1. D

    How to replace shackles

    After a painful process that took much longer than expected (that never happens) we finally replaced the shackles on our 1967 FJ40 with a 2.5 inch lift. Now that I know how to do it I though I would share the process that we used. Much of what we did came from various contributors on this...
  2. kauaicruiser

    Disintegrating Spring Brackets/Shackles

    Aloha everyone, My tRusted 86' 60 has finally reached the next maintenance marker however I don't have much experience with suspension. Im looking to do a basic but worthwhile fix. I have a few questions- If this hanger was to detach at speed how messy would it be--say at 45mph? Silly...
  3. Witzer78

    Hell For Stout Shackles for Pigs

    I purchased some greaseable HFS shackles from CCOT. In their description they state they fit my year. They bolted on fine, however there is a small gap between the shackle and the bushing. In their description it advises not to over tighten to fit. I am wondering if this is what they are...
  4. T

    OME heavy kit refurb - anyone with measurements?

    Recently bought hj60 and the rear springs were so saggy I know I had to do something to them to get the car tested/mot/whatsoever. Found a used ome kit locally in ok condition and bought it. Now when I havent yet installed the springs to the car I thought it might be a good time to do a small...
  5. cc93cruiser

    Wanted  2.5" FJ40 Rear shackles

    As title states looking for a tiny bit more lift for rear on 1971 40.. Looking for rear only 2.5" shackles...Thanks
  6. Greasyfingers

    Wanted  Shackles

    wanted tri-shackles that have OEM size bolts , and OEM pin to pin dimensions that fit OEM bushings. Used or new. Also greasable fit a 1979 fj40. Don't tell me to go to SOR as they fxxxed me by sending me pins and shackles that We're a larger size AFTER I told them my bushings and...
  7. woytovich

    For Sale  FJ40 4.75" Greasable Tri Shackles - Free Ship (SOLD)

    SOLD SOLD SOLD FJ40 Greasable Tri Shackles Heavy Duty These are slightly extended length at 4.75" The fronts had been installed and I ran the truck maybe 100 miles, the rears were never installed (One pin is still sealed in the bag) $165 shipped in the USA
  8. Marleyws

    Greasable vs non shackles and pins

    Can someone explain the pros and cons of greasable vs non greasable shackles and pins? Im looking to buy a full set for my build and don't know what to buy. 1970 fj40 keeping it mostly stock with front disk don't really want any lift its gonna be kept on the road mostly with light camping/off...
  9. cims1970fj40

    Wanted  downey 1 1/2 overstock shackles

    Looking fir a pair of old downey shackles 1 1/2 inches overstock. Attached are some pictures of what im looking for.
  10. Marleyws

    Wanted  Fj40 factory shackles and leaf pins

    iso factory shackles and leaf pins for my 70 rebuild shoot me some pictures and prices if you have some
  11. Jarhead0802

    Saginaw gear box clearance issue with greasable shackles

    While correcting one of the many short-cut modification done by the previous owner, I noticed that the Saginaw power steering box frame placement seems a bit off i.e., top greasable shackle is blocked by the steering box. On my last rig, I installed a mini-truck steering box so my Saginaw...
  12. LCunderhill

    For Sale  OME shackles and Pins

    SOLD @LorainetheFJ62 Hey everyone, I have a set of 4 old man emu (OME) medium lift greasable shackles and 4 shackle pins from my FJ62. They were installed on the truck about a year ago, the only reason I replace them was because they lost some of their yellow zinc finish. The measure 3.5"...
  13. HemiAlex

    Wanted  OME GS1 and GS2 shackles for a 60 series

    Looking to buy new but not opposed to a used set.
  14. O

    Noob FJ60 shackles questions

    so im currently in the process of bringing a fj60 back to life for my little brother and the PO had done a homemade SOA conversions that was sketchy to say the least. I have a parts truck that I yanked the springs and diff from all together and my plan is to buy some taller shackles and swap the...
  15. HemiAlex

    Length of OME shackles F to R

    When you order OME greaseable shackles, are they the same length front to rear?
  16. psulick3

    For Sale  Terrain Tamer Shackles for FJ60 $100

    I have a set of Terrain Tamer anti-inversion shackles for an '84 FJ60. They are new and unused and feature greasable bolts. They are stock height but are much beafier than stock. $100 buyer pays shipping from Northern Virginia.
  17. John Alderman

    Introduction and Suspension Help

    I've been an FJ62 owner for the past 4-5 years and I recently bought an FJ40. I quickly realized that I've ventured into a whole new world. First task at hand is the suspension. I am a mechanical novice so please be gentle. My 40 sits uneven with the front being higher than the back. I'd...
  18. IDBJ

    Extended shackles need new struts, which height are people using?

    I just picked up 6" rear shackles and 5.5" front shackles for my 1971 Fj40. Judging by what I've read in other posts people have used the same shackles with 2-4" extended struts. I'm going to order the 5100 Bilstein's but need advice whether to order the 0-2" or the 4" struts..... Once these are...
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