1. R

    Need some Advice Advics or Power Stop on Stock Rotors

    Hi All I wanted to know if someone had any suggestions or advice regarding installing rear brake pads I was looking into Power Stop Z 23 vs Z 36 or ADVICS AD0773. Any suggestions on how they perform on stock rotors and do they cause warpage. Also is Z 36 worth the upgrade over Z 23 I do not tow...
  2. R

    SOLD  Long Beach, CA: 80 series front axles, birfs, spindles, hubs, rotors

    Replaced all the parts you see in my truck with brand new stuff. I'm not wheeling and I don't have space to store so I figure it should go to a member who can put them to use as trail spares or re-condition them before putting them in their rig. The part that looks the worst is the driver side...
  3. Drake2

    1st RockAuto Order (Front Calipers & Rotors)

    Well, I placed my 1st RockAuto order. Picked up a set of loaded calipers and rotors for the 1980 FJ40 front axle rebuild. The rotors have the partial GCX corrosion coating and the calipers come with the gold colored corrosion coating and ceramic pads. I will update this post with actual pics...
  4. Mellim

    KZJ78 Front Brakes & Rotors (VIDEO)

    1996 Land Cruiser KJZ78 with electric hubs Replacing front brakes and rotors
  5. Celt Horseman

    Bigger tires; bigger rotors?

    So, I am looking at putting 35's on my 09 LC here in the near future and figure at that time I will also re-gear it. Thinking 4:56 or there about. But I was also thinking being able to stop would be nice. For those with 35's did you get bigger or vented rotors to help with stopping?
  6. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  FJ80 Brake Calipers, Rotors, Back Plates, hubs, spindles, knuckles

    SoCal FRONT ONLY FRONT ONLY FRONT ONLY Please specify year of your FJ80 since 91-92 uses a different system. Also have axle housings, steering arms, etc. Prices range from $40 to $125
  7. Vavrinyuk

    STOPTECH or Brembo Rotors

    Anyone here used the STOPTECH drilled/slotted rotors OR Brembo regular rotors none slotted/drilled Like to hear your guys thoughts on these rotor options. Thanks!
  8. G

    Trustworthy service in Jacksonville, FL area

    Hello all, I am looking for a trustworthy service shop in the Jacksonville, Florida area. My vehicle is a 2006 LX 470, and I want to have the front hubs, CV, brakes (rotors, pads, fluid) fully serviced. I typically do this stuff myself, but just don't have the time right now. I am going to...
  9. Shedkept

    Brake Rotor Issues

    I have a 2016 Land Cruiser that experienced brake pulsing not felt through the pedal. While driving it on the interstate brakes are used to maintain intervals with traffic. This is when the whole vehicle would vibrate under a light load on the pedal. It was noticeable in the seat of the pants...
  10. josh87

    Seperating rotors from hub assembly

    Quick question: I ordered some new rotors for my 1998 HZJ75. I am currently at the stage that I have removed everything, but I have no clue how to separate the current disc from the hub. I have the 6 lug nut version and there are no additional bolts or threaded holes foreseen in my current set...
  11. N

    FZJ80 Slip On Front Rotors?

    Has anyone been able to make slip on front rotors work on a FZJ80? or does anyone have a kit? FROR has a kit for the 79-84 pickup/4runner axle, but nothing for the FZJ80. I asked them if they were going to make a kit for it, they said they were looking at it and to stay tuned, but that was a...
  12. Webster77

    91 HDJ81 brake rotors and pads

    I've searched on here and found s few threads, but nothing definitive. What are my options for pads and rotors for the 91'HDJ81. I've read that the pads are compatible with US based FJ80's. What about front and rear rotors? Thanks for any help!
  13. CruiserDog

    Bosch Pads and Rotors Review- 100 series/LX470

    * THE DECISION PROCESS AND INSTALL REVIEW -I bought my 2006 Lx470 with 140,000 miles and the brakes felt like they have been on there for as long as it has been driving. The brake pads where almost down to the metal and the rotors were as wavy as the mint 400 race course. -I was faced with...
  14. K

    SOLD  Sold locally

    I purchased from performance brakes for the front of my 1994 FZJ 80. I never got a chance to install them. Two premium black dimpled and slotted front rotors with premium metallic pads. Cost alittle over $200 brand new. Selling for $150 plus shipping. They are heavy so I prefer local pickup in...
  15. RLMS

    Red Line Drilled and Slotted Landcruiser Rotors 8/80-1/90 40/60/70 Series

    Trying to find a factory fit brake upgrade for the front of our beloved cruisers with out breaking the bank has been impossible, until now. We just got some of these in. 198$ for the pair with semi-mettalic pads! You searched for rotors - Red Line Land Cruisers Justin
  16. L

    For Sale  FF: Front Rotors and Pads - less than 10k miles

    Free to a good home - you pay shipping from 24014. Swapped out the front rotors and pads on my 100 for slotted rotors and ceramic pads. The swapped out ones have less than one year / 10k miles and are in good shape - I just wanted all new on all four corners as it is my 16 year olds daily driver.
  17. Trollhole

    For Sale  200 series brake rotors

    For sale. 200 series rotors Front rotor set OEM. 125$ Rear rotor set OEM 125$ Plus shipping. These all have less than a mile on them. Basically they were driven off the trailer, on a boat, back on a trailer and finally off again. They all still have the machining marks on them. We're...
  18. S

    80 Series Brake Rotors ? Whats been working for you...

    Yes I did a search and didn't find much on this and I want to stay with " Vented " ONLY so NO Cross Drilled or Slotted ( It's not a race car !! ) Mr. T's price is big $$$ but wanted to stay with a quality rotors for sure. Lots of choices Stop Tech , EBC, Centric , Etc. What's been working for you ?
  19. wardharris

    Terrain Tamer High Performance Brakes

    Last year, Terrain Tamer launched a family of high performance brake products for Land Cruisers - from late 40s through 60, 70, 80, 100 and 200 Series - along with FJ Cruisers. During 2016 we saw many installations in all of these vehicles and more are going out the door to our partner shops...
  20. P

    Diameter of front rotors?

    Does anyone know the diameter of normal brake rotors on a 100 series land cruiser? Specifically the front? As many of you know, the front rotors are machine pressed on. I recently found a mechanic who said he could turn the rotors without remove them...only if they are less than 16 inches in...
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