1. 4x4 More

    SOLD NIB parts for replacing the front gears (4.10) in a '93 FJ80

    After years of surfing this site as a guest, I finally joined. . . . I have a complete set of NIB parts from JustDifferentials.com for replacing the front gears (4.10) in my 1993 FJ80 (with front e-locker). I bought the parts a while back, but I didn’t end up needing them. I could use the cash...
  2. VitaminC914

    AC O Ring Part Number help

    I found out that the O ring of the 2 tubes/manifolds that go into the AC compressor are leaking. I found the part at one of the vendors for $1.99 but they wanted $10 to ship it and they suggested I get it locally. Does anyone know the part number or size so I can get an exact match locally...
  3. S

    Synchronizer ring question

    Good afternoon all, Really silly question here.... A saw a synchronizer ring listed for a 3 speed 68 -74. I know a 71 is not a synchro trans. Would I be able to add just the ring to make it a simple synchro trans if it list 68 and up 3 speeds. Thanks and sorry for the dumb question. 71 40...

    Looking for inside wiper seal, metal split ring

    I was putting together the knuckle rebuild last night and noticed I am missing parts included in the FSM diagram. I bought a rebuild kit and assumed they would be included. First, I'm taking about the back side of the knuckle assembly. I'm missing the metal split ring, that is supposed to be...
  5. 84runner

    For Sale 80 ring and pinion stock - r&p fzj80 lx450 Central Coast CA

    Moved up to 5.29 r&p on my 96 lx450 with about 210k miles. I had bought the rig from an elderly couple that were the original owners, and it was in stock condition when bought. So most likely "easy" miles. $40 each set plus shipping or make me an offer Arroyo Grande, CA
  6. Howardkats

    Locker and New Ring & Pinion install

    To ih8mud members in Utah: I need a referral for getting my new lockers and ring & pinion installed in my FJZ80 3rds. Can anyone recommend someone that does a great job for a fair price? I can take the 3rd anywhere along the Wasatch front. Thanks in advance.
  7. X

    Ring paint/ pinion

    I just got my differential back. Before I put it in I noticed that there was no paint on the ring. Should I be worried? I always thought that the paint on the ring was used to show that the pinion was running centered on the ring. There is no paint to show where it is running. Should I be...
  8. Toyo_Judson

    For Sale 1968 FJ55 key and key ring

    Added value by Toyo_Judson posted Sep 4, 2015 at 10:01 PM Also included in sale is a 1F motor with Rochester carb and GM dizzy. I bought it used but it was running when pulled. Along with 1968 FJ55 with 1.5F motor, new Trollhole Carb, rotors, and parts for front disk brake swap (knuckles and...
  9. Spaceballs

    Wanted Antenna Beauty Ring and Grommet

    Hello, I am looking for the grommet and beauty ring that holds the antenna in place on the fender. I recently purchased the 2 in 1 cb antenna plus adapter kit that requires the OME grommet. PO had an aftermarket setup that will not work. Any leads would also be appreciated, this is the last...
  10. toyofan

    ring & pinion replacement - local shop ?

    So I managed to break my front axle ring and pinion (more info in the link) REAL TIME help , something snaped and out of town I have already contacted ZUK (great guy !!!), but I am wondering if there is a shop in the DFW area that you would recommend for the task ? I'll be removing the third...
  11. Smaddox

    95 FZJ80 Ring & Pinion Swap to 5.29

    Hey all - Looking to swap out my ring an pinion from stock to 5.29. Around town driving on 35's is killing me. Had a few questions I was looking for advice on. Is 5.29 really going to top me out at around 65mph/3000rpm? I don't do a ton of interstate driving, but trips to trails will be a bit...
  12. DrivingMissRosey

    235 85R16s vs 255 85R16 on 16" split ring rims?

    Which size would you choose for a FJ60 running 5.5" wide split rims? If you feel so inclined please list the make and model of the tire that you'd like to use as well and thanks!
  13. R

    front diff ring and pinion

    so I'm rebuilding my front differential on my 98 lc and i bought an arb air locker so i wanna replace the ring and pinion too. I'm keeping the gear ratio the same but i can't find any aftermarket ring and pinions with that gear ratio and all the oem ones are discontinued. where on earth am i...
  14. Borrego

    FJ40 Diff Swap Front to back?

    I've searched but can't find a solid answer... If this has been covered please point me in the right direction... I have a 71 and the rear diff is welded. (bought this way). I drive it 75% on road, and 25% on logging roads. It works great, but I'm tired of the squealing and tough to turn corners...
  15. B

    For Sale Ring and Pinion F&R sets from '97 80-series - OEM 4.11

    I upgraded my '97 80-series to 4.88 and have the factory 4.11 sets for sale. They appear to be in perfect condition -- vehicle had about 90K miles when they were removed, and was rarely used off-road. Toyota replacement 4.11 gears are extremely expensive, and I understand aftermarket is not...
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