1. onedownfiveup

    Spark Plugs with Oil

    2008 LC. So I'm just over 100k in miles and took to the shop for routine maintenance. Oil change, differential fluids changed, fuel system cleaning, spark plugs replaced. When they pulled the plugs they told me that the plugs had oil on the threads, especially 1 and 8. He showed me the plugs...
  2. Crunkenstien

    Help pulling an engine and putting it back?

    Going to be home at my parents for Christmas and would like to replace the seals and gaskets in my 2f engine (she done sprung a leak). Neither me or my dad have pulled an engine before. We would super appreciate it if anyone would be willing to come lend a hand. Thanks, Andrew
  3. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  FJ80 Running Board Rubber step runners and end pieces - both sides

    SoCal Shipping extra Running board rubber (the rubber part you step on) (Black) that runs length of running board $20 per side Running Board end caps (called running board seals or whatever you want to call them $20 to $35 each. Running Board metal supports $16 each Please send personal...
  4. W

    Door and window seals

    where can I find quality, new window and door seals for my '87 FJ60? Looking into getting the whole truck repainted and was hoping to replace all of he seals while it was apart…all and any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  5. MMTB

    Wanted  FJ55 Tail light Seals - NOS or New Repros

    Please contact me if you have a pair of NOS (or very good reproduction) rubber seals for the early 70's style FJ55 tail lights. Slocruisers are out of stock :( Thanks
  6. Darkdragon

    seals and gaskets

    quick question does a complete engine gasket and seal kit exist? specifically for a 95 fzj80. thanks!
  7. P

    KZJ-78 Front Brakes & Swivel Hub Seals

    Hi All, Was just wanting to do my KZJ78 swivel hubs and brakes and was looking for an online manual or images on how to pull everything apart. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  8. L

    For Sale  Toyota Landcruiser door seals

    HK/FJ door seals after market. Came out of Australia. 'Rate spares' New. Fits 69'- 88' see pic for clarification. I'm on Vancouver island. Ask is 250$ for pair. Leave number of serious. No endless emails. Won't disappoint. Bought for a project 45 series. Truck sold without.
  9. Pommy

    Help required with SWB 40 seals

    Hi all, Just looking for help with regards to SWB seals I.e both windscreen seals, lower cab seal and roof seal etc. I would like to know what the genuine ones look like, how they attach and where they have holes etc. I've been looking all over the net on parts sites etc but it's hard to get...
  10. RedJed78

    Replacing Rear Axle Bearing and Seals

    Does anybody know where I can find a Video on how to remove the rear axles so I can replace the bearings and seals? I have done the front bearings and seals and knuckle bearings already, plenty of videos on the front but not the rear. I looked on youtube but its either the wrong series of LC or...
  11. Cleg

    2F Manifold seals - What goes here?

    The Toyota parts diagrams appear to list 2 parts that seal the joints of the 3 piece exhaust manifold for the 2F. Ring gaskets for 2F 3 pc manifold 17151-61010 Gasket springs for 2F 3 pc manifold 17152-61010 I see 2 parts that look like small piston rings in grooves of the end...
  12. robertbruce

    timing case/ oil pump seal leaking, remove head?

    we have the timing case/oilpump seal leaking on the HJ60 AM/MVturbo and i cant quite recce my manual as to whether the head has to come off? For clarity, this is the rear timing case seal and the manual section ends at the end of the timing gear removal with the case appearing in a different---...
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