1. pkldpnapl

    New to the Club and absolutely thrilled!

    I live in the Atlanta area and have been searching persistently for 5 months for either an 06-08 LX or 06-12 GX. They certainly aren’t easy to come by.. I am so thrilled to have found a super clean 2011 GX460 Premium with low miles! Here she is: I have ordered Weathertech floor liners and...
  2. E

    Denver Area Mechanic Recomendation - FJ80 Starting Issue

    Hi Guys, Pretty new to ih8mud but I’m impressed by the community! I picked up a 1991 FJ80 earlier this year and have been working with my mechanic to solve a starting issue it’s been having. Basically, sometimes the truck will crank and crank but not start. I haven’t been able to exactly...
  3. CruiseLanderAZ

    Windshield replacement recommendation - Phoenix AZ

    Wondering if anyone has a recommendation on who to use for windshield replacement on a 2000 LC. Saw @scwill is looking in Texas and wondering about AZ. I'm in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area and willing to travel within the valley to have it done right.
  4. BreakerMark

    Drivetrain Shop North of ATL

    Hey Mudders, I've got a problem. The universal joint on my 80 is cracked, and I need a shop to replace and balance it. I usually take my money to ACC, but with them usually being booked for months out and a little farther away I wanted to reach out to the locals and see if y'all had any...
  5. C

    Help! Recommended mechanic/shop in Maryland?

    Can anyone recommend a good (preferably Toyota-specific) mechanic or auto shop in the Baltimore, MD area to look over my 80 series? It's a 20 year old truck, so I am trying to avoid paying dealership prices, hoping to find someone with reasonable labor rates for good work. My LX450 overheated...
  6. Chachi254

    Rear-end saggy on LX450 - OEM springs NLA - Aftermarket Suggestions?

    Hello everyone, The rear-end of my LX is beginning to look saggy and it's bothering me. I've replaced all four shocks with Rancho RS5000's but haven't replaced the original springs yet. After looking online, I can't find any parts stores that carry standard replacement springs, and...
  7. kasassy

    Tonneau Recommendations

    Hey guys... Looking to put a hard tonneau cover on the bed of my truck. Just wanted to check and see if anyone had any tips/suggestions before I order one. Thanks a bunch!
  8. ChewBaca

    Single Battery Recommendations

    Hello, I just purchased a Dometic 12v fridge and after looking at what i currently run on my system I wanted to get some feedback. I'm about due for a new battery, its been about 3 years and its currently working as it should but its getting close to its end of life. My question is what...
  9. yotaman

    650 miles in a LJ78 - Recommendations?

    650 miles in a LJ78 - Recommendations? I purchased a LJ78 kind on a whim as I always liked the body style. I'm a Yota mini nut but after doing some reading guys got me a little worried about the little engine. I'm not to worried about the engine long term as I can do a swap later on if needed...
  10. EasternYeti

    Input Shaft Bearing - Shop recommendations

    I have a H55 with 30k miles that decided to eat an Input Shaft Bearing this week...incredibly irritating Given that situation, does anyone recommend a place to change the bearing in the Boston area? I'm in Franklin (close to Gillette stadium) but I commute for work Looking for a place that...
  11. Kenneth Ferro

    1987 22r Intake/snorkel recommendations

    Hi all, I would like to install a snorkel on my 87' pickup. It has the 22R. Any recommendations on quality companies ya'll have used? What else should I overhaul on this truck to keep it water resistant as far as air and electrical? The truck is bone stock and I would like to get it overland...
  12. 4

    Wanted  Recommendations on rock sliders

    I have been looking around for a decent set of rock sliders. Looks like they are mostly Aprox 1000+... Any recommendations on ones that may be good but cheeper than that?
  13. P

    Shop recommendations in San Antonio, TX

    Hey all, I'm stranded 200 miles from home so a tow back is out of the question. I'm looking for a place that can drop the transmission to replace a torque converter on my 01 LX470. At first the symptoms were an occasional slipping tranny and eventually a P0770 code, so I thought the problem...
  14. travcaldwell

    Tire Recommendations

    Hey, All! I'm going to be putting an Old Man EMU lift on my 96 Cruiser this summer, so I'm starting to research tires to get a full sense of total cost. I've been looking at these Pro Comp Xtreme M/T2 Radial Tire. Does anyone have any experience or opinion on these? I'm also curious if...
  15. bumpersignal

    100-series expert mechanic recommendations socal

    I have a timing belt and some other maintenance type items that I'd like to have done by a mechanic and was wondering if anyone has a recommendation for an expert who is familiar inside out with the 100 series. I'm in between OC LA and SD so any of those counties would work for me. I know I...
  16. meatloaf

    Recommendations for passenger window replacement

    Need to replace passenger side window on my FJ. Any recommendations for auto glass shops? Preferably central or south. Met wife and some friends for dinner in FD Restaurant Pflugerville yesterday evening and someone pried the window out, took my work backpack/laptop... I guess the alarm...
  17. brisveganbj42

    Turbo recommendations for a 15B-F

    Hi all, I'm hoping the ih8mud brains trust could provide a bit of direction in regards to turbo recommendations for a 4.1L direct injected 15B-F. I would like to find something that spools early as it cruises at about 2000rpm, and up to 2600rpm at 110kph. The rig will be used as a daily...
  18. J

    Windrock Park Trail Recommendations for Novice

    Hey all, This is my first post here. I just got my 03 cruiser a couple of months ago and I'm looking to stretch it's legs a bit off of the asphalt. I'm in Nashville, TN and I've heard good things about Windrock Park just a couple hours east near Knoxville. After searching and reading many of...
  19. Kyle Betts


    Hello all. I've tried the "Important Club Threads" as well as a general forum search. Didn't find anything on this topic more recent than a year. I'm looking to have a body mount chop done on my FJC. Can anyone recommend a shop to have this done at either in PHX or Tucson? I'd appreciate it.
  20. woytovich

    DC-DC Charger recommendations

    Thinking of getting a DC-DC charger to charge the battery in my portable smart battery box while driving. Considering the CETK D250s Dual D250S DUAL Anyone have any experience with this one or any others please post up. Thanks, Mark
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