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  1. Sippi FJ40

    New member

    Hey guys, I'm unfortunately getting on here to get rid of my very needy project baby. This however will be my introduction post to the forum. I'm from Mississippi, picked this rig up from a trail rental place in Oregon when I was 15 as little more than a shell with an out of shape drivetrain...
  2. Lumpskie

    New guy in NH

    Good Morning all, I just wanted to introduce myself. I'm a new 80 series owner that has also recently moved to New England. I'm in southern New Hampshire. I'd love to meet some of the other Land Cruiser owners in the area and learn as much as I can! Obligatory pictures of my rig:
  3. LandCrusherJR

    New guy on the trails.

    Hello all, new here to the forum . I've been driving a 1994 landcruiser for sometime now pushing 200k plus! I have just purchased a 2wd 2007 FJ cruiser with 160k miles and wanted to know your thoughts and opinions about driving a higher mileage 2wd FJ! So far so great as far the commuting. I am...
  4. Scrootinizer

    New Guy Introduction - 97 LX450 in DFW

    Hey Mudders :flipoff2: New guy here, bought my first LC back around Christmas after searching for a few months and am just getting around to introducing my new-to-me 97 LX450 (no lockers). After my wife and I had our first child in March 2016, it only took me a couple months to decide I needed...
  5. Jllesy2

    2002 land cruiser new guy needs...

    I'm looking for new and larger(heated) mirrors. I'm also looking for the largest tires (270/75/16 on now) possible without a lift kit and nothing restricts them in turning. On a budget, 7 back fusions will help one not work so much, and I need and Appreciate any advice/help!!! Bumper guard is...
  6. onetruth1130

    New guy from NJ

    whats going on everyone. doing the customary new guy intro. recently got into some offroading and overlanding, my first build was a 98 forester with 2.5" lift, bigger tires, home made swing out spare tire carrier, etc..but i came across a 1996 LX450 with OME lift, 35" tires, ARB front bumper...
  7. R

    New Guy

    Hi All, I've been browsing this forum for a long time while searching for an FZJ80 of my own. I finally found the right one and brought it home from southern California this weekend. It's a 94 with ~220k on the clock, cloth interior and without factory lockers (ARB eventually). It has never...
  8. Ddude

    New guy here

    I have been poking around on here for a while now and finally joined. Recently I bought a 1994 lockers :(.... with 315,000 miles on the original engine. Runs like a champ. Interior is in perfect condition. The only thing I have done so far is yank the factory running boards off as...
  9. dwh84

    Obligatory "new guy" intro

    Hey guys! I've been out of the Cruiser game for a little while but I'm making my way back! Just acquired an '89 FJ 62. I've had a 40 stored in the shop for a while but haven't been able to get it road worthy for some time now. I figured I should get involved and be a part of the "locals"! I'll...
  10. WHB III

    New Guy Introduction-Raleigh

    New member here. My name is William and my fiancé and I live in Raleigh. Have followed the forum for a little but have not been too active. For those local to Raleigh my fiancé and I have had the champagne & blue two tone FJ62s in Cameron Village for the pst couple years. We releuxtanly recently...
  11. jdcascio1

    New guy introduction

    Firstly my name is Jordan. I live in Hickory and today while at the gas station I saw a RHD FJ80 leaving the same gas station and start driving down HWY 321 in Hickory just before the bridge over Lake Hickory towards Lenoir. I caught up to him and he told me to come check this place out! I...
  12. G

    New Guy here from AZ pics inside

    My name is Gerald I have a 04 GX470 with MetalTech front bumper and smitty 10k winch with added lighting. I am running King suspension with fj cruiser rear springs and 265/70r17 KO2 tires. I enjoy going out in the desert just exploring around My wife and I have a 4 yr old and we all enjoy camping.
  13. F

    Welcome to the jungle

    So Hello, I am new at this and new to these sites in general so bear with me as I get to know this. For 15 years I have been living between Minnesota and Costa Rica. I am back in Costa Rica noe and I am planning a trip to Nicaragua next week for Semana Santa / Holy Week, where my fj45 is...
  14. Bp288

    New guy to the forum!

    Me and my gf just got a 2006 Gx470. We should be getting it this week sometime. Just wanted to check in and see what all maintenance i should be looking to do. It has 169000 miles with Nav, the dealership we bought it from has several maintenance records with it (why i decided to get it) that i...
  15. S

    New guy from Fresno, 91 TLC

    Just picked up my first TLC. "Jack" is going to need some love. I look forward to learning a lot from you guys. And yes I know how to use the search function! Lol
  16. 0

    New Guy to the Forum

    Hello, new guy here. I was informed to introduce myself to the group. I've known a few 4Runner owners who have nothing bad to say about their rigs generally. So, back in 2008, I talked the wife into giving a 2003 Sport V8 4x4 a run. We took it on some local trails, and she became the "do...
  17. jigglebear

    FJ80 3fe new guy with issues

    I bought my 80 about a month ago for 6500. I took it out for a drive know there were issues with it but being that it was in decent condition and it had the "bullet proof" 3FE I decided to pull the trigger. On the way home I noticed on hills that it would down shift and fall flat on its face...
  18. C

    New guy intro.....75 FJ40

    Hello, been creeping around this forum since '08 when I had a 94 FJZ80...didn't know what I had (Clean, 100K miles, Factory Lockers) and sold it...Picked up my dads 75 FJ40 a couple months ago and figured why not get an account and post. He had it for about 8 years ish, I helped him do the disk...
  19. J

    New guy here..

    Just wanted to take a minute to introduce myself. I've been lurking around and reading the forum for quite sometime now and finally decided to register. My name is Jamie and Im located in Central Georgia (USA not Eurasia!) and work in the wildlife industry. I've got an 88 FJ62 with 160k miles...
  20. CruiseLanderAZ

    First post - intro and hello!

    Hey everybody! I've had my beloved Hundy for about a year now. Spend a lot of time reading posts and it's helped me immensely with fixing things and getting ideas. Just wanted to say thanks and hello to everybody in the 100 forum. I'm a young guy and new to the scene, if anyone ever wants to...
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