1. cinnanek

    Rattle Sound Over Bumps - Help diagnosing

    Hello all! First post here. Thank you for your help. My 100 Series makes a very rattly sound when going over bumps. Almost sounds like a chain clinking together. I can't figure out what it is and need help diagnosing it. I have posted a video where you can hear it clearly. Thank you!
  2. L

    Anyone successful at replacing the catalytic converter heat shield?

    I bought a 2001 100 series a couple of months ago and noticed that the heat shield on my driver side cat is missing while I was looking for the famous " heat shield rattle". The noise is probably from the passenger side heat shield which is barely holding on. I'll probably just buy a hose clamp...
  3. nickjgall

    SOS - Denver - Smog Pump? (60)

    Hello! I am driving across the country toward LA and am crashing in a hotel near Denver tonight. My cruiser has been running great but earlier today I noticed a tin-ey rattle. I took a video and sent it to my usual mechanic and he is worried it could be the smog pump, which could damage the...
  4. eikelben

    PAIR Reed Valve - rattle on startup

    I was shocked to find not a single posting about this noise – I was hoping to learn that it's a "land cruiser" sound and nothing to be worried about. I have read about people eliminating the system entirely – we do have emissions where I live so not likely a path I want to go down unless it...
  5. F

    Low Speed Rattle

    Hello everyone, I have a metallic rattle I’m trying to chase down. It only happens when in gear and when under load at low rpm. In my case driving through thick sand. It does not happen when revving in neutral. When putting it in low gear the noise went away but shortly came back. Once getting...
  6. James Bentley

    Rear VENT glass rattle - FIXED!

    Rear VENT glass rattles when open Many thanks to @seanz0rz , @Tahomatom and others who contributed write-up’s and how-to’s I could not have done this so easily without your help (another great reason to contribute AND join/support this forum)! Here is a quick video of Drivers and Passenger...
  7. offroadvegan

    Metallic, rotational 'rattle' in rear

    Hey everyone - This sound seems to come up when off road. Yesterday we did Barlow Road in Oregon, and I noticed it start up again. I don't remember hearing it until we had been wheeling for a while (might have been, but only realized it later in the day). I THINK it is coming from rear DS...
  8. offroadvegan

    This sound is driving me NUTS

    Noticed this for a while now. Thought at first it was a rock in my brake shield or something. So I replaced all the rear brakes and components. No dice. I have been all over the underneath of my rig and cannot see anything that would be loose or rattling. To me it sounds like a heat shield...
  9. Paulrotterdam

    HZJ75 rattle/whine in 3rd gear deceleration engine braking

    Yesterday I noticed a slight rattle/whine when I 'engine brake' in 3rd gear. None of the other gears give this sound when engine braking. On acceleration all gears sound fine. The sound stops when the clutch is disengaged during 3rd gear engine braking. Any ideas? Linkage, bearing, pinion?
  10. offroadvegan

    Weird Metallic Vibrations

    Hey everyone! Noticed when I get "on it" a weird metallic rattle. Sounds like passenger side, but who knows. Video link: here. Sorry, tried using YouTube and it is worthless.
  11. harrydunn

    Front-End Rattle. Not The Usual Suspects.

    Okay, maybe it is the usual suspects, but they're playing hard to get. Over big bumps--no rattle Over small, undulating bumps that make the front end dance around a little bit--rattle. Jacked the front up by the frame and banged things around with a 5-lb sledge. Nothing seems amiss on the...
  12. Steve D

    EGR rattle?

    I've searched but can't seem to come up with anything. At highway speeds and mid- to high rpms (~3k), with very light throttle there is a loud rattling noise. It isn't at a specific rpm so I don't think it is a harmonic rattle of a heat shield or exhaust clamp. A lift off the throttle or...
  13. NCC1701D

    Second Row Seat Rattle

    Coming up to one month ownership of my 2017 LC200. Loving it so far, but one thing is really annoying. The constant rattle coming from the second row seats when unoccupied!! Driving me nuts! :bang: I find it crazy that my lifted 2013 FJ on MT's is quieter than my 2017 LC. I've isolated the...
  14. SHERMAN FJ62

    Sun roof rattle

    I have tried cleaning and lubing up my sunroof to stop the rattles. But it always comes back in a week or two. Have been using silicone spray to lube gasket. Any suggestions on fixing this
  15. R

    In-gear, rotating rattle

    Might need to turn it up a little, but you can hear the rattle at the beginning, and as soon as it is put in park, the sound disappears...shifts great, no problems, just the noise. i don't know how to upload videos, but here is the youtube location:
  16. mooneywa

    3rd Row Rattle

    Strange happenings with the 3rd Row recently. Passenger side seat will start to rattle when it is in the up position - I mean really clunk around going over bumps. I'll go back, unlatch it, resecure it and it's good to go. I'll drive about 50 miles, get going over some big bumps and it comes...
  17. Woody Craig

    2013 LC200 - Rattle in front passenger seat and back seat

    I've owned the LC200 for about 7 months. Ever since I've had it, I've alway noticed when riding over bumps, the interior isn't as quiet/solid as my wife's LC200. I finally took it in to Toyota and they said the bracket on the back seat has "worn out" and I'd need to replace it, to the tune of...
  18. BGlynn19

    '74 Transfer Case Rattle

    I have done extensive research to try and avoid having to post on this but I'm at a complete loss. Above 25mph I get a buzz/ rattle from that area of my transfer case in my 1974 FJ40. The sound goes away if I just push down on the shifter ever so lightly. I have gone through the entire...
  19. B

    Gas Tank Rattle

    Finally got my 1970 FJ40 on the road! All things considered it drives really nice. Just some small irritations (I know - it's not a Lexus). Gas tank has an annoying rattle. Took the float out but that's not it. Any ideas?
  20. T

    FJ60 Rear seat "rattle"

    I've got an otherwise tight 60 but my rear seat latches rattle going over even the smallest of bumps in the road and it annoys the hell out of me. Maybe I'm too "A type" but I'd like to try and solve this. I put surgical tubing over the male dowel on the seat so it wouldn't be metal on metal...
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