  14. IronFJ55pig

    MUDShip  Looking for a shipping quote

    Looking for a shipping quote to get a 95' 4Runner from West Linn, OR to Plano, TX. Thanks. Chris (503) 332-5066.
  15. RockAuto

    Minimize Your Shipping Costs at! offers reliably low prices on auto parts for both your daily driver and classic, 24 hours a day! Unlike companies who mark up prices to cover "free" shipping, RockAuto offers reliably low prices, and adds only the actual cost of delivering your order to you. We sell over a million...
  16. SuperDuperCruizer

    For Sale  (SOLD) Toyota AM/FM Stereo Receiver 1223 ($80 + shipping)

    $80 plus shipping form zip code 20912 Toyota AM/FM Stereo Receiver 1223 This radio fits the stock opening of the '83+ model 40-series dash that included a digital clock. The price reflects the over-all condition of the radio's faceplate & metal housing. I don't have an antenna connected to...
  17. tstepp920

    For Sale  Shipping Costs

    Do you guys use an online shipping costs calculator? If so which one? I have used the one for UPS and I get absolutely ridiculous estimates.
  18. theamigo

    Ideas - Shipping hard top and ambulance doors from Utah to Washington?

    I'm not entirely sure this is the right thread for this, but... I'm ready to drive to Salt Lake City to pick this stuff up, but I'm wondering if there's a safe and easy way to have it shipped to me that doesn't involve lots of crating, packing, and general unease with 3rd party providers. Any...
  19. CruiseLanderAZ

    Bilstein 4600 shocks only $266 w/ free shipping

    New here so please forgive me if this isn't the right place to post this. Just want to share this steal of a deal!! Installed this set on my 2000 this weekend. Front = 24-027397 Rear = 24-027403 4 4600 Series Yellow Shocks with 4 Blue Shock Boots
  20. DoubleNickels

    MUDShip  WANTED: Vehicle Transport from Twin Falls, Idaho to Boise, Idaho

    Hey MUDShip, hoping someone (a vendor, an individual, anyone really) can help me out. I need to get (2) 1974 FJ55's from Twin Falls Idaho (83301) to Boise Idaho (83702), ideally sometime in the next couple weeks. The cars can roll but aren't currently running. Please let me know if anyone can...
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