1. bubfuji

    SOLD  Differential install/overhaul kit (Koyo bearing)

    Hello, Selling a new diff install/overhaul kit for 1990 or older Land Cruisers. Part number is ZK-TLC-A from USA Standard Gear. Has Koyo Bearings, shims, crush sleeve, etc Asking $100.00 + shipping via Paypal (friends and family) Located is San Jose, CA Please PM if interested.
  2. C

    1988 FJ 62 - mid life crisis. Carburetor advice?

    I bought my FJ62 in 2010, and have had overheating issues. Right off we diagnosed a blocked radiator made for high temperatures when you go above 2000 rpm. I had the core rodded out. Soon after the top tank started leaking. I had this resoldered near Timbuktu, again in Benguela in Angola, used...
  3. inkpot

    Idle Air Control valve overhaul

    I have searched and found references to folks that have pulled, cleaned, whatever, but no actual mention of taking it apart and servicing it. Anyone open one of these little gems up? I am having floating idle speeds and I have eliminated about everything except this. I have tested the valve...
  4. koxfarm

    1976 Steering wheel overhaul

    Pretty sure this topic has been covered a several times but there are many ways to skin a cat as an environmental activist would quoute the abundance of options presented for skinning a f**n cat. Btw Jerry would have heaps of ideas how to take poor old Tom's fur off .. Here is this 1976 steering...
  5. doug720

    Wiper Linkage Overhaul

    Ok, lets start by saying I'm kind of frugal...This means I had a hard time paying a lot of money for all new wiper linkage, when all that was wrong was $0.14 worth of plastic! I recently up graded to 4Runner wiper arms, and they are soooooo nice. I found them a Toyota wrecking yard with all the...
  6. Seth_O

    Brake System Overhaul

    I'm in the process of a complete brake system overhaul on my '93 FZJ80. I had a near-miss in a panic stop a few months ago and have done a bunch of work on them since then, but they're still not what I would like them to be. As a part of the overhaul I bought 4 used calipers and am rebuilding...
  7. midfat

    New noise after rear brake overhaul

    So I overhauled my rear brakes this weekend. Now, I have a very distinct knocking/pinging noise emanating for the rear driver's side wheel. Noise seems to present each time the wheel rotates one full revolution, forward and reverse. Definitely gets louder when I depress the brake pedal. I'm...
  8. O

    Need help identified the Overhaul Gasket Kit

    I just got a Overhaul Gasket Kit from CC. However they don't identified any parts on the kit. My cousin is sending the manual from the USA and it will be here with in the month. Can someone help me identified these items Thanks Bill D
  9. MauricioR

    BJ40 Overhaul and Turbo Diesel Intercooler Convertion.

    Hello, my name is Robert. My grandfather gave me his BJ40 (1978) long time ago. I been riding this monster since I was 13 years old. It has been on my family since I was born. (I'm 20) The thing is that, I started to get money to make an overhaul to the engine. (Last overhaul was 18 years ago)...
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