1. youngmanchego

    PN for Volvo PS pulley bracket (flange?)

    Howdy, I’d love to not spend another $250+ on a full Volvo 240 PS assembly for my 60 PS conversion on my 78 40. I have a generic Saginaw pump with a 3/4 shaft for push-on pulleys. Looking at the parts diagram the Volvo assembly appears to be a bolt-on pulley over a push on flange/bracket that...
  2. Nframe

    Alternator Pulley

    Anyone swapped out their alternator pulley? FSM calls out SST 09820-63010 be used for the nut. For those not familiar, the shaft head is sized for a 10mm wrench, and must be held while the 22mm nut is loosened/tightened and torqued. Any easy way of doing this without the SST? I hate to have to...
  3. texdoc77

    Do I need to replace the crank pulley?

    Pulled my crank pulley and noticed some issues on the back of the pulley and on the block where the pulley was maybe rubbing? What do you mechanically minded guys think? Any thoughts are appreciated!
  4. Rustyj41

    For Sale  Phoenix: 2F two groove crank pulley

    Pulled from 1983 FJ60. 190 K miles. Appears to be in great condition just oily. Make reasonable offer via text 602-769-9800 Jeff
  5. T

    Noise at Cold Start - Idler Pulley?

    Any ideas? I am suspecting idler pulley, and have ordered new ones and new belts. But it's a weird noise. It is only at cold start - and it goes away within around 15-20 seconds after start.
  6. hyhpe

    SOLD  Power Steering Pump & Pulley

    90 before shipping. Thread in the center is buggered up but check out the nice Toyoda cap.
  7. msahr

    Looking for a used short water pump and short pulley for a F engine.

    Looking for a used short water pump and short pulley for a F engine. The water pump doesn't have to be usable just complete so I can try it out. Thanks
  8. msahr

    Wanted  Short 2-groove fan pulley 78 2F

    I have a 2F engine looking for a short 2-groove pulley. Thanks
  9. msahr

    Another 2F older rig cooling thread

    67 FJ40, 78 2F engine. Installed by the PO. It came with a 6-blade plastic fan, the long 2-groove pulley, a 2-groove pulley on the alternator, a rusty unusable radiator, and a water pump that was trashed so I didn't keep it. I've tried a 1F water pump, it was too long. One of the reputable...
  10. S

    Wanted  1983 Toyota Landcruiser FJ-40 power steering pulley

    wanted power steering pulley for Toyota Land Cruiser 1983 fj40
  11. 1973Guppie

    Wanted  2f water pump pulley two belt

    In need of a water pump pulley with 2 belt grooves, for a 78 FJ40 2F, please pm if you have anything. Thank You, Noah
  12. mattressking

    For Sale  Boise, ID: 2F/3F/3FE dual row water pump pulley

    Fits 75-90 2F, 3F, 3FE. Fresh powder coat. Quantity 1 available $95 shipped.
  13. burtreynolds840

    Fan Or Pulley Noise Help

    My wife started up the truck this morning and it was making a very loud noise from what I could hear over the phone. It sounded like the fan was hitting something. I just got a chance to look at it and I’m kind of seem dumbfounded. Not sure where the noise is coming from. I have noticed that it...
  14. RckyMtn40

    SOLD  PS Pulley for a 3B diesel (6 bolt) Also looking for an idler pulley for same

    I recently purchased a 1982 BJ40. Looking to upgrade to power steering. I have all the parts except the power steering pulley and idler pulley. Anyone have one??
  15. jhsmith

    Pulley for Chevy alternator on an FJ40

    I'm doing an alternator conversion to a Chevy alternator on a '75 FJ40. Original Toyota alternator was using a 17mm wide (approx. 5/8") V-belt. Chevy alternator pulley is sized for a 3/8 V-belt. Where would I find a wide pulley for a Chevy alternator? I thought about using the pulley from...
  16. S

    1983 fj40

    I wonderingwhich way the four bolts that hold the clutch fan and pulley onto water pump come off .clockwise or counterclockwise. I having huge problems getting these off and no trouble which any other on truck I post picture of the fan pitch as herd that makes differance
  17. greasyhands2000

    SOLD  3FE - Crankshaft Pulley

    Looking for 3FE Crankshaft pulley for a 92, not sure if the 60 series pulley is interchangeable but the part number is 13470-61030. The only one I found online is over $500-$750, which at that rate I might as well buy a new engine.
  18. greasyhands2000

    LF 92 Crankshaft Pulley

    I've searched high and low for a 1992 crankshaft pulley and can't find one anything. Anyone know where you can get one? Or anyone parting out a 91 or 92 and willing to ship the crankshaft pulley?
  19. bicycleagent003

    A/C Idler Pulley Replacement

    Hey All, I'm about to replace the idler pulley on my 1996 TLC with an OEM part. How do I remove the original idler pulley? Just keep loosening the 14mm nut in the center of the pulley? Thanks.
  20. 82much

    PS Pulley Removal

    Hello All, Been trying to remove a Pulley from the PS pump shaft. Is there a certain method or trick to this? I have done a search on here because I remember seeing a thread about it a few years ago but I cannot find it. I have also looked at the FSM but I did not see anything specific to the...
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