1. Spino

    How to chase a steering clunk

    Hey all. My ‘84 FJ60 makes a clunking noise when the wheel is turned to either side. Happens while stopped and while moving. Also occurs regardless of 2WD vs 4WD. It seems this is a fairly common issue. I’d love some guidance in how I should go about chasing this noise. For starters, this truck...
  2. 64Rotorhead

    Shackle angle settling

    Yes I know, many threads exist but most all I find are in regard to inches of spring settle, and not how that relates to the shackle angle. A loaded question I realize but just wondering if anyone had kept track of this during and after their build. Obviously it would vary with different...
  3. 64Rotorhead

    Alcan Springs ⅝" bolt?

    Not sure if this is really hardcore or not but here it is. I'm SOA with Alcan FJ60 length springs, flipped for WB, which have the free arch relaxed, in the rear of my 40. I was told the Alcans would use ⅝" bolts. They just seem to fit fairly loose, I expected a much tighter fit. I used...
  4. Witzer78

    Hell For Stout Shackles for Pigs

    I purchased some greaseable HFS shackles from CCOT. In their description they state they fit my year. They bolted on fine, however there is a small gap between the shackle and the bushing. In their description it advises not to over tighten to fit. I am wondering if this is what they are...
  5. rc51kid

    Soft shackle with hilift?

    I was thinking of getting a soft shckle to use with my sliders. I figure it would work well going around the sliders if I ever needed to use them as a recovery point. But what I started thinking is it would also make a nice point for lifting with a hilift. The soft shackle around the slider then...
  6. FJ60Seth

    SOLD  Stock FJ60 Spring Plates & More

    These were removed from my 1983 FJ60 when I installed a u-bolt flip kit and rear anti-inversion shackles. The truck has always lived in the dry southwest so only surface rust. Everything in the picture is included. The rubber in the isolators is still good. The threads on one of the u-bolts is...
  7. Rock40

    Old Man Emu Shackle Length Question for install, need some help

    OK, I'm beginning the OME install on a 66' FJ40. It would appear that the OME shackles have somewhat changed recently as they are no longer just triangular in shape for the "anti-inversion" feature. OME is great, but the directions as we all know completely stink. This 2.5" kit has two...
  8. woytovich

    Welding up greasable shackle pins?

    Would it compromise the strength of a greasable shackle pin (new) if I were to (gently) weld closed the holes for the zerk and in the pin? If I cannot find suitable plugs that I can use to replace the zerks when I am wheeling (I keep knocking them off on the rocks) I would like to find another...
  9. cims1970fj40

    1 1/2 inch over stock shackle

    Does anyone recognize these shackles? My dad bought them years ago and doesnt remember where he bought them. I need a set for the rear. Also we thought they were from cool cruisers but are a little different. Thanks
  10. woytovich

    Source for solid 18mm shackle bolts?

    Looking to replace the greasable pins in my anti-inversion shackles with solid pins. I'd really like the kind that shoulder against the inside of the shackle to prevent over tightening but I'll take straight bolts (that would use Nylock nuts) I found some at Fastenal that that might work but...
  11. White Stripe

    Stock shackle angle?

    Can someone with a stock fj60 or 62 please measure the angle of the rear shackles at ride height with stock springs please?
  12. J

    Shackle Extensions

    Is there any issues that will arise from extending the shackles on my FJ60 by 2"? I am looking at extending the front 2" inches and adding a leaf in the rear springs because they are totally flat. Any thoughts from the experts?
  13. cartercd

    DIY soft shackle

    I thought I'd make some soft shackles as a lightweight (and less deadly) alternative to my 3/4" screw pin shackles. There are advantages and disadvantages to soft shackles that I won't address here, but they are another tool in the box. Here we go: 1. Read the articles on (a...
  14. Guu

    Shackle spigot

    What is a shackle spigot?
  15. logic2

    FJ55 Shackle Lift Question

    Objective: I would like to install a 2"-3" Shackle Lift on my Pig. I have a bone stock FJ55 Survivor and I'd like to keep it relatively stock (within reason).... I installed 33x10.50s this week which fit great for "street use" but I'd like to do a shackle lift so there won't be issues with the...
  16. cahoove7

    Shackle reversal rear shackle hanger placement

    Hi all, We bought a man-a-fre shackle reversal kit. In the instructions it says the holes center to center should be 42 1/8" unless you want to move it closer for a softer ride. My dad and I are new to working with leaf springs so don't know much about how to adjust ride quality and shackle...
  17. nmcbride89

    FJ62 OME Greasable Pin Replacement

    I noticed from the get-go that my FJ62 sits higher than stock, but the PO did not mention any sort of lift being on the truck. I haven't quite had it for a month, so I am still working out what is normal/factory for these vehicles. Anyway, after looking at my suspension, it appears to be an...
  18. J

    OME Poly Buhings

    I'm installing OME SB30 bushings, leaf springs and shackles on my 1977 FJ40. The shackle instructions state to "install OME polyurethane bushes (greased) in hanger and spring eyes". The bushing instructions state to "grease all bush surfaces which are designed to pivot(ie internal bore and...
  19. OffRoad911

    HELP! Broken Leaf Spring / Shackle or Shock?

    Can someone please look at the images below, observe the distance between tyre and the wheel arch on both sides and also observe the rear shackle element. There is something wrong but I don't know what. Can someone please help?
  20. chuckost

    Shackle angle match?

    Just had the bushings and shackles replaced. I don't remember the angle of the shackles not matching. Is this correct?
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