1. S

    For Sale Lexus GX460 OEM PARTS FOR SALE! (Culver City)

    1. 2017 Lexus GX 460 OEMSuspension Kit (9200 miles) ----- $500 2. 2017 Lexus GX 460 OEM Running Borad (Step board) * 2 (2000 miles) ----- $400 for pair (the driver side one has a scratch underneath, I assume u will respray it anyway so I didn't fix it) 3. Lexus Gx 460 OEM Spare Tyre Wheel/Rim...
  2. dffj6288

    For Sale Fj62 oem wheels

    Nice condition wheels. No dings, very little rust just in the cracks you can barley tell. $200 for all 4. Local pickup only. Denver area.
  3. Aids10

    For Sale New 80-Series OEM Snorkel

    BNIB Ducts, Brackets, Bolts/Washers/Rivets 70-Series Topper/Pre-Cleaner (best looking) Template transposed from JDM vehicle (thx mot) US-Spec vehicle; antenna will need to be relocated. $850 + ship :cheers: Install Thread- OEM Toyota 80 Series Snorkel Installation Write-Up
  4. Aids10

    For Sale 40th. Anniversary 80-Series OEM Floor Mats

    Oak Colour Being 20-years old, you'll likely never find a better example. Pure Unobtainium! $450 + ship :cheers:
  5. Aids10

    For Sale 2007 100-Series OEM Set 18" Premium Wheels

    4x Take-Offs I have been holding on to; you will not find better examples short of coughing-up serious coin at the dealership for new ones! 1x Used Spare $1,200 + ship :cheers:
  6. X

    For Sale Front Left Parking Light OEM 80-Series 91-94

    Removed from a '93 Land Cruiser FZJ80. Includes functioning bulb. In good shape. Has a rub mark that is only visible up close that could easily be buffed out. $30 shipped. Paypal only. PM me with your Paypal account email if interested.
  7. X

    For Sale Headlights 80 Series OEM Headlamp 91-94

    Removed from a '93 Land Cruiser. Fits 1991-1994 Landcruiser FJ80 and FZJ80. Functioning bulbs included, as well as the stock trim if you want it. $250 for both, shipped.
  8. Aids10

    For Sale Isuzu Trooper Hood Scoop 2nd. Gen. OEM for 80-Series

    Gray Color Never got a chance to install on my 40th. Anniv. Best looking OEM option for 80-Series; damn close with regards to body shape. $300 + ship :cheers:

    For Sale 68-73 OEM FJ40 FJ55 Rheostat Dimmer Knob Head Light Switch Upgrade Kit

    HI , This is a NEW Made in Japan OEM FJ40 FJ55 Headlight Switch Upgrade Kit for 68-73 Models W/ Optional USA Spec. Rheostat Dimmer Knob Rotate Function Upgrade Kit W/ NEW OEM Toyota Knob , New Aluminum Retainer Pin Wrench Nut Bolt New Service Spec. Repair Connector W/ Oem...
  10. 98 SNAKE EATER

    Anyone here have Monster Valves installed on OEM 16" wheels?

    I know our wheels don't have much of a flat area to install them, but just curious if anyone here tried it anyways.
  11. arcteryx

    Vendor 40 series OEM Tire and Disc Rim

    on ebay, no reserve Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40/55 Dunlop Tire and Disc Rim, Made In Japan, No RESERVE | eBay

    For Sale OEM Toyota Factory Power Steering Pump Bearing

    hi - This is a NEW OEM Toyota Power Steering pump bearing that fits many different models and varations of Land Cruiser pumps - N. America - 11/1984-06/1987 TOYOTA LAND CRUISER BJ70 45-02: VANE PUMP & RESERVOIR (POWER STEERING) N. America - 08/1980-07/1987 TOYOTA LAND CRUISER...

    For Sale SOLD 2 keys oem

    hi 2 NEW OEM Toyota factory black top Key blanks Toyota part# 90999-00174 90999-00174 $ 19 Total for Both keY blanks + usps ride PM me please for further details thanks
  14. X

    For Sale 80 Series OEM Extended Brake Lines

    Extended brake lines for 3-5 inch lift sourced from Cruiserdan. Decided to go with 2", so didn't need. Paid $144, yours for $110 shipped.
  15. AggiePE

    Wanted Fj60 OEM Bumpers and Tow Package

    Installed my Trail Tailor rear bumper today abs I have a factory rear bumper and a factory front bumper with tabs for my 8" hella lights to get he off the grille for sale. I also have a draw tite 2" receiver hitch that was blasted and painted a few years back. I have the factory 60 rear tow bar...
  16. tstepp920

    For Sale OEM Tailgate hardware

    $250.00 plus shipping missing the 2 hooks. and the bolt that the chain hooks to.
  17. baldilocks

    Wanted fzj80 or LX450 oem alloys

    I need two if they are fzj80 wheels and a whole set if they are LX450 wheels. They don't have to be perfect but no corrosion. I was cleaning mine up and two of my fzj wheels have deep pitting in the bead seat area. I,m in NorCal. thanks
  18. OEMFJ60

    Anyone is SoCal have OEM wheels?

    Looking for OEM wheels for my 85 FJ60 in SoCal with OEM hubcaps
  19. mudterrain75

    Wanted OEM speaker for 40 series

    Please pm me if you have it (prefer working ones)
  20. SuperTrooper808

    For Sale FJ40 OEM Floor Mat

    Excellent condition! Thinking of pricing around $300? If I'm crazy let me know. Totally want to hook up a fellow mudder. Seen these things sell for random prices.
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