new 80 owner

  1. TheRealDeal124

    4 years in the making new 80 Series Owner

    On Saturday I purchased something I've been wanting to get my hands on for a long time. A Toyota Land Cruiser. After years of research and envy and reading many posts on here and buying books and magazines about Land Cruisers I finally have one to call my own. Up until I found out what a Land...
  2. H

    93’ Cruiser coming back after 10 years of sleep

    Hey y’all I’m new to the forum and need some help from you well educated folks for my fj80. Purchased by my dad in 1993 the rig was driven for a few years on and off but for nearly the last decade it has not been driven. Fired up a couple times several years ago but not driven. I need some...
  3. BradyBunchFJ80

    New FZJ80 Owner Needs Advice

    Hi Everyone- first off this forum is awesome. Helped me prep in buying my first (1994) lancruiser and I’m so stoked to get this thing built! First of all, my Steering knuckles need serious resealing. Considering how much has to be taken apart at the front wheels does anyone have any...
  4. Ali M

    New to fj80s buy question

    Calling on the wisdom of fj80 owners, aside from Slee's buying guide, is there anything specific I should know about for 94 models or inspect before buying this truck? I will be test driving the truck this week. Truck specs: - 94 fj80 - no lockers - 236K on OD - owner says he rebuilt knuckles...
  5. BoneDragger

    New to IH8MUD

    Hello to all at IH8MUD, from Coastal Georgia! Let me take a moment to introduce myself. My name is Daniel, my friends call me DB or BoneDragger. BoneDragger you may ask, well in a previous life I was an archaeologist in the Southwest. My last name is Bontrager and a fellow archaeologist...
  6. TN FJ 80 Guy

    Hello, new amigos! First post and first question!

    Good evening fine folks at Ih8mud! I'm new to the offroad and LC scene, after being introduced to the joys of offroading last summer. I knew this hobby was my next one. Fast forward 8 months and I'm the proud new owner of a 1991 beige/cedarwood FJ80. 270k miles and a bit of rust, but she is a...
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