1. Rubtsov

    1hd overflow screw fuel leakage

    Hey there, frequently scanning this website, i'm at first time posting here. i have a question about 1hd fuel pump leakage. there is a overflow screw under the diaphragm cover. The screw has a rubber cup with a short hose. it looks like some fuel may comes out from the hose occasionaly. in my...
  2. midfat

    Overflow tank never changes...

    Just finished my total cooling system overhaul on my '97. New rad, water pump, thermostat, gaskets, PHH, heater valve, hoses, etc. It holds rock solid at 185* on extended freeway driving (per OBDII). Everything seems great. But, there's absolutely no change in the level of the expansion tank...
  3. alabamatacomaguy

    Wanted 78 front bib, hard top brace, coolant overflow

    I'm looking for a great condition front bib ready to be painted, no rust, 78 front bib. I picked up a great bib a few months ago but it turned out to be a 70-73 and it's slightly different in a few ways. From what I've ready 74-78 will be the same. Also I'm in need of at least the bracket...
  4. utahisrad

    Oil level all the way to the cap.. WTF?

    Background: Owned cruiser since dec last year Changed oil according to specs in FSM a month or two ago Has several leaks which leak a little, but not much. Oil light started coming on intermittently a few days ago. Usually on inclines. Fuel pressure is good, temp is good. I checked the stick...
  5. wngrog

    Wanted Overflow Bottle Bracket

    I need the metal bracket that holds this type overflow bottle.
  6. Not A CJ

    1978 Radiator overflow

    I found this hose hanging behind the dash and tracked it back to what looks like a Radiator overflow. I wonder if this hose is supposed to be for my washer hose which Is missing.
  7. Rockymtnreaper

    Help! Heater core over flow??? what is this??

    Sorry if this has been posted already, my searches have been inconclusive. I'm having antifreeze drip out of this hose in the fire-wall and I'm not sure if it is an overflow from the heater core, or if it is the condensation drain for the AC unit.. or if it supposed to be connected to...
  8. L

    Wanted 1983 SR5 Restoration NEEDING TRIM parts!

    I may have posted before, but I need to try again. I'm trying to get my old truck back on the road, but I can't finish the interior without a few parts. I need the steering column cover for a tilt steering wheel, preferably in brown. A SR5 steering wheel in brown, the complete floor plate for...
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