1. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  SoCal FJ80 auto trans shift knob

    Nice condition. Black Rubber, not leather, you will reuse your existing wiring wit overdrive button to save yourself from a massive amount of unnecessary work. . Small crack at bottom where it cant be seen.
  2. R

    Wanted  1967 FJ40 Transfer Case High/Low Shift Linkage

    Hello, I am looking for a linkage member for my 1967 FJ40. I have the original dash mounted, vacuum-assist 4wd, but the link I have, (shown below) I believe is for a 4-speed and is about 2-3” too long. I am hoping to avoid cutting this down and rewelding it to the correct size, so please let me...
  3. Tonto18

    Vibration/Shudder @ 1750 rpms; lurch going from stop into first

    89 FJ62 automatic. When accelerating in first, have strong vibration/shudder at about 1750-1800 rpms. Whole truck and especially the steering column shakes, then smooths out after about 1800. No other gears do this. Also, when at a stop, when transmission drops into first there's a bit of...
  4. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  Floor shifter for A440 FJ80 1992 Land Cruiser

    SoCal 1-2-3-D Complete floor unit, I can provide the console as well if you would like it! $100 + shipping. Console $40
  5. bubfuji

    For Sale  FJ62 Transfer Case lever

    Selling this T-Case Lever from an FJ62 Sleeved brass bushings added to the shift points no rubber bushings needed, works really well $60.00 + whatever shipping Please PM
  6. J

    FJ40 Transfer Shift Lever

    I had the trans and t-case rebuilt on my 5/1977 FJ40. Upon reassemble I am finding that the transfer case shift lever does not clear the shift guide bracket when attempting to put it in neutral and L4. I can disconnect the shaft from the linkage and manually move the t-case through all...
  7. Jonbdawg

    91 fj80 2nd gear deceleration issue

    Hey guys, I have a 91 fj80 that shifts perfectly through acceleration. The issue is in 2nd gear and letting off the gas pedal, I have a hard shift/clunking noise. This is the only time it happens and only if in 2nd gear and release of Gas does it happen. Any thoughts or help will be greatly...
  8. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  ECU, Shift Control, ABS, Window, Door Lock Controller Modules

    FJ80 Only for Years 1991 - 1994 and 1995 - 1997. ECUs are for 1993 and 1994, Also ECU for 1995 - 1997 ABS controllers for 91-92, 93 - 97 Power Window Controllers for 91 - 97 Power Door Lock Controllers for 91 - 97 Tailgate Lock Modules 91 - 97 Shift Controller for 93 - 94 Only It will help...
  9. wngrog

    For Sale  Floor Shift tranny cover

    out of a 73 part out. Completely restorable. Blast and paint. $50 shipped
  10. D

    1994 Land crusier won't shift from drive to first

    I have read countless threads and still can't figure out how to fix my problem. 1994 land cruiser when put into drive, won't down shift to first, just try's to start out in drive, I can manually shift to 1st then 2nd then 3rd and it works great, and then mashing on the throttle it won't down...
  11. T

    Slightly hard torque converter unlock?

    Hi all, been reading this forum for a while but finally made an account to post. I have a 2000 LC and noticed that when cruising on the highway in o/d (4th gear) with the torque converter locked and I give it a bit of throttle the unlock of the torque converter is a bit harsh, nothing crazy just...
  12. tgell001

    1st gen 4runner shift issue after crossmember install

    1986 4runner Automatic Installed a budbuilt crossmember that didn't exactly fit correctly, so he shipped me spacers and it required 2 to remove the interference with the bottom of the case. Now, I'm stuck in 4WH and the shifter but it into 2WH or 4WL. The shifter moves but feels as if its...
  13. S

    64 fj45 3-speed shift linkage

    Hello from a new member here. Trying to put together a basket case fj and need some help with how the shift linkages connect. If anyone has some pictures it would be greatly appreciated
  14. NYIronPig

    Wanted  4 Speed Glove Box Shift Plate

    Swapping the 3-speed for a 4-speed in my FJ40. Want to also swap the glove box shift place for the one that matches the new trans. Anyone have one?
  15. rusmannx

    hard to shift + whirring noise

    UPDATE: April 22, 2017 There is a video a few posts below, showing off the sounds this thing makes. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ORIGINAL: Before my buddy tucked his 73' 40 away for winter, he one day suddenly had difficulty shifting...
  16. Nixon481

    Wanted  Looking for oem direct 3-speed shift instruction plate for glove box door, Portland OR

    Anyone have an original direct 3 speed instruction plate that mounts to the glovebox door? I know reproductions exist but I'd like to keep it all original. Thanks.
  17. bmw635

    P0773 shift solenoid E

    Trying to trouble shoot this P0773 issue in my 80 since rebuit my engine couple yrs ago. Replaced solenoid #3 (#35250-50030) and confirmed that it's dead. Pull battery to clear everything , no code in ODBII. Go for a drive until trans is hot, ODBII read P0773 but no CEL. Some time CEL pop...
  18. DieselFJ

    Wanted  H2/H4 Split Transfer Case Shift Fork

    I am converting a vacuum actuated split transfer case to manual shift and I need a shift fork. Thanks Scott
  19. 65swb45

    For Sale  Prototype 4speed column shift, CA

    Getting real with myself about what I want to do with Mark's Off Road over the next couple of decades I just don't see myself bringing this rare adapter to market. I've watched the thread on it get bumped years after year, but I just never got around to finding someone with the tooling to make a...
  20. tucker74

    For Sale  H55 shift plate for twin stick setup -

    Ordered this by mistake since I've got the factory xfer shift pattern, been sitting in my garage for years. This is the original AATLAS etched plate, not the newer printed. $30 shipped.
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