1. mrjordann

    Are these rubber bumperettes for a 40-series?

    Hi, I found these rubber bumper things on ebay. I've never seen them before, does anyone have these or have a picture of them installed? Do they replace the metal bumperettes, or bolt over them? Thanks in advance for your help!
  2. rj95lss

    Factory Rubber Floormats anyone??? (RHD)

    So @beno needs a few more of us on his list so make an order for factory RHD floor mats. Who's interested? I've been trying to get a set for months now!!!
  3. 04gto

    craigslist  100 series. All weather floor mats.

    I saw these very nice all weather floor mats on Craigslist, thought somebody on here might want them. If they were tan or brown I would buy them myself. Lexus LX 470 original rubber floor mats
  4. I

    Door window scraping sound against rubber gasket/weather stripping

    Hello everyone, I already did a google search on this subject and a IH8mud search here. Did not find much. So please bear with me. When I raise and lower my drivers side front door window, I get a horrific sound, scraping sound like someone scratching their fingernails against a chalkboard, but...
  5. greenbeast

    Where can I source rubber grommets?

    Anyone have any idea where I can source the rubber grimmest for the firewall for the project?
  6. Beej

    For Sale  Castor correction bushings TJM Rubber for 80 series

    Hi - I've got a set of 4 rubber castor correction bushings for sale. Brand new from TJM. TJM castor correction by Beej posted Apr 14, 2017 at 1:58 PM $90 shipped CONUS -- Beej
  7. RFB

    Rubber fender flares/flaps

    Any ideas where i can score fender flaps rubber flares. not sure of the name, but i dawned on me due to roll cage in rear i cannot fit regular flares, need the type the aussies use. anyone? Like the ones on this fj /
  8. M

    18x8.5 +10: Widest Rubber That Will Clear?

    Looking to run the Enkei ST6 in 18 x 8.5 (+10 offset). Any thoughts on largest rubber I can clear? Originally wanted to go with a 315 but realize that just might not be in the cards given the offset... Lift will be OME 2.5 inch or equivalent. Here's a link to the wheels: ST6 | Enkei Wheels
  9. bringemback

    1967 FJ40 Rear Corner Window Rubber

    This is my first post. Actually my second. I posted this is the regular forum section and decided it may belong in this section. I am in the process of purchasing a 67 fj40 that needs some help. I've been doing some preliminary searches for parts, etc. One of the things that I will want to do...
  10. BigRiggs

    Factory weld under the rubber on steering shaft 1987?

    I took the steering shaft off my 87 to grease the telescoping splines in an effort to get rid of the steering clunk like so many threads mention and since later FJ60's do not have the grease zerk. I removed it at the steering gearbox end and there is a rubber boot that covers where the shaft...
  11. Tancruiser

    Parting Out  Free Lv wing window rubber

    One usable one just a bit better than nothing included are the tail light gaskets pay the freight and there yours
  12. 88Retired62

    FJ60 vs. FJ62 Outside Door Window Rubber Weatherstrip Belts

    I know this subject has been discussed in the past but can't find the post. Can I replace my FJ62 chrome rubber outside (front/rear) door moldings with the black FL60 moldings. Commonly called outside moldings, weatherstrips or belts it's the outside squeegee type rubber at the bottom of the...
  13. DuckLN

    Rubber seal under hood near windshield

    Mine (see photo of passenger side) is in no way connected to the vehicle. Gravity holds it in place while i shut the hood but there appears to be several places where some form of a connector would be used? Can i either buy the connectors or order a new seal? Anyone able to find a part number...
  14. P

    Body rubber kit

    Getting ready to paint Maynard my pig and looking for rubber gasket kit for all of Pig, suggestions?
  15. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  FJ80 Windshield Gasket Rubber in XLNT condition + Windshield

    SoCal AVAILABLE AS OF 7/8/17 Gasket $50 firm + shipping at actual cost from 91780. Toyota Part # 56121-60100 fits all FJ80s without chrome windshield trim. Windshield $50 firm NO SHIPPING. Paypal OK. The rubber gasket is not for chrome moldings. The rubber is soft and pliable, no cuts or...
  16. mechanist

    Tailgate bump stop? Little round rubber piece...

    I have no idea what this is called and couldn't find anything similar in search, Lowe's, HD, Autozone, Napa, or Oreilly. It's small. It's round. It's rubber. Does anyone know the part number for this little guy?
  17. S

    Rubber hood stoppers

    ello all, Does anyone know the size (dimensions) of the rubber hood stoppers. I need a couple but after seeing the prices for some used cracked ones , I thought maybe I might check other options. Thanks
  18. seventysixers

    For Sale  (UT)New CCOT fuel filler neck and rubber hose

    SOLD CCOT fuel filler neck and hose Paid 49.99 will take 30$ plus shipping
  19. Kief

    NOS window rubber getting sticky...

    So I purchased some window rubber years ago and it's still in the original packaging. I checked on it and most of it is still powdery but one piece is sticky, it may be 1960's or 70's stock but I suppose it's just on its way out, any ideas on proper treatment?
  20. cruiserkreutz

    Seat Back Rubber Bumper

    Anyone have a source for these little buggers?
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