1. Navyator

    JDM 3fe Engine Squeak - Weird Pulley Question

    Hi all, I was hoping someone could help me troubleshoot a possible issue with my belt. I have a squeaky engine and a burning smell that gets more noticeable if I get up there in the Revs. I was worried it was the Tranny, so I had it checked out and the guy at the shop said he didn't smell...
  2. F

    For Sale  SoCal 100 series oem fan bracket in good shape

    Replaced my timing belt/water pump this weekend. Also replaced the fan bracket but the old one is dirty but still in excellent shape. Brand new I paid over $200 from Toyota. If anyone needs it, $50 picked up from Norwalk 90650.
  3. E

    Aftermarket Power Steering Pump Pulley?

    Wanted to see if anyone knew of an aftermarket option for the pulley (44311-60010) on an OEM power steering pump. I'm not finding a new OEM pulley in-stock anywhere and I haven't found a thread here with an aftermarket alternative (minus the many saginaw conversions). Thanks in advance! :cheers:
  4. DesertCruiser80

    A/C Idler Pulley Sanity Check

    Hey guys, hope you can help me out. I wanted to be sure I have a proper understanding before I go crazy. (1992 FJ80) I recently had my intermediate coolant hose burst and spray the entire passenger front side of the engine bay. (Hose is under the water pump I believe.) After repairing it, I...
  5. dcruiser666

    Alternator pulley destruction

    Had a pretty terrifying breakdown yesterday and curious if anyone has experienced this before. Was driving on the highway when what’s displayed in the image occurred. Started with a loud pop and then dash lights coming on. I was able to shut the engine down by disconnecting the battery, because...
  6. M

    2001 lx470 V belt breaking

    hey folks, my lx started to make some noise from the belt, possibly one of the pulleys. Drove it last night and bam, belt broke. Took j Uber to autozone, and got a cheap belt and some tools. At 10pm in the parking lot of some office building, I replaced the belt, was able to drive it home 60...
  7. I

    For Sale  2F Water Pump 16110-61081 and Pulley

    According to box this was found in its PN 16110-61081 OEM/NOS and has restored double pulley. $45 plus $15 shipping for Total $60
  8. Pierce

    Wanted  Supercharger Belt tool

    I’m looking for the tool to loosen the supercharger tensioner pulley for the FZJ80. I think it looks like this... If anyone has one for sale or knows where i can buy one i’d Appreciate it. Don’t know how much they were new but I’ve got $100 ready to go.
  9. WGermer

    Wanted  3 bolt pulley for smog pump

    Looking for a 3 bolt pulley to fit a '77 style smog pump. My current seized pump has the center shaft pulley and its not compatible with the reman unit I want to order. (I've thought about desmogging but not quite into that yet). Any help is appreciated!
  10. HawkGunner

    HELP!! I can't get my crankshaft pulley nut off!

    I'm pulling the motor to change all the seals and gaskets. I need to get the C/S pulley nut off. I have a 46mm socket, and I've hammered on it with an impact gun. No luck. I put a breaker bar on it and bumped the starter. It doesn't look like it's budged even a little. Im new to the 2F...
  11. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  A few AC parts for 91-92 R12 Landcruiser

    If listed, I have it. If not I don't. SoCal area: Hoses to and from compressor. Both idler pulleys. One large pulley and one smaller pulley. I am aware that the hoses for R12 are not the same as the newer R134 hoses. Paypal and shipping available. Someone asked for the large pulley last...
  12. H

    Air Conditioner Idler Pulley and parts

    Does anybody have, or know where i can find, a parts picture for the Air Conditioner idler pulley that shows all the parts needed for the V-Belt adjuster. I looked in the Haynes manual (worthless) and on the web and no joy for a parts picture showing the bolt and all the adjuster parts. It's a...
  13. MDarius

    3fe PS pump pulley bearing is wobbling

    Can I rebuild the PS pump, or do I need to just replace it?
  14. SuperDuperCruizer

    3B Power Steering Idler Pulley Brackets

    Can someone tell me why there was a design change? I didn't realize there was a change till I dug out the two that I have and sat them side by side. I have a 3B compressor bracket & AC Idler pulley; I don't want to sell the the wrong power steering idler if the design change occurred to...
  15. dpcustoms

    Wanted  FJ60 smog pump idler pulley

    Hello, I'm about to swap my smog pump for an idler pulley + mounting bracket. If you have one for sale, let me know! ( I have a fab shop and might make one myself but I would rather save my time and just buy one that's ready to go). Justin
  16. 85FJ60SD

    For Sale  [CA] FJ62 Power Steering Pump, Bracket, Pulley and Lines

    No longer have a need for this pump since I don't have my 62. Pump, mounting bracket, pulley and lines = 100 + ship -Victor
  17. 1973Guppie

    SC Pulley Removal

    For those of you whom have removed your stock TRD supercharger pulley, did you need to use a puller to get the pulley off of the blower snout? I zipped the nut off but could not get the pulley to remove. I checked the pulley boys website and the pullers it has mentions that they are not needed...
  18. J

    Wanted  3B power steering crank pulley, pump bracket, idler pulley

    Hi, I'm looking for a p/s pulley (with spacer would be great), the pump bracket and idler pulley for the 3B engine of my 1983 BJ42. Any offers by PM please. regards Jan
  19. B

    For Sale  Tensioner & Pulley - 100 Series NIB

    Part No.: 16620-0W101 TENSIOER New in box $40 shipped in US
  20. SEP8

    Timing Chain Cover and Crankcase Pulley

    Hi everyone, I had an oil leak at the front of the engine and I decided to change the crankcase pulley oil seal and oil pump cover o ring. See my crankcase pulley below, what do you guys make out of it? Can I still reuse it? The rubbery is pretty worn out. I also noticed a crack in the...
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