1. M

    Wanted 1 (one) Lexus LX450 wheel (bay area)

    I'm looking to replace my missing spare on my 1996 LX450. condition doesn't need to be great since this is just the spare. happy to pay shipping to CA. thanks
  2. RFB

    OEM vs. GATES

    I installed the gates hi pressure line on my rig, only to have to loosen the bolt holding it to the pump and when I did so, it snapped like the flimsy tubing it was, now the OEM hi pressure hose just showed up and its far and away different thicked stronger(cue siz million dollar man theme) and...
  3. 0

    craigslist 100 series. All weather floor mats.

    I saw these very nice all weather floor mats on Craigslist, thought somebody on here might want them. If they were tan or brown I would buy them myself. Lexus LX 470 original rubber floor mats
  4. uzj100

    For Sale Qty 1 - LX470 - OEM - 5 Spoke - 18 inch - Black - Wheel

    Qty 1 5x150 OEM LX470 Alloy wheel 18 inch 5 spoke Painted Black $80/OBRO Located in Raleigh, NC Plus shipping
  5. Y

    For Sale FJ40 grab bar oem

    Oem grab bar $40 Sold
  6. Y

    For Sale 40 series window cushion gasket oem

    Sold Oem wind shield cushion gasket, pristine, no cracks, not brittle, supple rubber no micro cracks. Super freshy! $80 will ship in cont us for free
  7. alia176

    FREE 80 series OEM droopy visors oak color, qty-4

    If anyone needs a set or two for experiment, you can have my set plus another pair. As usual, the driver side droops but the passenger sides are better. They're yours for the cost of shipping/handling. I've switched to a domestic brand from the junk yard, got a writeup someplace in the 80...
  8. mattcheston

    For Sale Boulder CO - FJ60 OEM Wheels

    Could use a bit of love. $200 obo takes the set local pickup
  9. L

    Recommended tire pressure for OEM tires?

    I recently took possession of a 2017 LC, with Dunlop AT23 tires. Despite the door placard indicating 33 p.s.i. front and rear, the vehicle came with 40 p.s.i. in the front, and 38 p.s.i. in the rear. My first thought was you #$%% hillbillies at the dealership (we've had a few other issues)...
  10. Rustic76

    SOLD OEM PTO winch setup. Portland,OR

    Sale Pending.....Decided to sell the PTO winch off of one of my cruisers. This is a setup for a 40 series and includes everything pictured (minus the FJ45 it's mounted too). I am missing the one yoke/socket that connects the driveshaft to the PTO gearbox, it may be floating around my garage...
  11. G-Cat

    craigslist OEM 40 Series Wagon Wheels

    NOT MINE. Atlanta Craigslist. 5 wheels. Asking $500. Toyota FJ40 FJ 40 Landcruiser 79-83 OEM Wheels Rims
  12. Matt1260

    1974 accelerator linkage OEM

    I'm wondering what the original accelerator bracket/linkage was suppose to look like here, and if those are still available anywhere. One of the POs hacked this up and I want to get it back to stock. Thanks in advance!
  13. frogers935

    FREE [MD] - 2006 LX470 Stock Front & Rear Bumper, Plastic Skid, & OEM Courtesy Lights

    PICKUP ONLY and must take everything Location: 20771 or 20878 [MD] Year: 2006 Color: Galactic Gray Mica Stock front bumper with support beam (No Foglights) Rear Bumper has scratches and a small hole (Can get pictures) *Pictures coming* Stock Skid Courtesy lights removed from...
  14. frogers935

    Wanted LX470 OEM 18" 5 Spoke Rim

    I need one stock 18" rim for my 2006 LX470. Prefer something local but would pay shipping if needed. Location: [MD] 20771 This is the rim I am looking for:
  15. whitey45

    For Sale Oem fst bows and doors

    Oem fst bows and matching doors in great shape, original Capri blue . Comes with inner and outer door hinges, but no tub hardware. This set would be great on an original Capri blue 40. $1800 can palletize, buyer arranges shipping. Also two beige fst doors complete good shape $650 and one red fst...
  16. Assassin

    OEM Brushguard question???

    anyone know of a source for the Brackets to hold OEM brushguard to the bumper..the ones that go behind the grill//// I called toyota and parts for this OEM item is discontinued. THANKS for any leads or suggestions!!! or
  17. N

    OEM wiper blade is NWB

    Just wanted to share this. NWB: Nippon Wiper Blade These wiper blades are the OEM for Toyota. It will not stick to glass even with a very light rain. Wipes smoothly and streak free. If you find any OEM wiper blade still in the truck (mosly likely the rear), you will find NWB embossed on the...
  18. 4

    Wanted Late model PS fender OEM

    ISO a late model PS fender in excellent condition, I have a restorable fender just looking for a perfect fender, no aftermarket
  19. Rj40Miller

    OEM Roll Bar FJ40 73

    Hey, Does anyone know if Roll bars for FJ40's have any big changes over the years. I bought a 73 with no Roll bar and looking online for one to install and the only one I am seeing is a 78. Also, Is there anywhere I can find an instillation guide or is it just obvious where to drill when you...
  20. Matt1260

    Wanted New OEM radiator for 1974 FJ40

    Wondering if I could get this for less than $300? In Portland, OR
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