1. sunrk

    Rusted bolts continue to plague me!

    Rusted bolts continue to plague me! I'm fitting an outback accessories (made here in oz) rear bar and twin wheel carrier and the side wings each have a bracket bolting to the rear-mount support point of a standard towing fixture. In my 80's case it's got a standard hayman reese one that's...
  2. C

    2000 LX470 - Rust Question

    I'm looking at a 2000 LX 470. Was about to commit to buying but asked for pictures of the underside of vehicle. I'm not sure if I should be worried about this? Thoughts? Should I purchase and feel okay about this amount of rust? How much would it cost to have it blasted and coated?
  3. Phot0

    Hi There, New to the Forums

    Hello! I recently bought my 76 FJ40 last week, it's a bit rough (I Live on an island, so theres a lot of rust) I Previously owned an FJ60, but sold it 4 years ago (Still regret it) So, I Bought this FJ as a project, but now i'm a little intimidated by the amount of work that I Got in front of...
  4. P

    2002 LC for $6700 what's the catch?...PICs

    Not sure if anyone has posted this car yet. Was hunting on Autotrader when I came across this 2002 LC for $6700 (edit: They lowered the price to $6399) Before I even looked at the location, I browsed the pics. It looked really clean! Oddly underpriced and it was being sold via a Toyota...
  5. The Beej

    Rear Leaf Spring Perches and Frame Plates Rusted Out...

    I'm relatively new Landcrusier owner. I'm learning about the wonderful world of rolling restoration, maintenance and stuffing mitts full of $100 bills into my BJ to fix things. Still love it. Just installed an OME suspension system and now see that my 81 BJ42 frame plates where my rear spring...
  6. R

    Other than a rusted pos, what is this?

    Thumbed through the manual and didn't really see anything that stood out, so I figured y'all would know right off. On the drivers side of the rear diff:
  7. mechanist


    My white '93 FZJ80 has given me a hell of a time. I took it in most recently for a rough idle. Plugs and wires were replaced, but did nothing to cure the stumbling idle. I was told they needed to troubleshoot the wiring harness wire by wire, and send the injectors out for testing - either that...
  8. AncientCityFJ60

    Wheel locked. Help!

    So my 87 Fj60 had an encounter with some salty flood waters a little while back...and due to a combination of weather, work, and just a lack of time hasn't been driven for about a month. Long story short I went to take her for a drive today and the drivers side rear wheel will not move at all...
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