1. danakittilsen

    For Sale four 16" OEM hdj81 wheels. AB, Canada

    I have 4 original wheels from my hdj81. Located in Grande Prairie, AB but could deliver all the way to Calgary, or in a couple of weeks almost anywhere along the way to Halifax, NS. $400
  2. DamoPeru

    Difference in rear OEM tanks?

    This tank is from a gasoline FJ70, after an acid dip I'm using it to retrofit the rear OEM auxiliary tank system to my diesel HZJ78. Shape is fine, but does anyone know if there is any differences between this and the diesel version in terms of internal pipes, breather and fuel hose diameters...
  3. PNWFJ80

    1992 FJ80 3FE Heater Hose OEM Part Codes

    I'm trying to track down all the hoses and any relevant clamps, here's what I have so far: 1) 87245 60480 Hose, Heater Water, Inlet B; Hose, Heater Water, Outlet C 2) Gates Green Stripe/Napa Gold Stripe or equivalent 5/8" (hose clamp 87124-28030 X2) 3) Gates Green Stripe/Napa Gold Stripe or...
  4. S

    Wanted UZJ100 Gray/silver OEM front bumper

    I'm looking for a stock front bumper. I don't need the fog lights or anything, just the bumper. Would prefer to keep it in TX but can pay for shipping if the condition and agreed price is not too bad
  5. BretwithoneT

    Wanted OEM Early FJ40 Rear Leaf Springs

    Doing a resto on a '66 and hoping someone who's done a lift still has their OEM springs lying around that I can paint and use. I'm in central North Carolina.
  6. jw4rd

    For Sale (5) 16" 100 series oem wheels and tires

    Set of 5 OEM 16" wheels off 2001 LC. Four tires less than 5k miles. $450 or make offer. 4 center caps w/ lug nuts. Arkansas
  7. Splangy

    16" OEM Steel Wheel Part Number?

    I searched and searched but couldn't find anything. Does anybody have the part number for non hubcap 16x5.5" steel wheels? One-piece, not split.
  8. FDNewbie

    For Sale FZJ80 OEM New and Mint Parts! TRD Boost Gauge!!! Gray interior parts + floormats!!!

    I sold my '97 Grey on Grey 80, and I found a ton of leftover parts that I no longer have any use for. Many of these parts are 100% Brand New In Box, and others are MINT condition. Interior: BRAND NEW OEM TRD Boost Gauge + A-pillar Gauge Pod (VERY rare and LONG since discontinued): $350 shipped...
  9. torpedo51

    FJ62: is the OEM radiator repairable (solid brass)?

    I found a small puddle of coolant today, and a shop verified a pinhole in the center of the radiator. Definitely not a fitting or hose. Is the factory radiator repairable by a radiator shop (pickle, solder/weld the hole, pressure test, and paint)?
  10. Beej

    For Sale OEM 80 Springs - SOLD

  11. Indygbd

    Wanted Oem Fst Bars. Ton of new oem parts to trade or Cash

    I am searching for a set of oem fst bars from my 1972 frame off project. I will purchase them out right with cash, or trade some clean parts for it. I have early bug catcher windows, early fj40 complete clean doors, 1979-83 rust free Ca. ambulance doors, 1975-83 rust free Ca. front doors, and...
  12. Wadesters

    Wanted OEM Fenders near Atlanta

    I am looking for a pair of OEM used fenders near Atlanta for an early model FJ40 project. Only looking for ones needing little to no work. If you have a pair please send pictures and price to: wadesters@bellsouth.net Thanks..
  13. SuperDuperCruizer

    For Sale SOLD: Toyota tool roll w/tools: Pliers, Reversable Screwdriver...

    $140 + shipping from 20912: Hard to find bits are all there and unused.
  14. G

    Wanted OEM bumpers

    Hi all. I'm looking for a set of OEM bumpers for a 60 series. No need to be show quality, but a decent looking set would be nice. I'm in Vancouver BC so the closer the better as I imagine shipping these things would not be cheap. What are these things worth anyway? I see most people take...
  15. Indygbd

    For Sale Sold.... Brand new oem Split Transfer Case

    I purchased this along with the new H41 transmission for a project that I sold as is. Now I will be selling off thousands in parts that I purchased for it. This is a brand new oem split transfer case. I am asking $2,800.00 for it. That is $500.00 less than BTB Products in Henderson NV. asks...
  16. Indygbd

    For Sale Sold...New oem H41 Transmission

    I have a brand new oem H41 transmission that I purchased for a 1979 frame off restoration project that never happened. Someone made me an offer I could not refuse so I sold it. Anyway, for those of you who don't know, the H41 has much better gear ratios than a H42. I have listed those below...
  17. woytovich

    For Sale OEM 60 series rear cargo floor hooks (SOLD)

    SOLD SOLD SOLD These are stock/OEM floor hooks out of the back of an FJ62, dirty but all there. Plastic bushings are in good shape/not broken. Set of 4. $22 shipped CONUS Or maybe I'll powder coat them and ask $75... ;)
  18. SoCal_80

    For Sale OEM 100 Series LC Fog Lights

    Used OEM fog lights from a 2006 100 series. Very good/great condition. $80 shipped (PM for pics). Cheers, Sean
  19. cruiserfj45

    OEM Euro Spec FJ60 Mirrors or OEM 70 series mirrors???

    Which ones are better for visibility and life expectancy. OEM Euro Spec Land Cruiser FJ60 Mirrors - Set of 2 OEM 70 Series Black Mirrors, Fits FJ60 - Set of 2
  20. rotoyz

    For Sale Brand New OEM Carpet Front & Rear Floormats

    For Sale: 1998 - up Toyota Land Cruiser OEM carpet (Tan) floor mats. Never installed or used. $95. Prefer local sale in Southern California or buyer pays shipping
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