1. residualboulders

    New FJ55 owner with questions

    Sold my HJ45. So, with the unexpected full support of my wife, took a road trip last week and brought home a 1979 FJ55. She loves it, and my kids are already staking claims in case I kick the bucket. Overall the truck is in great shape, I'm just trying to figure out a few things: 1 - Looks like...
  2. B

    1976 FJ55 one owner

    Here is my 1976 FJ55 one owner vehicle I recently purchased. It was a complete, not running and bought off the elderly couple. I have already sourced a good running, low km 3F engine and a Factory 5 speed to suit. Factory Air-conditioning and Power Steering as well. Looking forward to sharing...
  3. aggiepaintrain

    For Sale Texas 06 White 79k $21k 1 owner not mine

    Price is good, minor wreck on carfax. Tires are bald, leather looks iffy. Used 2006 Toyota Land Cruiser in Dallas, TX 75252 - 457184089 - Autotrader
  4. razorback06

    Previous owner dirt dobber fix

    I start looking at what all I have to do , is there two floors on the drivers side , I've included a floor shot and a underside shot , then they took and added a brace to the support channel, how would you correct that ,
  5. yotamotive

    For Sale 1985 FJ60, $5250, Original Owner, 204,793 miles, NM 87544

    1985 FJ60 for sale. $5250. Original owner. Helping a friend, this is NOT mine. 204,793 miles. Located in Los Alamos, NM 87544. PM me for more info.
  6. custyota

    New Hundy owner

    After being cruiser less for 3 years, I'm finally back. 1999 229k miles, ARB front bumper, some kind of sliders, its lifted not sure what brand. Has a small platform built in the back. Noticed it had a got Moab sticker on the back brake light. Anyone recognize it? Was in Georgia, Wyoming and...
  7. L

    Blue 1989 FJ62 Owner - Rebuild / Rust Repair

    Mud, I bought this FJ62 locally. It is running again and wanted your opinions regarding whether this rig is worth spending the time/money to return to daily driver status. It is 5-Speed Manual Transmission h55f convert with a poor man's manual locks windows package. There are some rust...
  8. Az chip

    New here Jeep Cherokee owner

    Hello, There is some good all around info here. Thought I wold join. 1981 Jeep Cherokee. Currently in progress. 4" spring lift, engine work, paint, and interior refinish.
  9. mikeyd

    New 100 owner and a ?

    Hey guys, i just bought a 2000 LC100. Now my '05 LJ Rubicon has a sibling. My question (only the first of many)... Can someone explain to me the differences in the ARB sliders and steps? The ARB webpage us less than helpful in explaining and showing images of the differences between their...
  10. G

    For Sale 1996 Lexus LX450 Second Owner 150k miles

    1996 Lexus LX450, second owner, 150k miles, $10,000 I live in NorCal: Davis, CA (20 minutes west of Sacramento) This truck has been pampered its entire life. Only 150k miles, lived in the east bay for the first 16 years, and in Davis for the past 4. It's really in great condition, including...
  11. TonyP

    LF: 200 Owner in the Anaheim Area

    If anyone is in the Anaheim/LA area and want to get their 200 seat scanned by Coverking, they're interested in making products for us. I inquired about the "Tactical" seats, not because they're tacticool but because they have molle installed into the covers and look decent. They have a bunch of...
  12. R

    New 100 series Cryiser owner from Iowa

    Glad to find such a great forum. Past 2 vehicles were a 08 4Runner and 11 4Runner trail. Picked up a beautiful 2000 LC with all its previous maintenance records. 145k on the clock. Look forward to learning from all of you about this beautiful beast. First on the to do list are new shocks and...
  13. 3

    Proud New Land Cruiser Owner

    Greetings All, My name is David and I first want to say man o man what a great resource this forum is. I have read so many articles on the 80 series here and they along with all of the members of course, are great resources and seem like great people. So lets dive in... I am the proud new...
  14. C

    Electrical woes for new owner

    Purchased a 2005 LX470 about 6 weeks ago and it has been great. It has 60,000 miles and all of the scheduled work had been done at Lexus dealer. I haven't done much in the way of mods yet, but I have done a couple and I am worried one of the mods has had a pretty negative effect. To date, I...
  15. H

    NEW 2011 Land cruiser LC200 owner

    Hi There everyone I just purchased a 2011 Toyota Land Cruiser with 80k miles Toyota certified for 38k. Do you think i got a good price for this vehicle. Next What mods do you anyone of you LC200 owners would recommend me doing. Thanks everyone for the feedback
  16. Turbolover

    Hi from an HZJ79 owner all the way from Islamabad, Pakistan

    Hello everyone, been following this forum from near about 8-9 year. Owned a 3rd Gen intercooled hilux surf (4runner) since 2006 so mainly connected with YOTAtech for info. Couldn't part with the runner, I recently got a used 2002 HJZ79 with about a 105k on clock. Its a basic no nonsense 4x4 with...
  17. Ohthetrees

    Need favor from 4 speed owner

    Hello, I have a big favor to ask of some someone with a 4 speed transmission. I wonder if one of you could crawl under your truck when you happen to have your splash shield off and photograph and feel for the transmission breather. My breather is plastic and rotates/wiggles on it's horizontal...
  18. J

    New 100 series owner with a few questions

    Hello All, I just purchased a 1999 LC with just under 120k miles for $7100. I felt like that was a good deal so jumped on it. It was out of state so I'm having it shipped, but had a mechanic go out and go through it before I purchased. It had a few small issues, but I decided to take the...
  19. T

    Any fj80 owner in winder ga

    Is there any fj80 owner in Winder Ga? I would like to see how their rig ride in comparison so I would know if mine is riding right . I would like to know more people who are familiar with this rig.
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