1. macd1973

    Wanted  ALL SET THANK YOU...

    I am in need of rocker shafts for my August 1970 FJ40. Rear is badly worn. It measures 12 and 7/8". Need that one but will take both if they are in good condition. Please help.....thank you. David.
  2. mrjordann

    What's the valve sequence on an F engine?

    Hi. Trying to adjust my valves on a May 1973 F engine. Got it at top dead center, but a couple of the lifters are up when they should be down. Which makes me wonder... Am I looking at the correct valves? For example, valve 7 is open when it should be closed. Maybe I've got them in the wrong...
  3. A

    FJ60 Drivers Side Rocker Chrome Trim

    Does anyone have a drivers side rocker chrome trim piece in extremely good condition that they want to sell? I bought 2 new passenger side trim pieces from SOR and they said I could switch them around. They pointed out the screw hole at the front of the trim piece on the passenger side would...
  4. wngrog

    Rocker Panel Tube Replacement Pics

    hey guys. I'm searching for some good pics. @Lil'John has a great thread for when Don did his. Cutting and tubing the rockers Lots of old threads lead to dead links or refer to NLA Iron Pig stuff. We are doing the rockers all the way to the rear bumper on mine and need ideas...
  5. Passenger56

    Water in Rocker Panels & Passenger Floor from Sunroof?

    Hey Everyone, I have recently noticed a significant amount of water accumulating in the frame of my 2005 LC. At first I wasn't sure where but my mechanic said the water (literally gallons) was in the rocker panels and he was able to drain it by pulling a plastic plug on the passenger side. I...
  6. S

    full rocker replacement options?

    I looked at an lc today and both side rockers are bubbling from road salt stuck between them and the steps. The frame, rest of the body, and interior looks good. its well below market price around here and the seller was quick to lower the price even more.....but a lower price doesnt solve the...
  7. Hmmm

    Wanted  Rocker Chrome / Snake Blinders for 1986 FJ60

    Clean (able), undamaged condition. Need driver's and passengers. I'm in upstate South Carolina.
  8. Shes Mad

    Wanted  Chrome rocker panel trim 1987 FJ60

    Looking for the rocker trim and clips in decent shape. I need the pass side, but will take a set if nice
  9. 65swb45

    For Sale  NOS F engine Rocker Delivery tube, SoCal

    decided t let one of these go from my stash to remind peeps I'VE GOT A LOT OF NEW PARTS FOR SALE as well as the used stuff. $100 shipped. Postal money order only.
  10. Spanktron9

    Help relocating rocker switches. (failed searches)

    I've tried to search for threads that I have seen with write-ups on placing switches (ARB rocker type) into different locations, but my search skills must suck (or I don't have enough coffee in me yet). Can someone point me in the right direction? Current switches are located on the panel with...
  11. W

    For Sale  Rocker Panel Trim Moulding for FJ60/62 Driver Side

    For sale is the driver's side Rocker Panel Trim that fits on my 1988 FJ62. I recently ordered a pair since I needed to replace the passenger side trim on my truck, but don't have much use for the extra driver's side piece of chrome trim (since that piece wasn't missing). It is nice and...
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