1. gregnash

    Custom exhaust question...

    Looking for a little welding project for myself when I am done messing with the axles. Previously when I did the exhaust on BeBe, my FJ60, I used a converter/adapter to go from the stock 2.25" exhaust up to the 2.5" from the down pipe back. Basically this was stock exhaust manifold until just...
  2. HDJdreams

    2.5, 2.75, or 3” Exhaust for new 95-97 Wit’s End Turbo?

    The exhaust on my 97 is shot. Especially where the pipe goes over the crossmember by the rear axle, that has pounded itself almost flat after the exhaust mounts wore out. (Mounts have been repaired) When @NLXTACY turbo arrives :clap:, I will need a new exhaust. I was hoping to use @OTRAMM SS...
  3. Empty room

    My 1995 300ZX Magnaflow EXHAUST sound, my other interest!

    Hello here’s my 1995 300ZX SS Magnaflow exhaust! Video below Nissan 300Z Magnaflow best exhaust no Flowmaster Borla MagnaFlow #14805 stainless steel dual tip mufflers -stainless X-pipe -drone branch resonators -magnaflow High flow 200 CEL cats -Jim Wolf Technology POP Velocity stack cold...
  4. paulzak

    Fix 4 Exhaust Pipe Banging on Rear X-Member

    Forgive me if this is obvious or has been suggested before but I haven't run across it. For whatever reason, the spacing between the exhaust pipe and my '92 FJ80 rear cross member was tight enough to bang when driven on my 3/4 mi gravel driveway. After confirming that the mounting cushions...
  5. NeverGiveUpYota

    Exhaust Route after Muffer

    Ok so I was hoping someone would chime in after the last few posts I made regarding the route I mocked up this weekend but alas all is still quiet. I’ve never done this stuff before. You all know me, I fumble my way through and soak up whatever suggestions folks throw at me that are in my...
  6. Grade D Angel

    SOLD  Doug Thorley Exhaust, 100 series, Bellevue WA

    Doug Thorley catback stainless steel exhaust system for 1999-2005 Land Cruiser / LX470. I ran it for a little over a year, but realized I'm an old man and wanted a quiet stock exhaust system. Overall in really good shape. You'll need two new clamps (any generic brand clamp would work) and you'll...
  7. AaKnight

    2.5" vs 3" exhaust... any benefit to the bigger size?

    Im running a stock 1fz-fe, and it's time to replace my muffler. I'm considering going to 3" pipe all the way out. Was wondering if 3" would be beneficial at all, or just a waste of time and money. It's just that as I'm shopping for big can mufflers, I notice the 3" and 2.5" aren't much...
  8. nisala4423

    80 series exhaust

    Hey guys.. i own a 1994 80 series land cruiser.. i have a 1hz non turbo engine.. so yesterday i removed my muffler and installed a new muffler.. the sound is really riced i dont like it.. so a friend of mine suggest me to remove the muffler and keep it straight without the muffler.. is it a good...
  9. Deathvalleypaul

    SOLD  Y pipe for 93-94 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ80 Exhaust

    So Cal Nice clean one that goes behind cat to bring the twin cats into one pipe. $40 + shipping. Paypal OK
  10. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  FJ80 Exhaust system for 1FZE 1993-1994 (NOT OTHER YEARS)

    SoCal. Prices from $25 per item to $100. Shipping is available, but can be costly. However total cost will still be much less than new. From a Local car with no rust issues - Exhaust Manifolds Heat Shields Headpipes Y pipe Dual Cats Cat Heat shield 02 sensors Resonator etc. Send message...
  11. mags

    Muffler exploded plus sweet backfiring problem 1975 2F

    Today I was driving back to work from lunch and heard a weird noise like squeaking of brakes, but I wasn't breaking. This was shortly followed by a very loud bang (backfire) and I immediately pulled over. The engine was still running just fine and when I let off the clutch it had power but now...
  12. LandCruiserPhil

    Got Direct Fit Muffler Replacement Experience

    Looks like there are two main choices for direct bolt on muffler replacement for our 06' LX470. Clickable link ► Walker 55329 Clickable link ► Bosal 279-773 Rumored Walker has fitment issues can anyone confirm? Looking for an option that is wife approved. This is our travel vehicle and it see a...
  13. 10ga

    Exhaust question / muffler delete or Flowmaster

    I'm wanting a little rumble exhaust sound and don't want to spend the money for a DT exhaust system. Has anyone done a muffler delete? any problems with this? Also thinking about a Flomaster muffler but not sure the route I want to go. My 100 is not my DD so not worried about getting tired of...
  14. MauricioR

    HDJ80/1HDT 3 Inches Exhaust / Magnaflow

    Hey guys, I installed a 3inch muffler on my HDJ80 past weekend, and well here are some pros and cons that I found... Pros: 1- More Power, when accelerating the car just accelerates beastly. 2- More torque, when going uphill, it has more torque to stay on a High gear. 3- The sound... It is...
  15. B

    Bolt on performance muffler for 93-94

    Does anyone sell a bolt on performance muffler for the 93-94 land cruiser, I see a borla for 95-97 but nothing else but stock for the 93-94, I want it to be a little bit louder than stock, what is the Bosal muffler, is that like a stock quiet replacement?
  16. NCNole

    Muffler shop CLT

    Anyone know of a good muffler shop in CLT-my last one in Raleigh lasted maybe 2 years....this happened while driving and scared the sh$t out of me.
  17. yosshaa

    Gibson muffler opinions

    Has anyone had any experience with Gibson mufflers? I've been doing so work to the underneath of my 97 LC, new diff and tranny fluid has morphed into new bushings, new tie rods, powder coating various bits, and now... Looking at that rusty exhaust with 9 bends and crushed pipe... i think we can...
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