1. Drake2

    SOLD  WI - Coolant / Heater Union (9/73-9/83 / 40 & 55 Series according to SOR)

    Used union assembly from a 78 2F. Sandblasted clean and ready for your paint. $38 shipped in the 48 Paypal Friends & Family drake.m@phoenixdyno.com
  2. RedComet

    91-92 FJ80 Y Pipe Options

    Hi all, I'm going to be tackling my exhaust soon. While most of the parts seem to be easy to source, I cannot for the life of me find a supplier of an aftermarket Y-Pipe. My question is, are their really any options left for replacing the Y section besides Toyota OEM? Or is this something that...
  3. E

    Does this Throttle Body Thing Matter If left off? Throttle Body Exchange Question

    Hey All, I recently got an entire throttle body from a junkyard that was from a 02' Sequoia. Everything looks the same as my 98 LX470 throttle body, except for this metal screw in pipe (as pictured) that is in addition to the regular body. Can you guys tell me if I can just go ahead and unscrew...
  4. shack

    Bosal Y-Pipe 4 year review

    I'm writing to share my experiences with the bosal brand y-pipe available all over the internet. I installed this part back in Feb of 2013 and paid $198 shipped. You can see what has just recently occurred in the attached picture. Fortunately for me this item is under warranty and I will be...
  5. LCQ

    Wanted  FJ62 Exhaust Pipe, Center Part 17403-61110

    Anyone have the FJ62 exhaust center pipe (between the cats and muffler) from an FJ62 laying around that's in decent shape? See pic.
  6. themightyjak

    For Sale  [AB] FJ80 EGR Assembly

    Part #'s: 25870-61020, 25620-61120 Location of seller: Edmonton, AB Willing to ship: YES New or used part: USED Price: CAD $75.00 Description: Removed the EGR Assembly from my 1991 FJ80. This includes the EGR Valve, EGR Vacuum Modulator, and the EGR Pipe. Does not include gasket or mounting...
  7. B

    need help 1HD FT vacuum pipe routing

    hello everyone i just finished working on a 1hdft, now need help with the vacuum lines this is a non EGR system, i have searched a lot couldn't find anything :/ a disgram or picture would help loads! thanks in advance
  8. Rigger

    Radiator / Heater Pipe Question

    I need a substitute for this part.
  9. BullElk

    Where does this gasket go...other than modulator pipe thingy?

    Could this gasket go anywhere else? I found it in driveway and don't ever remember taking of the modulator pipe thingy. Just wondering about any other possibilities. Thanks

    EGR pipe flange group buy feeler

    I dropped a drawing of the 2F EGR pipe flange at a laser cutter and am waiting on per unit prices. of course the more I buy, the less they cost per piece. This part is to be made of 3/8" plate and is meant to be welded to the oem EGR pipe to replace warped flange. I'd imagine the final cut piece...
  11. 1

    Need Photos of the Tail Pipe Bracket & Cushion

    I’m trying to restore a 79 FJ40 and could use some photos of a correct tail pipe bracket & cushion (right rear corner after the muffler) and what the assembly should look like when installed on a cruiser. If what I read on the internet is correct I believe the 79, 80, 81 and perhaps 82 & 83...
  12. P

    Heater pipe delete or not?

    Wondering if I should stick with this metal pipe/rubber hoses combo on the heater tap, or fit the single piece hose, (pipe delete) I am a bit concerned that the 1 piece hose might be a weak point given the extreme bends in it, and also wondering if they look as neat as the pipes?80 heater pipes...
  13. ToyotaMatt

    For Sale  1963 FJ40 Siamese F Iron Lower Radadior Pipe & Smaller Boiler Valve Both RE-Conditioned

    1963 USA Spec. LHD Siamese F Iron Rad. Lower Pipe & the Heater Hose boiler valve shut off - Both Parts Fully Reconditioned , - ,Iron pipe Re-Zinc'd/ Female JIS pipe threads Chase'd with Tap - Valve completely dissembled , soda blasted & ALL new O-rings & seal / grommet's etc...
  14. lazy

    Wanted  Brass Heater Pipe off a 96.5+ 80 series

    When you think your heater core is leaking, but it's really your heater pipe....that toyota no longer sells. I've gone the route to try and get my pipe brazed, but they guy came back 45 mins later, handed me the pipe, said "sorry" and then walked away. So, if you have this pipe and don't want...
  15. Wes

    Repair Pinhole Leaks in Heater Pipe

    I have discovered pinhole leaks in the rear heater pipes. They are too small to see with the naked eye, and are only noticeable under pressure. Can I just solder these holes up, or will the leaks just come back? They are in a bend, so replacing that section of pipe will be a little more involved...
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