1. J

    SOLD  Flares rubber gasket new lx450 80 series

    Flares gasket new Never used, since I went flareless bought from a vendor here summit cruiser 30 shipped
  2. D

    1hz rear main seal housing looks incorrect/offset.

    Hi all, I'm doing a rear main seal on my 1hz, but seal housing looks incorrect, (see pics, can see gap at top) motor is second hand and has leaked from word go. Was wondering if 1hdt and 1hz have differences in crank or bearings causing 1hz crank to sit lower. If so i will order correct housing...
  3. RTP

    Wanted  1976 passenger side hardtop window rubber seal

    Hello looking for a nice rubber seal. i have the glass but the rubber seal is not the greatest. I am sure other years will work, as long as they have the larger full window like the 1976
  4. D

    SOLD  Atlanta - Hood to cowl seal - FJ62

    Used hood to cowl seal from 1989 FJ62 - used, cleaned, and coated with dielectric grease - in good condition, but without clips. $40 OBO + shipping. PM if interested. -
  5. Paraglider

    input/output shaft seal size

    Hi, I had a h55f tranny swapped for my 4-speed but the e-brake drum behind the t-case was reinstalled (I was told 60 series didn't have that drum behind the t-case). I have a slight leak of t-case oil between the sleeve that bolts onto the t-case and the backing plate. I assume it's coming...
  6. J

    Air Cleaner Refurb/Seals

    I’m finishing refurbishing my 1977 FJ40 OEM air cleaner. All seals are no longer available from Toyota. I did some searching and found that most people address the seal around the edge of the air cleaner cover with little mention of the seals on the top and bottom of the filter itself. To me it...
  7. HDJdreams

    Transfer case - Transmission seal?

    I just pulled my transfer-case out of my 97 to get gears and rebuilt. I was wondering if the seal around the transmission output shaft can be replaced without disassembly of transmission? Is it simply a press in seal? Thanks!
  8. Fuentesfranko

    Being efficient with mechanic work

    Hi! My FJ40 has a oil leak and I am told by my mechanic that my 73' FJ40 needs a rear main seal and that the transmission needs to come off. My question is: What are some non-expensive things I can do during this process? As in what gaskets, seals, etc, would be good to replace or what are...
  9. bubfuji

    SOLD  FJ60, FJ62 windshield seal, gasket

    FJ60/62 windshield gasket, seal Toyota factory part. Never installed. $50.00 +whatever shipping Please PM if interested
  10. M

    H41 input shaft seal

    I need to find this seal locally if possible, it's the seal inside the input shaft housing on an H41/42 (right behind the throw out bearing). Anyone have a part number that Napa would be able to reference?
  11. BJ74PE

    13BT seal replacement

    Hey there, Ever since I own my BJ74, it has lost a couple drops of engine oil. It wasn't that noticeable at until the last couple of years when a 2-drop pattern as if the leakage came from both rear corners of the oil pan took shape. After cleaning, I came to realize the leak might come from...
  12. Living in the Past

    Hilux axle seal

    I have a trailer made from a 72-75 Hilux going by the tail lights. One of the axle seals has started to leak. Besides the seal are they any other gaskets I'm going to need? Will I need to press the bearing off to replace the seal? I'm also thinking about pulling the ring gear and flipping the...
  13. Charles4x4

    A/C Compressor Seal Leak?

    Just got a 4Runner from TX over the weekend. The PO told me I needed to recharge my '87s A/C system with R12 and it'd be good to go. Bought R12a on Amazon and went to work. The system held pressure but I could hear some hissing. A/C finally blew cold, but wasn't freezing as I was expecting...
  14. MPTank

    Oil pan seal redone....still leaking??

    Hello I purchased a 97 lx450 a few months ago with all the normal oil leaks. Thanks to Mud I was able to fix all but one last leak. The last one was the oil pan arch /rear main seal leak. Oil was on the bell housing. Thinking the oil pan arch was the cause of the leak, I went that route to see...
  15. A

    Cam/Crank Seal Wisdom?

    Getting ready to do my second timing belt job and planning on replacing the cam and crank seals. They aren't leaking, but I think it's prudent preventative maintenance. Does anyone have any tips or suggestions on installing the seals? Is a large socket and a hammer the right way to get...
  16. E

    Leaking crank seal

    So I am just in need of a bit of advice. A month ago I replaced the timing belt/WP cam/crank seals etc....Well I have developed a nice little oil leak from the passenger cam seal. I am wondering how far I need to take this thing apart again to get to that seal. Am I crazy in thinking that once I...
  17. S

    For Sale  FJ 40 Windshield Frame Seal

    For sale I have the rubber seal between the windscreen frame and the body. My new one cost me a small fortune and thend found this in one of the parts vehicles I picked up. It HAS been fitted at some point but it has no damage and is not perished. A quick clean with some detail spray and it will...
  18. DuckLN

    Rubber seal under hood near windshield

    Mine (see photo of passenger side) is in no way connected to the vehicle. Gravity holds it in place while i shut the hood but there appears to be several places where some form of a connector would be used? Can i either buy the connectors or order a new seal? Anyone able to find a part number...
  19. bruegge

    FJ60 window seal sourcing.

    Hi all, I'm trying to button up a restoration on my '85 FJ60 and was wondering if anybody has a source for window seals without the metal strip in the middle. I can find the windshield, but not the cargo seals. Any ideas? Thank you, Ray
  20. thebus

    Wanted  1993 fzj80 sunroof glass and seal

    Looking to buy glass and seal please let me know asap...I broke mine by having my butt touch it... located in NJ will pay for shipping
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