1. Assassin

    OEM Brushguard question???

    anyone know of a source for the Brackets to hold OEM brushguard to the bumper..the ones that go behind the grill//// I called toyota and parts for this OEM item is discontinued. THANKS for any leads or suggestions!!! or
  2. N

    OEM wiper blade is NWB

    Just wanted to share this. NWB: Nippon Wiper Blade These wiper blades are the OEM for Toyota. It will not stick to glass even with a very light rain. Wipes smoothly and streak free. If you find any OEM wiper blade still in the truck (mosly likely the rear), you will find NWB embossed on the...
  3. 4

    Wanted Late model PS fender OEM

    ISO a late model PS fender in excellent condition, I have a restorable fender just looking for a perfect fender, no aftermarket
  4. Rj40Miller

    OEM Roll Bar FJ40 73

    Hey, Does anyone know if Roll bars for FJ40's have any big changes over the years. I bought a 73 with no Roll bar and looking online for one to install and the only one I am seeing is a 78. Also, Is there anywhere I can find an instillation guide or is it just obvious where to drill when you...
  5. Matt1260

    Wanted New OEM radiator for 1974 FJ40

    Wondering if I could get this for less than $300? In Portland, OR
  6. Matt1260

    Stock value: Aluminum vs. OEM Radiator

    Just wondering as I'm restoring this 74 if putting a new aluminum radiator in ($200) vs re-coring the OEM one ($400) would have a negative effect on the value?
  7. mdsims

    Markings on OEM Head Gasket? 3FE

    Hey there, I recently ordered a OEM master kit for my 3FE, but the box was damaged/opened/retaped, all the small bags were also opened, and the kit was obviously many years old. There was damage to a number of gaskets. PN on the box was 04111-61052. OK, all that aside, pretty sure the vendor...
  8. digitalmarker

    Wobbly OEM roof rack - advice needed

    Hey guys, I recently picked up a Thule roof top carrier for my 99 LC for family trips so I can fit the brood and the dogs inside comfortably. The carrier did really well, but I noticed that it was pretty wobbly - a couple of times it actually bottomed out and dinged the roof of the rig on the...
  9. NEGodzilla

    80 Series OEM Winch

    I've got a question for you real gurus out there. My 80 Series truck is a JDM, right hand drive 1HD-T 4.2 Turbo Diesel. It came with a factory winch. I used my truck s a second vehicle, winter driving/home depot/etc.... So I removed my winch because I was afraid winter road salt (here in New...
  10. mrjordann

    Where do you get replacement parts for your FJ?

    I bought a 95% original FJ40, and I'd like to keep it nearly original. Although, there are some things that I need to replace. I'd like the truck to be decent and enjoyable. Where do you guys find replacement parts? I'd like Toyota OEM, but I am fine with aftermarket parts if they look original...
  11. RND1

    OEM or aftermarket center muffler?

    The center muffler on my '03 is in need of replacement. My go to online store is $460 shipped. The local custom muffler shop quoted $160 for steel and $220 for stainless. I generally go with OEM as I'm usually saving $$ on labor by DIY'ing, but not sure in this case - is the OEM part worth...
  12. G-Cat

    OEM Brake Pads (1986 Pickup)?

    Does Toyota not make front brake pads for my 1986 4x4 Pickup Truck? I've tried to order, twice, from online Toyota parts suppliers, only to have the total refunded a week later with no explanation. If no Toyota, what are y'all using?
  13. mechanixhorseman

    For Sale Factory roof rack for '98 100 series

    Just installed a Gamiviti rack so I'm selling my factory rack. The finish has peeled almost completely off the front bar and is starting on the rear bar. Could be easily rattle canned to look new. Other than that it is mechanically sound. All of the hardware needed to mount and plastic covers...
  14. arcteryx

    For Sale 55 OEM Power Steering setup

    Very rare setup, this is a OEM FJ55 power steering setup from a 1976. I only have one of these due to it's scarcity. Comes with pump, gear box and misc lines although the lines are not guaranteed age can be seen/bought here 55 Series, OEM Power Steering Setup
  15. E

    OEM FJ40 Fog Lights - location and wiring

    I've looked around and haven't been able to find a thread about installation of OEM fog lights on an FJ40. Which surprised me, because if you are looking for 40 parts online it's hard not to find an add for OEM or replica fog lights. Does anyone have any information on the correct placement of...
  16. BAJA FJ40

    Headlight Sizing/Mounting (6.5" OEM & Aftermarket 7")

    Both my OEM headlights are cracked, so during my rewire I'm opting to upgrade a little. As most of you are aware, there are multiple options to choose from, however the question I have is how our most customers/owners mounting these newer 7" diameter aftermarket headlight units into the 6.5"...
  17. D

    Wanted Wanted Late model Toyota FJ 40 OEM floor mats

    Hello, I'm searching for OEM floor mats for a 1983 Toyota FJ 40 that I'm currently restoring. Any leads, info, urban legends etc. leading to a set would be greatly appreciated. Of course, a new set found in some back stock room would be great but I'm open to all options. Thank you
  18. cims1970fj40

    Wanted OEM gas tank

    Looking for a clean 1974-1978 OEM clean gas tank. Im located in Atlanta,Ga area. Thanks
  19. F

    For Sale 200 Series Factory Suspension Parts

    Selling one pair of Toyota OEM front struts and coils as well as one pair of rear OEM coils as a set. These came off my 2017 200 Land Cruiser after only 1000 miles. Arizona truck straight from Japan. Parts are in perfect condition. Location: Phoenix, AZ. $150.00 for everything. Thanks for...
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